App Developers UK: How We Develop Business Software

Our application development company UK ranks among the leading London-based developers who supply clients with top-notch software that adds value to their business. In the modern digital world, technical trends evolve at a very fast pace. As a result, well-established companies and startups alike face the need to stay alert of the changes to adapt as quickly as possible and ensure that they are ahead of their competitors.

Apps That Benefit Businesses

Our app development company provides businesses with first-class IT solutions, including web applications, mobile apps, bespoke software, website development, website optimisation and much more, that guarantee them maximum success. We develop for all mobile platforms, iOS and Android being the most popular ones, and over the years we have created a significant amount of projects that have gained much recognition and appraisal. Our products add value to both large and small businesses, boosting their growth, increasing profits and improving productivity.

Business Solutions

Bespoke software for large companies and start-ups developed by our trained experts is based on the principles of functionality and user-friendliness. We have worked with many clients who have turned to the need to build various tools to improve their efficiency, for example, to establish communication between their office and mobile staff without internet access. Such issues result in situations where critical data cannot be shared timely and securely, leading to further holdbacks in the workflow.

App Development Costs

Modern businesses are often ignorant of the costs of application development, and many developers profit by it, setting exorbitant prices for their services. Our company, on the opposite, always explains the formation of pricing in detail and evaluates costs based on the client’s budget. Creating an app, you add a new virtual dimension to your business, which increases revenues, reaches out to new customers, provides additional functionality for existing clients and adds value in the long run.

What Makes a Good App?

Bespoke software for a low price sounds fishy, but our team is always ready to find ways to minimise your expenses without losing quality and keeping in line with your requirements. Many apps built by modern development companies tend to put a big emphasis on good looks rather than pay attention to functionality and efficiency. They ignore the fact that users are primarily attracted by entertaining apps that are easy to use rather than by pretty pictures.

Must-Have Characteristics of Quality Software

When creating any kind of software, we always focus on the following qualities:

  • Efficiency and ease of use - a good app must provide valuable experience for a fair price
  • Security and speed - no one will use an app that is slow, full of glitches or does not provide an acceptable level of security
  • Visual appeal - of course, aesthetics play an important role, but only when everything else is straightened out

We guarantee you that our software will satisfy your demands and provide you with opportunities to grow a solid customer base, built on the principles of quality, user-friendliness, reliability and trust.

App Development Process

First and foremost, we carry out a thorough investigation of your business processes, finding strong points and weaknesses that should be optimised. We need to have a complete understanding of your products and services, current demand and the strategies you follow to fight competition. We will use this information gathered by our experts to plan an application that will incorporate all the features necessary to improve your business productivity. As a professional development company with solid experience, we know how important it is to know as many details about our clients’ businesses as possible to deliver an effective solution.

After we have discussed your requirements and got the information about your business, we are ready to move to the next stage - developing an interactive prototype of your future app. This is a working version of the application not available to the public. It is created with a purpose of showing you how the final product will function - you can test the app and feel the user experience it provides before anything is programmed and deployed.

When we have manufactured a working wireframe of the application, we proceed to design. On this stage you will be able to see the app exactly like it will appear before the users’ eyes - our experienced specialists will fulfill all your visual ideas, putting them in line with the latest trends in digital design. After all, you finally get a fully functioning prototype that is no different from the end product.

The next stage is coding and testing, which is completely done by our skillful developers and typically does not require any input from our clients. Testing is a vital step of the development process because only after an app has been carefully checked for bugs and glitches we can move forward to app store placement and release. Test are carried out by our specially trained experts under a watchful eye of our quality assurance managers until the flawless results are achieved. Traditionally software development companies view programming and testing as the most important stages of app creation because that is when the whole functionality is built and gauged.

Finally, through the cooperative effort of our experts and the representative of your company, we have achieved the final stage of app development - app store placement and release. We can guarantee you that an app reaches the market at its best and that our development team has polished it to perfection. However, our services do not stop here. Rather than withdrawing after a product has been delivered, we continue our long-term partnership with the client and continuously support the application.

Our team carries out customer research, collects user reviews and conducts surveys to learn about the users’ impression of the app and their experience with it. We will inform you on all the aspect of user interaction with your software and optimise it according to the demands of the users through regular updates. Our experts will create an analytical report that will demonstrate the gathered information in a structured way for you to consider. That is exactly what separates us from thousands of other app developers - we not only develop an application, but we also give an invaluable advice and ideas on how to capture the full benefits from your business and its new dimension, an app.

Professional App Developers UK

We have already described our software development process in detail and explained how we communicate with our clients. But why choosing us? What makes us different from many other IT firms in the world? First of all, we are a team of ambitious, forward-minded and talented developers who truly love what they do. Our aim is to provide a first-class solution that perfectly fits into your business goals.

We are always ready to negotiate the costs of our services to supply you with the product that will meet your financial capabilities without losing any core functions or good looks. We rank high among the leading app developers in the UK and internationally because we have developed a significant number of excellent applications for both local small businesses and large corporations. We develop for all desktop and mobile platforms, be it Android, iOS or Windows, and boast a high standard of professionalism that enables us to create exceptional apps within strict timeframes.

Our app development company has gained much recognition thanks to large-scale projects for a number of companies famous all around the globe. Needless to say, we have equally mastered our skills in delivering products of the highest quality for small enterprises. Satisfying the needs of the clients of all sizes, we also have an advantage to translate the achievements of larger businesses to smaller organizations. Whether you are a small business or a big company, we will find the individual approach and develop a unique, tailor-made application.

Our app development team have come a long way and gained much valuable experience over the years. Our offices are located in London, UK, as well as in other cities around the world. Our portfolio can boast a large number of award-winning applications that are used by millions of people from every corner of the worlds and are a source of inspiration for our competitors. We thoroughly select each member of our app development team to meet our high standards and train them to achieve flawless results. Through the years of failures and successes we have come to what we are now. Moreover, we have come to realise that the most efficient way to find a solution to any problem is to simply talk to the client.

At the beginning, we focused too much on the visual aspects of our software. After that, we switched our attention to prices, trying to provide the lowest costs available on the market. Of course, all these strategies failed because a good app is a seamless product where designs and lines of code boast an equally high standard of quality, which cannot be fully achieved when you reduce the expenses to the bare minimum. Over time we have developed a lean strategy to manage our project: we set the objectives and work hard to reach them by cooperation with our clients. We carefully plan every detail, discuss it with the client until we reach a consensus and only then incorporate it into the app architecture.

We treat our customer as our business partners - they take an active part in decision-making, and their feedback is valuable to our developers. Moreover, we keep our clients informed of every step we take and always welcome their questions in regards to the development process to ensure a full transparency and establish trust. We put a lot of effort into the post-launch support of our products, because we are never satisfied with an average result and we do not want our application to fall into oblivion. Therefore, we focus not only on development, but also on marketing, growth and user retention because we want our products to be recognized and appreciated.

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