Create Your Bespoke System with a Professional Team

Bespoke systems - the set of custom-made software programs to answer the particular needs of your enterprise. The software is created based on your company wishes, management methods and terminology.

Here at Magora, we understand that it is a difficult task to effectively manage a large company without using advanced enterprise software. To increase our competence, we have explored many ready-made solutions and adapted to different industries and businesses that the modern market may offer. And now we are ready to explain to you why it is worthwhile to choose a bespoke system, developed specially for your company.

Why You Should Order a Bespoke System

As mentioned above, there are many ready-to-use systems that can automate management processes.

SalesForce, one of the most common systems, is a ready-to-use solution for hospitals, banks, sales automation and more. Despite the excellent features, the large SalesForce customers have to use several solutions to meet all their needs. For example, Aston Martin uses four products: Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Salesforce1 Mobile App, and Chatter.

The operation of the Sales Cloud business service cost from 160 to 320 dollars per user, per month. In fact, off-the-shelf qualitative solutions cannot provide you with the whole functionality that your company needs. In many cases it is necessary to combine multiple systems to achieve the objective, and as a result, you don’t use the entire set of features provided.

The cost of creating a bespoke CRM is considerable too, but in case of bespoke development, you have to pay only for the functions your company needs at the same time optimizing the convenience of the system and spare time and increasing the commercial data protection. In addition, employees do not have to spend a lot of time adapting to the product, because bespoke products are created according to the company’s structure and in an already established workflow.

For example, when creating a CRM system for large-scale branded online clothing stores, we designed a solution that not only includes the features, but also the color scale, the name of the section, the typeface, etc. according to the customer's specifications. Magora analysts disclosed that in the interface frequently used numbers and small signatures. Therefore, the selection of the fonts was chosen to increase the readability of small elements.

What to Consider when Developing a Bespoke System

Employees should not waste time searching for appropriate sections and information, and should immediately obtain important documents. Users should also feel comfortable creating reports, interacting with each other and communicating directly with customers in the system.

The Corporate Software you requested must have a user-friendly interface, accessible from any device and provide auto reporting opportunities.

Depending on the size and details of your business, the functionality of your bespoke system and the set of techniques you implement will be different. Creating a CRM for a clothing online-shop, we chose a modern, reliable .NET 4.0 technology. We also used jQuery and Silverlight to end up with a more convenient and functional interface.

Your future system must be flexible enough to change the configuration of certain processes. It is also worth thinking about scalability in advance and makes the product able to grow with your business so that no new solutions were needed. In case of our solution for a clothing shop, the system had to work with enormous amounts of financial data coming from several sources, so we integrated it with Microsoft Azure cloud technologies, which enabled unlimited scaling of the system.

Working with us, you get a bespoke system that is intuitive, but flexible, it allows the automated management of both potential and regular clients and the convenient work automation.

In addition to the analysis tool integrated into the bespoke system, the connection of external resources must also be considered. For example, integration with phone, messaging, accounting software, mail, etc.

Since such bespoke systems stores important data (customer database, reports, transaction information, employee productivity, etc.) It must be designed so that the data is protected against external interference. It is also worth managing the access levels of the various groups of employees.

Define the Goals and Objectives

Perhaps the main objective of the bespoke software solution is to attract new clients and optimise the work processes within the company. Tasks may vary depending on industry specifications. We offer a list of the most common tasks below.

  • Tracking leads and their activity;
  • Customer base maintenance;
  • Optimisation of work with clients;
  • Business operations organisation;
  • Relationships management within teams;
  • Optimisation of joint work of different departments;
  • Labor productivity growth.

A careful analysis of objectives and goals as well as prioritisation, will help develop a system with the optimal set of functions.

Why It Is Worth Developing a Mobile App

As for interaction within the team, the web version of the service can still be enough, then when working with clients, a mobile application is indispensable. On a business trip, on the road, even at negotiations - access to the system will provide an opportunity to constantly be in touch, to have at hand the necessary information and promptly make changes.

It is extremely important that a bespoke app works correctly and does not crash at an important moment, so we do not recommend using cross-platform development. A native bespoke app for Android or iOS, although it will cost more, will be a reliable addition to the web version of the software and will help to further improve the efficiency of work automation.

Define an MVP

The scope of a bespoke program system can be divided into two areas:

A bespoke software system should give employees an opportunity to allocate work hours and plan future loads. In addition, managers must be able to control the workload and efficiency of employees. Therefore, here are the necessary minimum set of functions:

  • Access level for employees in different categories
  • To allow administrators to report employee news, calendars with embedded notifications
  • Establish and control task options
  • Possibility of attaching files to tasks
  • Communication in the task
  • State of preparation of the task and its priority
  • Generate reports ready for downloading

Basically, it includes email, phone, newsletter and meeting. The first three tasks must be automated to form a history of customer relationships. The minimum set of functions are as follows:

  • Integration with e-mail, telephony, and sms services
  • Customer base, addresses, phone numbers with a convenient filter
  • Customer relationships tracking
  • Reports generation on working with customers
  • Calendar with built-in notifications for adding information on future meetings

Depending on the content and scale of your business, more opportunities may be required. It takes a lot of money and time to automate the company's business and create a bespoke management system to take the business to a new level. However, the results are obvious in a relatively short time. As a result, sales efficiency will be improved approximately by 29% due to the introduction of a bespoke program.

Bespoke Systems for Business Prosperity

Bespoke software development involves the design for a specific user or group of users in the organisation. Such software is designed to meet the specific needs of the company, as opposed to more traditional and widespread boxed solutions. Why use costly universal programs, if some of their functionality is simply not useful? What is more, these software tools may not solve all the problems. In a word, we will offer a solution that is optimal for you.

  • Mobility of employees with uncomplicated access to the workflow. Bespoke software allows to solve current operational issues, even in the case when the units are in different offices and cities at a remote distance.
  • Maximum system efficiency, due to the orientation of the software on the company's specific features and business objectives.
  • Flexibility. Bespoke programs can be integrated with already existing ones and used in your company’s information systems.

Choosing a company to create a software product for your business is not an easy task. To make this choice simpler, Magora team guarantees that we are:

  • Honest. We do not promise to create miracles, which cannot be done: if at the discovery phase it is clear that the project has critical flaws, we will clearly state this.
  • Professional. Years of work in different programming spheres, mature developers, who’ve implemented a lot of tailor-made apps and software solutions from scratch.
  • Focus on joint success. A strong, well-organised team is the key factor in bespoke development of enterprise software. We believe in each of our specialists, we support them and periodically raise their qualifications.

How Magora can Help your Business:
  • Development of extensions and plugins for systems of any level.
  • Creation of bespoke software tools.
  • Modernisation and upgrade of existing systems.
  • Other services based on the individual wishes of the client.
  • Bespoke corporate solutions.

We are focused on your needs. Our bespoke development services are client-oriented from the day of company foundation. Tell us about your project - and our specialists will contact you as soon as possible for further discussion about your project.

Still have questions? We are ready to help