Android Development: Create a Perfect Android App

Android app development is one of the most popular solutions for Android phones and tabs, which will make your business available to a lot of customers. Building a digital extension to your business without covering Android-based devices is like looking at the world through one-eyed glasses.

Development Process

A smartly crafted strategy right from an initial idea to app launch and beyond that we have designed over years of experience enables us to deliver top-notch Android apps. Applications developed by our team of experts combine the highest quality user experience, strong security level, and flawless functionality. Traditionally, our Android app development process consists of multiple stages, which we are going to describe to you in detail.

Market Research & Product Investigation

Discussion about the ideas of the future product with the client and identification of the purposes and the functionality of the Android app is an initial stage of Magora’s bespoke app development process. At this stage, the developers discover existing applications and working out a competitive solution for the client. As a result, we create a framework of the app according to Android programming tutorials before proceeding to actual development.

The stage consists of the following steps:

  • Business investigation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Data-flow analysis
  • Planning
  • Clickable mockup creation
  • Monetization strategy development
  • ROI assessment
  • Functional Specification

App Design

We believe that good design should be user-friendly and intuitive, that is why we focus on UX/UI design, creating software that is good-looking, feature-rich and highly logical.

What we do at this stage is:

  • Design concept
  • App mockups
  • Graphical user interface testing
  • Design Approval


We use the principles of the Agile methodology, which enables our team to deliver first-class products within the shortest possible time, never missing a deadline, avoiding any issues and minimizing errors.

What are the core principles of Agile?

  • Quick delivery of high-quality applications
  • Rapid response to change, even in the final stages of development
  • Fully operation product is delivered within weeks rather than months
  • Close communication between the client and the developers
  • Software is built for ambitious businesspeople whom we fully trust
  • Face-to-face communication is preferred to other communication methods
  • The principal measure of progress is software that works
  • Sustainable app development
  • Major focus on functional perfection and user-friendly design
  • Software that is simple and easy to use
  • Self-organized development teams
  • Long-term support and optimization and to changing requirements

We assure control over every stage of Android application development - we thoroughly check our testing results, keep comprehensive documentation, ensure app platform compatibility, navigation and user experience.

Our specially trained QA specialists are responsible for the following activities, which enable us to guarantee the highest quality of the final product:

  • QA testing plan
  • Code review
  • Bug report integration
  • Functional testing
  • App integration testing
  • Software performance testing
  • User experience evaluation

When we have finished programming for Android and testing the application on the Google Developer Account / Test Flight, we optimize it for Google Play Market and submit it for release followed by continuous post-launch support and regular updates.

We prepare an app for release through the following activities:

  • App analytics
  • Configuration of the production servers
  • SSL certificate installation
  • App submission to the app store
  • Software performance and server monitoring
  • Continuous support and optimization

In our custom software development company, we never withdraw after the app has been released. We support our products in the long run, extracting full value out of them, maximizing your profits, updating the app in line with the latest trends and ensuring a quality user experience.

hat exactly do we do to keep the application up-to-date?

  • Analytics research
  • Bug fixing
  • Update releases
  • App optimization in the basis of user reviews and changing business needs
  • User acquisition and retention management

Broad Expertise

We are aware that a good app must be aesthetically pleasing, engaging, user-friendly, powerful and, last but not least, beneficial for you business. And we know, what a hard task it is to optimise an app for different screen sizes of various models, like Samsung, LG, Sony-Ericsson, HTC, etc. Our Android development experts at Magora have all the skills and tools to deliver you such a solution. Magora provides the following bespoke solutions for the smartphones and tablets running Android:

  • Bespoke Android development
  • Android UX/UI design
  • Hybrid mobile application development
  • Android to iOS/ iOS to Android Porting
  • Android testing
  • Android app code audit
  • Post-launch support and maintenance
  • Integration of Android apps with existing software solutions
  • Google Play Market optimization

Android Development Services

The Android mobile operating system offers many opportunities for software customisation. It enables the app designers to build different types of mobile applications for multiple business purposes. You have heard of native, web and hybrid apps without a doubt, but do you know what are the differences between the three?

Native apps are software installed on smartphones or the tablets. You download them from app stores (App Store if your device runs iOS or Google Play Market if your device runs Android). Such apps are developed specifically for the platform of your choice and can use the device functionality to the full - they can use the smartphone camera, the contact list, the photo album, the GPS and much more. Developers can also incorporate additional features into native apps, such as gestures (they can use standard gestures of the iOS or create new ones). Moreover, native applications can take advantage of the device’s notification system and work without internet connection.

Web apps, generally speaking, are not actual mobile applications, but rather websites optimised for mobile use in a way that they look and feel exactly like native mobile apps. Traditionally they are worked out in HTML or HTML5 and can be accessed via an internet browser. Users follow a standard link, like they would do to access any web age, and enter the application without installing it on their devices - the only option to gain quick access to such apps is to add a bookmark to the page on their home screens or menus.

Hybrid apps incorporate certain features of native apps and web apps at a time. That is exactly the reason why many people tend to confuse them with web apps. Similar to native applications, they are available for download in app stores and can use the features of any specific device. On the other hand, they are largely written in HTML5 and are viewed in a mobile browser, aside from the fact that the user does not have to launch the browser by itself because it is embedded within the software.

Our Android developers have the skills and the tools powered by Google to efficiently design top-notch native apps. Android native apps are traditionally built with the help of Android Software Development Kit, or Google Android SDK and use all the features from messages and pictures to GPS and accelerometer. Creating a native application for Google Play with our team, you can be sure that your product will exploit the functionality of the operating system to the utmost.

The core benefits of native apps are that they provide for amazing user experience, have reach user interfaces and can be optimized to efficiently perform on any device. Our development team offers you the following services in the area of Android native application development:

  • Bespoke smartphone app development
  • Bespoke tablet app development
  • App creation for wearable Android devices
  • Android development API

As you already know, hybrid applications are built by web technologies, usually HTML5, CSS, and JavaScrips. The developer writes code base in one of the high-level web programming languages and then integrated the code into a native app for Android. As a result, you get a cross-platform application that is compatible with the most devices and requires minimum time and effort. One of the biggest advantages of hybrid apps is that their functionality extends further than that of an ordinary web app and can run on various devices and operating systems. We provide hybrid app development services that include:

  • Hybrid smartphone app development
  • Hybrid tablet app development
  • Hybrid app development for wearable Android devices

The Android OS provides opportunities for customisation, which ordinary users and businesses can benefit from. For example, organizations can customize off-the-shelf smartphones and tablets and then distribute them under their brand among the employees or customers to improve productivity and boost growth. An educational institution, for instance, can supply the students with customized devices to track attendance, keep records and distribute learning materials. If you wish to stand out among the competition, we can offer you our services in:

  • Custom Android boot logo and boot animation
  • Android devices with pre-installed applications
  • Android platform customisation

Why Choose Professional Android Developers?

We at Magora can boast an experienced team of talented Android developers who have mastered the craft of mobile app creation to perfection. We closely communicate with each of our clients, be it a local small business or a large international enterprise, to ensure a deep understanding of their business needs, app ideas, and requirements and keep them informed on every step we take during the development process from app discovery to app store placement. We have a broad portfolio of successful projects, many of which have gained international recognition and some awards.

We deliver flawless Android apps with amazing design, advanced functionality, engaging user experience and many benefits for your business. We have a long history of success developing mobile applications for Android, as well as other mobile platforms, including iOS and Windows. Our brilliant experts implement the latest achievements in mobile design and are proficient in utilizing classical approaches to app development.

We guarantee that our software has the following features and characteristics:

  • GPS tracking and battery life improvement
  • Social tools (messengers, chats, video and phone calls)
  • Seamless communication via email/Skype/social networks/phone
  • Interaction with hardware devices
  • Flexible user engagement
  • Source code protection
  • Advanced data security
  • Highly efficient approaches to development

Looking for professional mobile app developer for hire? We develop, design and support quality Android apps that add value to your business. Share your ideas with our experts, and we will help you bring your business to the next level with our first-class IT solutions.

Still have questions? We are ready to help