Magora’s Top Apple App Developers Rush to Implement your Ideas into Life

Magora LTD is a London based development agency, which creates top-notch efficient software with intelligent design and wide functionality. Throughout years of experience we have considerably grown on a global Internet market, working with all type of clients: small startups, middle-sized local leaders and successfully established multinational companies.

What Makes Our App Developers and Company Great?

  • Experts in creating an appealing and intuitive UX;
  • Talented user interface developers;
  • Experienced programmers;
  • Professional development for any existing platform;
  • Adaptive working strategy;
  • Close communication with clients.

Trust An Experienced Team

Our renowned company is flexible to constant change and demands, following the leading IT agencies approach and introducing a better strategy to achieve success. With are not satisfied with mediocre results and strive to achieve the highest quality possible. Don’t be afraid to address us with your ideas, many of our long-term customers have already supplied us with fantastic reviews and feedback, which speak for themselves!

Bespoke Applications With Exceptional Functionality

Finding a proper company to work on your ideas is quite a hard task, as each of them has a particular approach that might not correspond with your expectations. Magora has no preferences in the variety of platforms the client wants to see his application on. If you have one in mind - tell us! If not, we are ready to provide you with our professional advice. Company’s app developers can create a highly functional solution using platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows and Web.

Working With A Team Of Professional App Programmers

  • We value developer-client relationships;
  • Our company regularly receives rave client reviews;
  • All team members are certified specialists with outstanding skills;
  • We keep up with innovative technologies;
  • Our policy is to carefully research your business market and brood on the best approach and strategy;
  • Best results you will be able to find;
  • We are excited about every new challenge;
  • Our focus is your success.

App Development With Magora

Our trustworthy company specialises in creating native mobile applications, follows the most recent technological solutions and fully understands the global market. From client’s reviews, you can see that they value developer’s dedication to work, reliability, individual approach to every client and creative approach. Company’s professional qualities can be a great asset to your project and result in company’s business boost.

As UX enthusiasts we believe that to be profitable, the perfect application should embed the appealing creative and functional design. Magora takes on challenging projects and after a thorough research builds an efficient product with outstanding design. Our first-rate digital solutions represent company’s effective approach to managing projects and productive workflow. Throughout long years of practising and experimentation, we have produced a substantial number of IT projects, creating apps, web tools and software.

Nowadays, app developers aim is to adapt their websites to properly serve on any screen type and size: Apple iPad, iPhone or Android Tablet. The software should be available for all potential customers browsing on different devices. It is central to optimise administrative interface with some useful tools to facilitate content management process. With every upgrade your business in only winning on the market. Our experts built the most outstanding and intuitive designs and optimised multiple domains to mobile platforms. We know the way to ensure business traffic flow and get your project going.

The exceptional design takes a great deal of imagination and strategy building. To provide users with a secure operating interface that will benefit both sides. Magora’s developers meticulously build every detail to create a perfect user experience. Don’t worry, with us your app will correspond with an image of your company and an established business style.

To succeed on the market and accelerate business growth it is crucial to think about your marketing strategy. Many spheres deserve attention: in-app advertisements, native ads, SMS advertising, social media campaigns, mobile analytics, IT reviews, blog posts, articles, press releases. Pay attention to every detail and lay out an exceptional apple worthy marketing campaign . We will advise on your options, but the decision is after you!

To fly up the top of the ratings, a solution for your unique product must be well-established and possess multiple media reviews and strong advertising campaign in general. Through social platforms, you can quickly broaden your customer base. Another great option is to send an already prepared demo version of the project to respectable publishers and reviewers who can supply your product with sophisticated, viable feedback that could be your campaign foundation. Don’t neglect the engine optimisation strategies. We can surely recommend one to let the application go up the top of Google SERPs and take a firm position in AppStore.

Spheres Of Work

  • Apple iPhone and iPad Development;
  • Android app solutions;
  • Windows native design;
  • Web-based software.

Native Apple Apps for iPhone

To begin with, Apple is by far one of the most successful platforms and to develop an application that corresponds to its high standards you have to be an expert in the iOS development environment. iPhone has many particularities, including a smaller size and high-resolution retina displays, that requires professional developers to work on. At Magora we have developed a lot of apple iOS based software and know how to prevent code mistakes and keep the interface user-friendly.

Our team is generally very excited to create something outstanding and innovative. We are a company of perfectionists that will complete the job only if it responds to the latest technological trends. Magora certified apple app designers scrupulously build the smallest of details and professional programmers carefully write a proper corresponding code. It is our pleasure to create an apple application that people will enjoy and give your business a necessary boost.

Our specialists are in love with technological innovations, latest updates and apple apps. From unusual graphic features to impressive functionality and never-before-seen approach we are enchanted by every single solution and offer a broad range of services for various industries. Company’s apple app developers make it their aim to exceed your expectations with first-class solutions. Besides, they never stop learning and improving their performance as in modern time the innovation process never stops discovering new ways of solving IT tasks. We have been working hard on our abilities to compete with other businesses and now can offer:

  • Bespoke enterprise apps;
  • E-commerce platforms;
  • Social platform development;
  • Logistics and transport applications;
  • Real Estate and Property Management;
  • Solutions for startups and much more!

Nowadays users are very picky concerning the choice of the website or an app, considering a number of options they have. If your project is poorly developed and doesn’t have a responsive design, a chance that they will opt for something better is very big. To properly optimise your application to fit all screen sizes of Apple products you will need to consider all differences of smaller and larger displays. Magora's experienced UX and UI designers are excellent at wireframing and friendly design that results in first class Apple apps and attracts multiple users. We keep you involved in every stage of application development from the idea discussion to planning, designing, programming, testing and launching.

Although Apple applications are our main priority, we have a team of professional developers for Android as well. Maybe Android is not quite comparable to Apple in the direct profit-per-user estimation, but we could not undervalue huge Android auditorium.

The platform offers:

  • Affordable smartphone and tablets;
  • Flexible operating system;
  • Multiple devices;
  • Google backup.

Magora’s Android developers have a prolonged experience in creating all types of brilliant Android applications, such as interactive games, educational courses and health trackers. Besides, you can trust us with optimising your software to work across all Android devices and to provide you with integrated solution of several apps iOS, Android and Web, working as one system with cross-device synchronisation. No rush, but if you have an idea - see our representatives to talk it over!

Responsive Content Management System

We create bespoke CMS that offers to make easy updates and manage content on your app. The solution we have for your business provides you with efficient editing process and secure updating. A custom content management system is suitable even for the junior-staff and doesn’t require any additional professional skills due to intuitive interface and comprehensible functionality. All your materials, published via CMS, will be visually attractive and quick to update.

How CMS works?

What CMS does is simplifying the way you manage your software. It allows you to control the content without involving costly maintanance and ready-to-use tools. You can operate the system on any device, all that's needed is the internet access. Magora develops CMS following your requirements and ensures that your employees will soon get accustomed to it without any efforts. Content Management System can be part of your iOS-based corporate software solution as well as integrated into your enterprise bespoke systems.

CMS’s Key Features

Using the latest innovative technologies our developers at Magora will create a fitting to your requirements CMS. We embed advanced features, practical functionality and limitless capabilities using PHP and .NET. The key features to top-notch content management system are:

At Magora we never use one-size-fits-all templates. Company’s developers carefully build each element of your software from scratch. This policy enables software to stand out in a globalised and competitive market.

With Magora’s solutions, your company’s problems will be solved with utmost effectiveness. Developers are always improving their already exceptional skills, contact us and see for yourself!

Update, edit and find contact within seconds!

Content Management System offers easy scaling, importing and positioning for any media content on your site.

Create custom menus and other elements to your preference.

CMS is constantly updated due to the latest technological innovations and functional demands.

Multilevel access for each of the authorised users to have an easier managing routine. Besides we made it so you can keep tools used by each level user on the admin panel!

Organise and keep content any way you want and need!

No matter how much content your website hosts - all the articles and posts will definitely fit on your site.

Collaborate with Us: Professional App Developers

Get in touch if you are interested in creating something exceptional and beneficial for your successful business future. Magora professionals do their best in first rate application and software design only to exceed expectations and hit all your targets!

Still have questions? We are ready to help