We Offer Brilliant Ideas for the Best Design: Apps to Break the Market

We specialize in software design and development to ensure that every app we produce has great looks and excellent functionality. The creative team of Magora is ready to make for you the best designed apps: attractive, feature-rich and easy-to-use.

Our Experience

The brand stands out in a highly competitive digital environment, but with the help of experienced developers, your app will be attractive and powerful.

We are a software design company focused on creating brilliant applications, combining specific functionality, web and mobile development, and user experience, adding value to B2B and B2C organisations.

  • Analysis and research
  • Digital strategy
  • Analysis of user behavior
  • Brand strategy and content
  • Competition Analysis
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand and style guide
  • UI / UX
  • Responsive/adaptive/mobile web design
  • Full stack development
  • E-commerce
  • API and CRM Integration
  • Traffic analysis
  • Testing4
  • User Surveying
  • Conversion Optimisation

Our Philosophy

We create attractive designed apps, easy to apply and perfect for communication with customers, to provide additional power for your business and brand awareness.

When we publish the site, we continue to work with 90% of our customers. This effort and work is clearly reflected in the long term results of our client’s businesses, their transformation, and success.

We Create the Best Designed Apps

Design of the native UI does not offer much space to manipulate. When designing a smaller screen, the layout of the UI should work at the conceptual level. Our interface design is fairly easy for amateur users.

Our UI designers professionally work on the visualisation of the interfaces for small and large screens, achieving the following advantages:

  • Target-oriented design:

The app is designed for the public. Personal searches, as well as surveys and interviews, help to create the persona which is most likely to use the app. This allows to satisfy requirements and customise the workflow according to the user’s needs.

  • Availability:

All applications should be highly useful. If the viewer can not easily use the tool, then there is no doubt that they will give up for some time. Usability makes the app useful, which is the first step to make the program acceptable.

  • Affordance:

The Affordance is a feature. Signifiers are hints. For example, blue underlined text indicates that the click will take you somewhere else. The designers are fully aware of how to use symbols effectively, so that people do not need to consider the role of each UI element.

  • Learning:

The app interface is visually recognised by the user. This is the layout style available. The simple and clear model helps the new users to easily adapt to a program.

  • Feedback and Response Time:

Feedback allows the customers to check if the program is complete. It may be just a simple beep, or something more like a modal window. The Magora design experts ensure that the visualisation of the software interface is friendly, easy to use and the response time is quick, according to the high corporate development standards.

These five rules are the basis for creating any interaction, be it a native app or a website.

Screen size is not the only limitation in mobile design. The customer is primarily the basis of interface constraints. The first step in creating a goal-driven UI is to understand the audience.

Understanding the user has three stages, our experts have mastered each of them:

  • Functions:

Functions are fictional characters designed for the intended behavior of the target audience. They allow you to decide what will drive the user in choosing the app.

  • Scenario:

Provides information about how people behave. You can define a UI that suits them.

  • Experience maps:

Here we explore all the possible interactions of a single interaction. Experimenting with the map to use the app when paper is most likely at each step. They help to recognise all the feelings and occasions around these steps. In advance to avoid complications in this case. In other words, we perform usability tests between major iterations.

Design and research works in parallel. For example, we can quickly discover the user flow based on what we find.

Already in sketches or prototypes, the program offers the opportunity to explore the most important part of the app. Around the content compilation process, it is possible to accurately evaluate the total number of pages that need to be designed and enable digital prototyping. A simple prototype can help you test the idea with real people and find the best way to improve the app.

The best designed apps focus on the specific nuances of many devices, such as thumb positioning, posture, and orientation.

The designer uses the standard UI template as a reference for usability and then adds great creativity. By doing so, we ensure that the app is designed to meet consumers' expectations and are not annoying.

Our experts have mastered the layout of the two interactive design styles:

  • Gestures. The touch tool is defined by gestures. Touch, slide, double-click, pinch and zoom has become the second nature of modern users, and the experts know how to expect them in your app.
  • Animation. When you add a context, the movement causes the user to work on the interface. There is a discrepancy between the missing element and the element that slides out of view. We blend the animation with the gestures to increase the depth of the best experience.

Mobile interactive mode helps you define the layout of the default interface factors. For example, the bottom navigation button is easier to play than the top of the button.

When it comes to text content, you can be sure that every line of your app will be obvious. We followed some of the text content guidelines:

  • Phrase labels to make the users feel controlled
  • Important words appear first
  • Across the screen, writing is consistent and uniform

Take a look at our portfolio and get an amazing interface example that includes all the best mobile design gestures, animations and nuances.

Our app design complies with the UX/UI layout three-point rule. We consider if a program needs all the screens to make it the best choice for daily use.

Ideally, the user should perform the task as quickly as possible. When you are in an app, it should take three steps to solve the problem. Otherwise, it's time to redraw.

The best designed app is the user friendly and intuitive, and is working effectively for your business. We are working hard to implement these principles in all of our apps.

Revolutionary and User-Centric Mobile and Web Solutions

We ensure that all applications designed by our specialists are attractive and great to use, as seen through the customer lens. Users need not only the most attractive images, but also the best features. We have achieved this by building mobile applications and feature-rich web solutions that are attractive and useful, such as intuitive UX, advanced technologies and tools, and captivating interfaces.

Iterative refinement techniques to reduce costs and development risks.

Our professional business analysts will create a conceptual layout of how your software will look and feel:

  • Wireframe
  • Clickable Prototypes
  • Concept approval
  • Image Template
  • Seamless design interaction
  • App workflow simulation
  • Improved user experience

Enjoy the prototype model:

  • In-depth understanding. You can see a detailed and accurate image of its usefulness and how it will look and behave.
  • Provide unrestricted remarks. After going through the operable wireframe through the ideas of the app, you can share feedback and refine it until you are satisfied.
  • The prices and the time savings are huge. In addition to enjoying a reasonable price, you can save lots of money and time through our method because the analyst offers a good image.
  • Professional business analyst. We have a very professional team of analysts who carefully analyze their tasks and create important examples of the final layout.
  • Sound communication. Each part of the prototype is simple and clear, but if necessary, our team offers flawless communication and ready to answer all questions.
  • Allocate the estimates correctly. The prototype is exactly the same as the app, and you can get the exact time and cost estimate before starting your business.
  • Explore more innovative ideas. Full-featured wireframe functionality allows you to carefully evaluate your final product, innovate or improve your ideas with professional tips.
  • For all the displays. Whether it's mobile or web applications, our team develops prototypes of animation interactions for all versions of applications and screens.

To be honest, our central advantage lies in the simplicity of the layout, giving the customer an avant-garde and stimulating design and feedback. The ideal combination of useful and visible fusion is our team of designers and builders. The UI/UX solutions we offer include:

  • Front-end development
  • Interface design
  • Bespoke Page Layout
  • Responsive and adaptive layout
  • Intuitive UI / UX
  • B2B and B2C offerings

Nothing is more engaging than letting start-up companies, enterprises and modern brands get an excellent online viewing space on desktop, mobile, tablet or other digital products. The most talented and creative designers are widely using emerging platforms for UI / UX.

See how Magora makes your app engaging and useful

  • Create a user journey. Keeping in mind the end customer and their expectations, we create the full role of the movement, locate and map the journey of the user's product.
  • Fast prototyping. Through fast and cost-effective solutions, we focus on graphical user interface layout and development.
  • Perfect UI development. The team of the world’s leading front-end builders representing the excellent performance of the CSS, JS. and HTML interfaces.
  • Excellence in technology. The tools, structures and techniques used to design are the most advanced and meet industry requirements.
  • Quality assurance. We have a dedicated quality assurance group and testers, who are experts in technology testing and protocols.
  • Client-centered delivery. Whether it is layout or experience, information structure or navigation, the delivery of the products are always user oriented.

Rely on Professional Expertise

Our experts study what makes you win, and what your customers respond to. We make assumptions and check, ask questions and respond, design prototypes, test them and rebuild them to provide you with the best app. All of these are opportunities to find the best way to help you grow your business and to attract more loyal customers to your company.

Still have questions? We are ready to help