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Magora is a creative IT company in London, with 7 years of experience, who provides bespoke mobile development services to both UK and international companies. And we have many Apple app development projects as our main priority.


We have a talented team of developers, engineers, designers, highly skilled iOS programmers, marketing specialists and managers who work in unison to strengthen your online presence. We specialise in bespoke services, a tailor-made solution built by professional developers to meet the specific demands of your business, acquiring a deep understanding of your objectives, in order to create a flawless product.

Bespoke Apple app development implies complex planning, specific skills, and high level of expertise. A successful iOS application demands a very high standard of development and a meticulous approach. Our tech gurus never seize to attune themselves to the rapidly evolving technology world. They are always up to date with the latest evolving trends, especially for iOS.

Their knowledge and skills in iOS extend across a vast array of technologies. For example, AFNetworking, PromiseKit, CocoaLumberjack, Typhoon,Mantle, MagicalRecord. For iOS frameworks: Core Data, Home Kit, Core Spotlight.

Xcode is an integrated development environment, which presents a suite of development tools, which enables our Apple apple development team to build software for iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches and TV. Within this environment, developers can write code, test, debug, and design interfaces, before submitting to the App Store.

We keep up with the latest editions, which enables us to better streamline development processes, such as updated interface builders. It is of the utmost important that the programming code of your application corresponds with the latest platform, to guarantee efficient functionality.

There are two main programming languages that let developers build software in Xcode: Objective-C and Swift.

We started working with Objective-C, which was the primary programming language to write code for iOS and OS X, providing object-oriented capabilities and dynamic runtime. But as the Apple company released Swift in 2014, our development team was eager to get on board.

This general-purpose, multi-paradigm, and innovative programming language made our coding even more natural, powerful and intuitive. Recently Apple has changed the demands for programming syntax, opting for a new standard - Swift4. To stay in accordance with the latest requirements, we have updated the whole application programming code.

Frameworks, incorporate software libraries, templating, and other tools, organised in architectural patterns, to help developers program and support sophisticated web applications in an efficient manner. These frameworks are aimed at facilitating programming and engineering. Many of them promote code reuse by providing examples of folder structure and organisation, tutorials on database connection, architectural patterns, and managing entities.

The structural layout enables developers to write quality code, which keeps it up-to-date with standards, to rapidly implement sophisticated features and functionality and easily share libraries.To access the user’s photos and videos, developers use Assets Library Framework. To stream audio data, it is necessary to apply Core Audio. For saving iCloud data - CloudKit, etc.

App Thinning, enables our team to create apps that use the most device features, but occupy minimum disk space. As a result, downloads are much faster, and little space is taken up. This innovation lets programmers tailor app delivery to the capabilities of a particular device; for instance, watchOS and tvOS programs.

Slicing is the process of creating and delivering variants of the app bundle for different target devices, with the executable architecture and resources required for a particular device. The full version will be uploaded to iTunes Connect, and the store will create and deliver different variants based on the devices your app supports. So when the user installs an app, a variant for the user’s device is downloaded and installed.

Web Apps and Software Integration

Web applications are still in demand for businesses, for their day-to-day operations and wide customer reach. So, in addition to your mobile app, in case you need to create a web application, we can do it without delay.

Our wide portfolio includes a lot of software integration cases, when iOS, Android and web apps were joined in one IT system, with simultaneous updates, and data storage, all organised from the remote server. So, if you need more than just an Apple solution, all the process will be controlled with the same project manager, who works for your iOS or Android programming.

If you are looking for unique iPhone apps that can reflect your brand beautifully, then you should consider our bespoke services. We guarantee the ultimate user experience, and ensure that an application operates seamlessly, in an engaging and elegant interface, according to your requirements.

  • Hands-on experience in a wide array of technologies
  • Flawless designs
  • Business result driven methodology and high ROI

The development team will be happy to provide your employees and customers with a mobile-first platform experience on the iPad. The designers create slick UI designs based on Apple’s Guidelines.

iPad screen size gives us room for better user experience and navigation. It has a multitasking functionality, which was integrated with the latest upgrade of the operating system. The design and development team keep in mind all these capabilities, which are provided within the platform, and help our customers to benefit from them all. We will ensure that your app can adjust to both landscape and portrait display orientations, in Split View and Slide Over modes.

Our development department is well-versed in Mac’s desktop operating system, OS X, being able to deliver first-class desktop applications benefiting from its stable core and advanced technologies.

  • Besides using existing frameworks and libraries, we can write them enabling code sharing functionality.
  • Our team can also create sophisticated users to manipulate data via command-line environment of the Terminal app, macOS emulator.
  • App and system plug-ins, extend the capabilities of other apps and the system itself.

Apple Watch offers a unique way of engaging users. A smartwatch redefines app accessibility. If you are interested in a committed development team to build a complement to iPhone, or would like to create an independent software solution for the Apple Watch, our designers will help you to materialise your vision.

We build projects, blending Watch app and WatchKit extension bundles. We adopt a different approach to UI design, taking into an account the size of the Watches.

Some apps that can be featured on the apple watch:

  • Sports
  • Weather
  • M-Commerce
  • Travel and
  • Transport
  • IT and
  • Telecom

Our development team is ready to help you utilise Apple TV features and deliver immersive software on the big screen using tvOS SDK. We have access to the latest APIs and frameworks, which are available for this operating system. We can help you to benefit from ReplayKit and PhotoKit. We can also incorporate Multipeer Connectivity, allowing users to discover nearby devices. Developers can help you to access the power of CPU/GPU, 1080p display capabilities, a touch surface, built-in accelerometer, and gyroscope.

As certificated Apple developers, we can take advantage of its operating system capabilities and its amazing functionalities. There are numerous advantages of this membership, which help us to stay on top of the IT industry.

  • Being certificated developers, we also have a privilege to get the latest betas testing and integrating the top-notch technologies into software products benefiting from the latest advances in Apple’s operating systems. The membership enlarges our testing capabilities enabling programmers to invite users to easily test software, before its release on the store.
  • TestFlight Beta Testing lets programmers share beta builds with 2,000 external testers and get their feedback which can significantly improve user experience.
  • Apple Developer Program also provides certificated members with access to the analytics, allowing to measure user engagement, monetisation strategy success, and its marketing campaigns on iTunes Connect.

Apple Platform and programme languages updates

Apple is always improving. There is a need to stay in accordance with the latest requirements. But we will always be there to assist you and provide you with support.

Apple has changed the demands for programming syntax, opting for a new standard - Swift4. To stay in accordance with the latest requirements, the whole application programming code should now be updated by developers.

What they can do is actualise Swift 3 by correcting code errors, but that won’t solve the problem in the long run. Thus, if you continue using the previous version on the new iOS platform and leave the outdated code intact, it will lead to bugs and the program malfunctioning.

Library update is something that goes hand-in-hand with every new iOS. In order to have a better working software performance, developers have not only just added new features, but also corrected some bugs, improving the collections of codes in the libraries with each step. As a result, neglecting new library updates will leave your software with several imperfections.

Rest assured, our work doesn’t finish on the launch phase. Having built an engaging and visually attractive product, we ensure that it is keeps evolving according to changing demands. We are passionate to support you and help to maintain your project in the future, making necessary changes when needed.

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