App Programmers For Hire: Develop a Bespoke Digital Product

Magora is a long-established development company from the UK that produces a unique web or mobile software for all industries and businesses. Among our clients were local startups and large international enterprises. Don’t hesitate to invest in our app programmers. We will build a premium solution that will pay for itself in the long run and boost your revenues!

Magora team

Our professionals have many talents, including communication on different languages and great organisational skills in addition to conducting a perfect development process. Among company’s specialists you can find: developers, application programmers, designers, QA testers, project managers and so on.

Our services

There is never a case we wouldn’t be able to take on. The services we offer range from consultation to post-launch support and bring your polished to perfection application to the top!

Get in touch with Magora and receive premium service:

  • Bespoke web and mobile development;
  • Unique UX and UI designs from award-winning professionals;
  • QA and usability testing;
  • Top-notch technology;
  • Cross-platform solutions;
  • Integration of software with hardware;
  • Certified programmers;
  • Marketing advice.

Recent achievements

During hardworking years of development, we have achieved many goals and hit multiple targets for our clients. No wonder, that our efforts are not left unnoticed and shared with the world. Quite recently we were honoured to be mentioned in top five app designers in the UK and top four application designers in London on Dribbble.

The platform is one of the most popular designer environments were professionals and design-enthusiasts share what they have been working on lately. A good place for learning and inspire others.

App Development: Easy?

Some may think developing a bespoke application is a matter of weeks or months. It is not. There are many stages to the process that includes not only programmers, but designers, testers, managers, etc. There is planning, market analysis, competitor research, usability testing with multiple users. To create a perfect and efficiently working solution, there has to be the whole team of professionals, ready to enhance the product from each side.

So, you have decided to create a digital solution for your business and want it to be perfect, impeccable. What are the options? Well, there is a possibility to hire a freelance developer, who will do everything alone. It will take less money in the short time, but how long will build it? Years?

The perks of having a team of professionals that have worked together for many years are countless. They know each other, know how each of them thinks and works, completing the process faster and more efficiently together.

Software programming is an incredibly complicated process that has many layers, requires a lot of skills, different programming languages, frameworks, designing tools and advanced knowledge of newest trends on the IT market. Of course, you can become an app programmer yourself, by learning the basics of coding, but it will take years. A smartphone application combines many details, and all of them should function perfectly well connecting to one another.

Don’t forget graphics, having an experienced and talented designer in your development team is a must. Keep in mind, it is necessary not only to know the technologies but also be creative. If you want the product to stand out, find somebody with outstanding imagination.

  • Database management systems - MS SQL, MySQL, etc.;
  • Languages - Swift, Objective-C, Java, JS, Python, PHP, etc.;
  • Libraries - iOS: AFNetworking, PromiseKit, CocoaLumberjack, Typhoon,Mantle, MagicalRecord; SWIFT: Alamofire; Objective-C: Libextobjc; JS: JQuery, JSON, Spin.JS.; .Net: Elmah, Autofac, EntityFramework, ASP.NET MVC.
  • Frameworks - iOS: Core Data, Home Kit, Core Spotlight; PHP: Laravel, Symphony, CodeIgniter, Yii 2, Phalcon, CakePHP, Zend Framework, Slim, Fuel PHP, PHPixie, Aura, Fat-Free; JavaScript: React Native, Angular.js, React.js, Backbone.js, Vue 2.0, Ember.js, Meteor.js, Underscore.js, Require.js, JQuery; Node.js: Hapi.js,, Express.js, Mojito, Meteor, Derby, Mean.js, sails.js, Koa.js, Total.js.

One of the first questions on the first stage of development is what mobile platform to choose. Considering our broad professional experience, our programmers would recommend starting with iOS. This operating system is much more secure and stable, as it has only two devices - iPhone and iPad.

Android, on the other hand, has hundreds of different devices and screen sizes. With iOS you can test, if everything works right, using a couple of devices. And if you are finished polishing your iPhone app, you can make it work for Android as well.

Our programmers and market analytics believe - iOS is the best choice for startups and amateur business holders. The interface is quite easy to understand and design for, and there are only two devices to adapt your design for.

Apple opens an intuitive environment that enables you to combine elements of the apps into outstanding user experiences. Ever wondered why so many applications are first launched on AppStore and only after on Google Play Market? Well, the main reason why almost all products are first released on iOS is because of the easier usability of its instruments.

Perfect Application

Magora products are excellent in their functionality and design, because our renowned specialists implement in it the following features and characteristics:

  • Social tools, messengers, chats, phone and video calls;
  • Improvement on battery life;
  • GPS tracking;
  • Creative UX/UI design;
  • Integration with hardware devices;
  • Advanced data security;
  • Top-notch approaches to development.

App Customisation

Applications allow to implement bespoke design for your business to be more recognisable and immediately associated with the app. A variety that clients can choose from is endless and beneficial. We learn from the best on the market, but never copy anyone.

There is no point in developing something identical to an existing product. So, developers create a unique one, that combines features of the top grossing application and offers our own. Such a product has a tremendous potential, we embed in it company’s image and promote your business to attract a broader audience.

Magora offers a broad range of services:

  • Custom logos;
  • Pre-installation;
  • Customised animation, etc.

Before we begin the development process and address programmers, there is still a lot to do. Magora believes in a comprehensive research of the business, prior to any other development processes. A successful launch is fully dependent on the market analysis. Defining top qualities of the leading products and companies, we are able to set our goals. The target is to build an MVP and complete the tasks Magora sets for the team.

By seeing and understanding client’s weaknesses and advantages, we will ensure constant growth of your company and fit the development costs into your budget.

What to grow on the market, mindfully approach the monetising strategies:

  • Initiate a discount system and provide benefits that come with it. The more unique and attractive the product, the bigger revenues are;
  • Develop special offers particularly to your loyal clients;
  • Come up with a winning pricing strategy;
  • Ensure growth by implementing in-app purchasing;
  • Consider the target audience, as the success is largely dependent on their likes.

The work frame has already been outlined, and the design is ready - it is time to initiate the most practical and time-consuming stage of all development processes.

Programming And Testing

At this point, we are ready to call programmers and build an actual body of the application. Part by part. Programmers have one of the most meticulous jobs. We carefully write the code that is essentially the skeleton of the digital product.

Magora programmers make sure that every line of the code is perfect before passing it over to the next stage. Before testing and launching our experts make sure all documented specifications correspond with the end product, developed by our professionals.

All sorts of development

Platforms offer multiple ways to customise mobile applications and experiment with what you are striving to achieve in design. Such broad range of tools enables experienced designers to deliver bespoke products, that stand out among many others.

Although these platforms contribute to an incredible range of various apps, they also contribute to the creation of a broader market with thousands of competitors. The truth is - we are not satisfied with mediocre results and will never bland in on the market. Magora develops various products - native, web and hybrid.

A native app is the one installed on your smartphone or tablet. To use these applications all you have to do is download them from app stores, such as AppStore on iOS and Google Play Market on Android. These digital products are made specifically for the phone you use it on.

These bespoke apps perform on the full scale of functionality and can access camera, geolocation, contact list, photos, videos, and messages, etc. Native software can use notification system, and internet connection to its advantage. Besides, programmers can embed particular gestures for easier use or enhance functionality.

Speaking of web-based software, it might not seem to us as a real application. Such digital products are rather websites that have been optimised to the screens of smartphones - they look and feel exactly like the native ones. To build it, programmers use HTML or HTML5, enabling access via a standard internet browser link.

Web-based apps are comfortable because they don’t demand installation and won’t occupy any memory on your mobile phone. Just add a bookmark in a browser, it enables faster access to the app. And now, you are all set!

Hybrid software lives somewhere in the middle of native and web-based applications, confusing many users. Such digital software is available in app stores and can gain access to features of smartphones and tablets. At the same time, this software is being written in HTML5, are implemented within a software and can be viewed in the browser. Complicated isn’t it? But it works!

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We create durable web and mobile software for all businesses, locally in the UK and across the world. If you want to invest in a better and more prosperous future - contact our development company! It is never too late to optimise work and boost your revenues!

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