App Developing Cost: Flexible Pricing Policy for High-Quality Software

Magora is developing bespoke software for startups and established companies. We've built native applications combining back-end elements with great design, technology, and our wealth of experience to turn your ideas into first-class digital products.

The Most Successful Software on the Market

We've helped many customers build efficient applications, working in the iT sphere since 2010. Over the last nine years, we've gained in-depth experience in different software structures, programming languages, hardware, and software integration approaches to help businesses of any size. We provide our service of IT system creation and app development at a very attractive price.

As a highly dedicated team of professionals, we are committed to bringing value to our customers through an intelligent app, carefully creating the best solutions in the market. Developers create an in-depth assessment of the target audience, market, and competitors. Our IT staff is comprised of carefully selected designers and programmers, who are developing the best design with high-quality usability.

As part of the app development strategy, experts carefully examine the target audience to ensure that the application answers the user’s wishes, and will be on-demand in the market. Together with an attractive interface and clear and convenient visualisation this, in turn, ensures user satisfaction. We can expand and create your app professionally based on agile standards. However, if you have detailed specifications, developers can take a more traditional approach, such as developing by Waterfall.

  • Analytical
  • Experience
  • High-quality user experience

Team members are passionate and relentless in their efforts to understand the deliverables. All production results have full technical guidance and support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How to calculate the cost of developing software? The fees depend on the following:

  • Development time
  • The complexity of design
  • The functionality of the software
  • Simple forms-based applications: £10,000 to £15,000
  • Database applications: £ 10,000 to £ 50,000
  • Games: £ 25,000 to £ 250,000

Here are some other costs to consider when developing an app:

  • In-app purchases: £ 1,000 to £ 3,000, allows customers to purchase new content or full versions of applications.
  • Network Services: £ 1,000 to £ 5,000; Keep content away from data access so that you can replace the program with an XML document instead of adjusting the source code
  • Game Center: £ 1,000, Apple's way of integrating applications with the SDK
  • Ability to share: £ 500 to £ 1500; content is available via social networks and email
  • SDKs: £ 50 to £ 200, the SDKs help you keep track of your plans and monetize.

The app developing process consists of several contiguous layers. The terms of each level can be exceptional, depending on the intensity of the work based on the case.

  • Free cost estimation (1-3 days)
  • Target research, market allocation, and competition (1-5 days)
  • Prototype. Preparation of technical specifications (5-15 days)
  • Design (5-15 days)
  • Programming (18-60 days)
  • Test (5-10 days)

Warranty and Payment Terms

  • We have a contract with all our guarantees and obligations. Likewise, you can always contact a specialist who manages your software.
  • All work is transparent. The client understands everything we do.

How to Make your Project a Success

Start developing an app, check what the user wants or needs and provide our vision.

Therefore, creating an app, Magora experts start with an analysis of the current program and the needs of the consumer. With unique reviews, we strive to improve consumer-software interactions.

Listen and Test

The goal of the developing process is to create highly demanding digital products.

To be able to do this we need:

  • Expert interview with the clients
  • After launching the software, we collect comments and tips to create an update list
  • We look at the current situation of the app

Software Release Support

Our team supports you in the store.

We sign up for an account, takes a screenshot, creates a vibrant icon, and collects the outline and keywords that follow Apple's guidelines.

The development team coordinates each version through the app review phase. They are involved in the release, finalization, and upgrade of the product.

App Classification

Depending on the development time, the app can be divided into three groups:

  • Simple app - about 300 working hours (1-2 months) - costs £ 8,000.
  • App of medium complexity - Approximately 500 hours of operation (3-4 months) - Costs range from £ 4,000 to £ 40,000.
  • Complex app - more than 600 hours (over 4 months) - costs from £ 15,000.

In complex applications, starting parallel programming is very feasible. This method involves a large number of programmers to operate simultaneously, and all possible results before the proposed app launch date are added in advance.

Cost Estimate

To calculate the cost of developing the whole application, is not straightforward. We calculate the cost of each stage. To do this, you must clearly understand its functionality and be technologically advanced to be able to estimate the amount of work for each function. That is why the most qualified professionals are involved in this process.

Estimated in two layers:

  • Preliminary estimate
  • Correct and complete evaluation

Although the preliminary referred to as "not straightforward", there is a broad understanding of the possible costs of the features proposed before any formal agreement. This service is provided for free within a few days.

The Real App Developing Cost.

The agreement strengthens the right app developing costs, which define the stages of development, and give a special note about the end-result.

When in the course of development, problems and new situations may occur, which can affect bottom line costs. In these unforeseen circumstances, both parties should consider removing or adding features, especially when creating specific and extraordinary applications.

As the most technologically advanced development group, Magora can provide more accurate estimates of time, cost and specific results. The experience of creating comparable applications or similar functions helps reduce risk and keep minimum contingencies.

Any new development project will benefit both parties to deliver the highest quality possible.

Sales Managers, Project Managers, Graphic Designers, Front-End and Back-End. Programmers, QA Engineers, and Marketing Specialists, an app evolved from 7 to 10 experts.

  • The designer details the consistency of the application and finds the right vision solution. These experts help customers create applications, which precisely meet their needs.
  • The programmer is under the guidance of the project manager.
  • In the long run, applications are tested by QA experts and submitted to customers.
  • Marketing and advertising experts help publish products to stores, write the right descriptions, and select the appropriate keywords to make the app more visible to the audience.

However, this story is not over! As part of a consistent production process, the team will remember ways to create a simpler, easier, and faster app.

Things to Consider When Launching a Project

There is always an evaluation. This avoids the risk of releasing a program that nobody needs or which can be the same as an existing one. This will help you observe the target audience, the desires, values ​​of future users, and the basic features of the application.

A prototype model supplies important information and opportunities to form an accurate description of the concept. It makes the prototype much cheaper than waiting for the final product. A prototype also allows a team to accelerate the developing process at a later stage, with a clear idea of ​​what is needed.

The biggest key record in project implementation is the technical specification. Programmers work under this document, paying attention to each element. With this extensive list of technical information, a correct specification is crucial. This document should cover all labor factors and therefore should be created with the help of an experienced and accurate manager. For this reason, the technical specifications need special attention.

Post-production is also an important consideration for the success of digital products. Once the app is released, the work is not over yet. You will continue to engage your customers in the app, aggregating metrics, and verifying their behavior to find the right path to improve your product.

An app is a great way to help your business gain more traction and better brand recognition, but that may require a considerable investment of time and money. While launch timing is crucial, you should not rush to complete the programming and testing phases.

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