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Here at Magora,with nearly ten years of software creation experience, we guarantee the top quality of application development. If you need a fantastic customised app, which your buyers or employees will use and love, then we are the right team for you.

Your Mobile Dimension Expert Guide

We design and develop apps that people love.

We are a software innovation lab with in-house UX designers and developers. Our experienced professionals develop apps (iPhone, iPad, Android, HTML5, hybrids), websites, e-commerce stores and IoT solutions - commonly used for mobile devices. Our agency builds modern products, using contemporary frameworks and tools (iOS, Android, JavaScript, CSS3, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Ionic framework, ElasticSearch, Beacons, Cordova). Developers work quickly, creating great concept products to market in the shortest time possible.

  • Android apps
  • Apps for iPhone and iPad
  • Cross-platform application
  • Advanced web application
  • Technology: Android SDK, iOS, macOS, tvOS, CSS3, HTML5, Ionic structure
  • Team Skills: UX Design, Front-End and Back-End Development, Quality Assurance, Testing, DevOps
  • Devices: smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, beacons

Software Development Capabilities

We find the opportunity to connect the business and its audience in a virtual environment.

  • Market research and insights
  • User Experience planning
  • Functional strategy
  • Analysis

User-centric technology enables seamless interaction across a digital environment.

  • Improvement of concept
  • Product Design
  • UI and visual layout
  • User testing
  • Content introduction

At Magora, we combine the validation strategy with modern technological improvements.

  • Prototype
  • Structure of the solution
  • Web and mobile development
  • Platform Consulting
  • Quality Assurance Test

Web and Mobile Solutions

Whether your application is mobile or Web-based, our team offers complete development services. From refining concepts and requirements to the writing of code and documentation, each step is taken in close cooperation with the client. We work with dozens of businesses and serve a variety of corporate needs.

Design and Development

Magora is a full-service mobile app development company in the UK. Skilled professionals will assist you in every step of the application creation cycle, from product architecture to layout, development, and deployment. We've created native iOS and Android apps, custom Smartwatch applications, web applications, databases, and sophisticated ERP integration. With experienced project managers, we are also good at agile software development, and we have licensed Scrum masters.

Our goal is to help you develop the best business applications that increase branding, productivity, and sales. Whatever you need, you can take the experience of application development to grow your business and achieve top sales.

Our team can create almost every possible feature. Examples include GEO targeting, user profiles, push notifications, interactive charts, analysis, payment integration, iBeacon generation, and Bluetooth files. In addition, all of our iPads, iPhones, Smartwatch, and Android applications have evolved from the native mobile software architecture, as we believe it delivers higher quality products and a better user experience.

  • Languages: iOS Objective-C and Swift, Android Java

In addition to the growing number of mobile applications, our company also produces custom web applications that allow clients to manage their content in real time. This includes reviewing user records, pushing push notifications, developing promotional codes, tracking content, monitoring user behavior and engagement metrics, and more. We can also reflect the capabilities of your web application, giving end customers more ways to interact with your company.

  • Languages: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Joon and PHP

Database development is one of the most important component of the project. The database is a centralized area for storing all data and content. Another important component is the API, which transports the records between the database and mobile and Web applications to ensure users see the updated content in real time. We can either build new custom cloud infrastructures or connect to the organization's current back-end, or ERP systems to easily move new mobile solutions.

  • Languages: PHP, MySQL and .Net

Creating a custom user interface and user experience is equally crucial for the app development process. These are the things that customers will surely see and often the first feature they use to evaluate the quality of mobile applications. In our company, we believe that this step is essential, which is why we pay special attention to the development process. Gifted app designers work with you to gain comprehensive knowledge of your organization, brand and target market to create truly inspirational custom designs.

Our dedicated professional project managers will guide you through the process of creating mobile software at every level, from structure to deployment. They will control every aspect of the task, answer questions, coordinate with builders and designers, and ensure that all business objectives are properly achieved. Our project managers are located in the UK headquarters and worldwide, which allows us to provide the highest level of agile application development services.

Why Start with MVP

The main focus is to build well-engineered MVPs to effectively test the market's needs and market successfully. Since many new software programs are focused on mobile devices, we offer the ability to define, extend and launch MVPs in the App Store in the shortest amount of time.

Ensure product release:

  • We will reduce your risk and help you understand the process by offering the best MVP opportunities: either by time or budget.
  • We will work with your stakeholders to select product goals and market needs. We can outline the key features and prioritize, and then plan the launch for the first time.

We are a team, which includes product, design and development experts, who work together. Our senior professionals have more than 10 years of software building to enable us to grow rapidly. We are located in a region, so the company can work closely with you and your team.

  • Extensions integrated with the latest platforms and gadgets.
  • We are committed to using ultra modern technology to create the most advanced software products and materials.
  • Wearables, Personalization, APIs, IoT - and advanced tools and frameworks like ElasticSearch, Apache Spark, AngularJS, Ionic, d3.Js and more.

Build your Digital Success with Industry Leaders

The experts at our company create a plan to design, build and deploy successful iOS and Android applications. We work together on many challenging projects, which cover a diverse portfolio of industries. If you need a team member to help you plan or create an advanced solution, which meets your business goals, and create your audience with a product roadmap, we are the right partner. If this sounds like what you are looking for, please give us a call.

The meaning of design is much greater than it seems. This is how the product feels and creates a way for users to interact with the application without even noticing. One of the main reasons Magora has more than 50 applications in store is our awareness of the highest quality UX and collective experience, which team members use to create great software. The company staff includes qualified designers who recognize the importance of first impression. They know how to make users come back.

Our company has created applications for the Apple Store for over eight years. We understand that creating iOS software is not as easy as adding code to design. Instead, developers and designers work hand in hand to solve problems and find innovative solutions. We strive for scalability and success by laying the groundwork with the right technology stack. From there, we use time-tested development tactics and agile methods to turn the boldest ideas into mobile plans that even the Apple store will be excited about.

Android occupies the largest share of the global mobile market, but is still ignored by many companies. Our team is familiar with the internal details of designing, developing and launching successful products in the chaotic Android market. We focus on Android technology and recognize the key variations that shaped the development system as a way to succeed.

Our Benefits

  • Goal-Oriented and Experienced

Since 2010, we have focused on innovative projects. Result? A very solid team with a testing delivery model. We will communicate the true technical understanding to your projects and organizations.

  • Background Results

Before writing a single line of code, we'll work with you to explore, and design your best applications. This signals a clear picture of the project so we can reduce risk, rework and provide constant cost estimates.

  • Special Design

Technical capabilities are very important to create the most advanced features that meet the needs of your core business. However, the design is an indispensable tool to make this functional for a user. That's why our team adheres to a feature-based layout that maps the advanced user experience within the first three seconds of use.

  • Application Store ID

Features Apple for download and revenue has a strong impact. We've learned how much it takes to create feature rich programs, and over 50% of our solutions are in-store by Apple.

  • Group Delivery of Power

Our company has invested in building a specialized development team because the amazing software calls for many unique talents: design, development, integration, project management and QA testing.

  • Time to Market

Working with Magora developers, who is in the 3d position of mobile app developers in the world by the independent Clutch platform, offers faster access to the market without unplanned delays or interruptions. Get all the benefits of professional tailor-made software for your corporate needs.

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