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We create functional and visually stunning applications that attract users and empower agencies and businesses.

Full Range of Digital Solutions

As the leading app agency in London we offer services extend from website design, app development and custom software creation to validation of ideas and product launches.

Mobile strategy

We launch mobile time and economic campaigns with tangible business results.

UX / UI project

We put the user in the center and focus on providing a great experience in our app.

Software development

Magora experts create native applications for leading mobile platforms.

IT consulting

Our talented management and marketing team knows how to create strong apps to increase your sales and to streamline the overall company procedures.

Our Experience

Our talented and ambitious team has the following advantages:

  • Digital technology and a wide range of industry experts
  • About 8 years of experience in front-end and back-end development
  • Specialist in mobile technology and services
  • Good communication skills and complete process transparency
  • We are committed to our craft and strive to provide only first class products
  • We take the time to get information about your business and quickly explore any topic

Technologies we use

  • Front end: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3,jQuery, SASS
  • Content management system (CMS): MySQL and PHP
  • JS Structure: Angular and React

And many other advanced technologies.

Mobile and network experience

Native mobile and web software development. We have extensive experience in developing smartphones and tablet apps for Android and iOS: we can build native solutions for any purpose, from exciting 3D games to productivity tools or internal workflow management systems.

E-commerce platform and innovative technology. Magora has a solid background in serving agencies and individuals around the world and assists them in all stages of product design, programming, deployment and distribution.

Our agency develop innovative first-class software for over eight years for the best-known companies in London and on the international market. We are committed to building a mutually beneficial relationship based on trust, perfect communication and in-depth understanding of the details of the industry. The in-house team of the agency offers bespoke products that reach the top of Google Play and the Apple Store and are often mentioned by the most popular technology mass media. Our programs are often included in numerous lists and articles by major publishers, and the team members often participate as independent experts.

We can help your agency solve any problems related to information technology, such as how to develop a perfect digital product for a highly specific task, high-tech sensors and security integration of the custom Linux software system. Are you ready to work with the best IT agency in London? Take advantage of the latest technology to take your agency to the next level and bring your creative ideas to life through a group of enthusiastic developers, designers, analysts, project managers and other teams of IT experts. Our agency develops app-friendly applications that increase productivity, retain customers, and reach the largest group of smartphone users.

Developing Software with the Leading App Agency in London

The great development and marketing process is the key to the success of your app. Not all applications are the same, but the life cycle is essentially the same. Firstly, we turn your ideas into an excellent design concept, providing an excellent user experience and an easy-to-use interface. When the design model begins to run, we continue to write applications that follow a flexible approach that gives us great flexibility and efficiency and leverages the tools of advanced app development.

In the IT industry for more than eight years, we have developed a perfect process to enable our London team to create first-class software at a reasonable price in the shortest time possible. We guarantee that we will deliver your project on time and within budget and will meet the initial requirements. To add more, we will never be satisfied with the average results - we are always trying to polish our products to perfection, make it perfectly in your business processes and help you launch the market successfully.

In a modern, tech-driven environment, it is very difficult to stand out if you do not have an app. More and more small, medium and large agencies in London vote for software building, to seek more consumers and promote sales. There is no doubt that an application is the most powerful tool on the market today. We can help you develop a comprehensive mobile strategy for your product, find the right channel and choose the most effective way to bring you business goals.

In the initial phase, we evaluate the scope of the project, develop requirements specifications, and design a prototype that allows customers to experience the user experience and understand how design works on real devices. To meet this goal, the specialists meet with clients in London or other headquarters, discuss ideas and find the best solution to solve your company's problems, and finally with a clear list of design and implementation requirements. We then move to your app's UI, create graphs, interactive elements, and other important nuances that define how users interact with the app.

When we finished the design, our experienced developers started programming hardcore. We find the best method of software development based on the details of the project: we use waterfall for demanding projects, agile applications require flexibility and can change en route to final destination. In the final stages, we'll use the App Store and / or Google Play design strategies for subsequent maintenance, upgrades, and support. In addition, we work with our clients in London to develop a marketing strategy for their niche audience to increase their conversion rate and make their company recommend it to customers as before.

Our agency, London, specializes in the use of social media, mass media, email, SMS and other channels to carry out efficient marketing activities. These channels create buzz and bring great value - after all, despite the coldness of its app It is worth noting that there is no loyal public willing to participate. Work with your company's stakeholders to develop the strategy that best fits your agency, align with established entrepreneurs, and bring ROI, improving your position in the marketplace and in the search engines.

There are many ways to get your product to bring in money. Do not worry if you do not know how to realise it, we'll tell you all about it. First, you need to decide how much revenue the app will bring - after all, there are many things besides the value of money. One of the less obvious goals might be to add a large customer base through an app or advertise your product without selling it directly in the app.

What monetization model is available?

Of course, if you want to make your app a reliable source of income then you need to focus on the profit benefits for you. Have you decided your goals? Do you want to focus on cash or other business results? Read the introductory guide, choose a monetization strategy, introduce the most popular monetization model, and help you find the most profitable model for you.

This modernization strategy is the most popular. People pay a certain amount to download the app and install it on the mobile device. So that users can not download the app without paying for the app, this app is usually accompanied by a free trial version, limited functionality, but helps users understand if the need for a full version. Many marketers and publishers do not feel the same for this model, but it does not detract from its effectiveness: you only need to create first-class applications, create an excellent description of the App Store, design an attractive icon, look at the screenshot, waiting the money come.

Disadvantages of free apps with the unlocking options

The main disadvantage of the advanced version is that you can not provide the functionality that is locked in the free app. The only way is to promote functionality through content, not through an element, if you want your app to be approved by Apple. If the customer is upgraded to a paid version, the consumer may not understand this at times, and it is difficult for the developer to decide on free and paid functionality.

Are you ready to push your business to the next level?

Whether you decide to use free applications for in-app ads, distribute costs, or allow users to upgrade to the advanced version directly in the app, the developers from our agency in London can help you implement the strategy you choose. The most successful start-up companies and internationally recognized brands have worked with us, and you can take advantage of our extensive experience in the next step. Keep in touch.

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