Professional Approach to Application Development Lifecycle

We are a London software company designing bespoke business applications, providing exclusive user experience.

We are a team of talented, enthusiastic developers, designers, managers, testers and other experts ready to guide you through the application development lifecycle and bring you success.

How do we work for your prosperity?

Our development agency provide the clients with comprehensive development strategies, transparency and flawless communication during the whole application lifecycle. We offer successful products to small and large international companies.

Each development process will determine the purpose of future applications from the perspective of the company and its customers. This seems obvious, but it requires a lot of experience and a profound understanding of the marketplace and user behavior. Developers should identify the most effective features which can be achieved during the program’s lifecycle and meet user expectations for the product.

At this stage of the development lifecycle, the main step is to determine the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the program. After the client shared his thoughts on strategy development and application concepts, our design company provided feedback. We recommend the best way to achieve his goals, based on the extensive experience of creating many successful mobile applications for businesses of all sizes.

The main purpose of web design is to create an intuitive, simple, user-friendly, functional and visually appealing application. By developing interactive prototypes, you can fully understand how different UX options work in real life and understand the functionality of the application. When the prototype is complete, we proceed to the next stage of the development lifecycle, and continue to create some design concepts that the clients choose from their favorite designs. So experienced designers start to create complex processes to perfectly fit into the customer's current business role, and the brand's incredible mobile design. Finally, the application development team ensures all screens and in-app interactions are seamlessly designed.

  • Native mobile application development
  • Application building interface and middleware creation
  • Cross-platform and hybrid software development
  • Development of content management system and back-end
  • Quality Assurance Management

We prefer to use agile principles throughout the whole project’s lifecycle as the basis of the development process, which means the professional software team operates on iterations, and delivers functional products after every work cycle. We have developed for all existing platforms including Android,iOS, and Windows, and we recommend choosing native apps, because only native programs can ensure a seamless user experience for each specific platform at every stage of the program lifecycle.

We have a group of enthusiastic, and creative developers and designers, who are located in London and have offices in other cities around the world. Over the years, our application design company has developed simplified strategies and procedures, enabling us to deliver the highest quality products in the shortest time possible. Our applications run all operating systems and offer new upgrades and optimization opportunities to ensure you stay on top of the latest trends and stand out from your competitors.

Testing how applications work on different devices and in different environments is a critical stage in the development lifecycle, because the number of new devices with multiple display sizes, and operating systems grows rapidly. The experienced London creators are equipped with the most advanced Android-compatible smartphones and tablets, which contain different versions of the operating system and a variety of iPhone and iPad gadgets.

We've never put apps on the App Store or Google Play until the production lifecycle is accomplished, i.e. the program has been thoroughly tested, polished to perfection, and optimized for app store visibility. Even though the product has been loaded into the store, our work is not yet complete - the software development group provides ongoing support for the products after launch, and during the whole lifecycle to ensure users get a seamless experience.

Maintenance and support

  • Active monitoring
  • Retractable Foundation
  • 24 hour support
  • Testing and bug fixes
  • Application evaluation
  • Guaranteed response time

Continuous monitoring

After delivering the working program, we will not go out - all our products are under constant maintenance and support from the team, either in limited time or the whole application lifecycle, according to customer requirements. Online business is a rapidly changing environment, where your apps must grow over time to meet user expectations and business goals.

Analysis report

Analyzing user behavior is one of the key components; you can monitor favorite features, and redundant or inconvenient aspects. Our specially trained experts monitor user interaction, and provide analysis reports to evaluate application usage. We can use the Google Analytics service or implement any other analytics tool you choose.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is important for any business software or site, as with it’s help your potential customers can see your internet-source in SERPs. If you want your site to be in top-level search results, consider the following:

  • Readable URLs - there is no doubt that simplicity is the main principle, and for your site pages it is working as well. The page name should be easy to understand.
  • Low bounce rate - provide relevant and compelling content to retain customers to readjust the visitor's attention.
  • Mirror site - the replication site allows you to reduce the traffic load on the main site, or increase Google rankings by providing backlinks to the original site.
  • Correct robot instructions - the Robots.txt file together with the relevant sitemap file lets you control Google's scanning page. If your site is missing these files, Google bots will not scan your domain as needed.

So your customers can visit the page they are trying to visit as quickly as possible. Statistics show that the most popular sites load less than 1 second. Our design company will help you optimize your content and plugins so that your site loads as fast as a bolt of lighting.

Google's search engine gives priority to mobile-optimized sites, so that it ranks them higher on the search result’s page. The number of users who use the mobile device to browse the Internet has exceeded the number of users on the desktop. The search engines want to ensure that those users visiting the site will be easy to view on their small screen device.

Authentic content plagiarism and copy content are a stop mark for search engines. This is one of the SEO errors that prevents your site from ranking in the TOP SE results. Also, you may not even know that your content is not true because many copywriters will ignore the only step of verifying the text. We can add special features of automatic plagiarism checks to your site's management dashboard to make sure your content is unique.

The specification tag allows you to use the same content on several different pages. Google does not oppose. Normalization can put pages or fragments of content in different URLs without being flagged as plagiarism and non-real content. Our professionals will guarantee that all of your labels are in the right place and your location in search results is as high as possible.

Do not confuse redirects 301 and 302 as it will seriously damage the location of your search engine. Always remember that 302 is used for temporary redirection, while 301 is used for permanent URL redirection.

Business Mobile Apps

Our mobile developers build applications that deliver incredible customer experiences and improve workflow efficiency within the enterprise:

  • End-user apps and services
  • End-user apps and services
  • Internal process optimization software

Improve employee productivity, streamline workflow, automate traditional processes, and integrate existing applications. The key to internal process optimization is the use of advanced technology during the application development lifecycle and the introduction of mobility into your workflow.

Why Choose Our App Development Company?

  • Professional developers have extensive experience - our mobile design agency has chosen every member of the team to meet the highest corporate standards - all certified by exquisite craftsmen.
  • Transparency of the development lifecycle - we believe that what the software company is doing must be absolutely transparent to the clients. Our IT firm keeps clients informed throughout the lifecycle and establishes close communication so that you fully understand each step we take.
  • Smart design - our designers are proficient in all the tools, techniques and innovative methods. To a certain extent, we are talented artists and passionate creators, using technical know-how and personal creativity to lay a good foundation of design.
  • Maintenance of corporate software - our IT company provides quality assurance services, available secure hosts, ongoing support and proactive monitoring.

How Are Apps Developed

The most successful apps are developed in compliance with the agile principles. Agile software development methods enable us to maintain a consistent pace, ensure process flexibility, and have the opportunity to change requirements and the final phase of product changes.

Another important fact on how apps developed in agile benefit is the delivery of work software in a short period of time, which ensures that the application is readily available and minimizes the risk. Our London team works closely throughout the development lifecycle so they can learn new things, share their knowledge and avoid common mistakes.

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