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Where to Start

So you wake up in the middle of the night, have a great idea of a good app - you can draw it and you already know it's uses and imagine that a lot of people would love it too.

If this is your first attempt at app development, be successful with the professional team, or you can also try doing it yourself.

The original idea is just the starting point for each new project. Before going through the direct description, you need to outline the motifs and tasks of your app.

  • What should I do?
  • What is your main attraction?
  • Which specific problem does it solve?
  • Which part of life will it improve?
  • The clear intention is to help you build the final product quickly.

When you develop sketches, you will be inspired by your own future interface. In this stage, you can visually describe the main features and the overall design and structure of your own applications.

A brief introduction to the product is provided to help everyone in the team approve the project. These simple sketches should be used just as a reference for the next stage of the development.

The study has four basic purposes:

  • Understand if other programs do the same
  • Find the design
  • Find the facts of technological needs
  • Learn how you will promote and monetize the products

Even if you are sure that this idea is effective, there are over 1 million Android and iOS applications, so it's impossible to build something that has not been done yet. However, you can not be discouraged by the competitors’ success in the same arena. It is important that you focus on your own tasks. Learn the points of success and mistakes of your main competitors and try to find those unique features to make your project special and build your own application.

Development Tools

If you decide to build your own mobile program, there are several ways to accomplish this task.

But before entering the development pool, first familiarize yourself with some of the advanced programming and app building options. This is a bit of background information on each platform:

  • Android: You may use Java for Android to build an app by downloading your free software development kit. The package comes with an example of testing your own app, source code, developer tools and emulator. Even if you feel overwhelmed, Android even provides you with guidelines on how to use movies, technical articles, and tutorials to build applications. Requires a developer registration fee of $ 25 to distribute applications in the Android market, called Google Play.
  • Apple iOS: If you need to use the iOS platform to create applications for iPhone, you may need to uninstall about $ 99, which is the functionality and elegance of the program and not much thought. The iOS Developer Center has a variety of guides, tools, debugging tests, and guides to creating applications in any situation.
  • Windows: The Windows mobile platform may not be the largest in the industry, but the user interface is used directly. Windows Phone development software provides valuable documentation on the satisfactory advertising practices of your own products. Also, you do not have to worry about the concept of app or game after passing the time before being rejected. Windows provides an explicit file about what happens to your approval system.

Now that you have a better understanding of the platforms to choose, start thinking of the tool you are going to build your own app with. And what if you are not an IT geek? There is good news: ordinary people also have many software development tools. Of course, it is impossible to achieve the same level of quality, as if you were working with a professional software development company; however, they are still pretty useful.

This is a browser-based platform that can quickly and easily build your own programs. You can use existing content and social network feeds to generate different forms. It includes GeoRSS feature-based, custom CSS, push notifications, and JavaScript functionality.

The tool can be applied free of charge, but with a $79 monthly fee you get access to the additional features. Appmakr is useful on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

This publishing platform for smartphones and tablets builds and controls the presence of all modern mobile devices, including the iPhone, Android and HTML5 programs. It provides images, graphics, videos, audio and other forms of interactivity.

GENWI also provides options to modify the software if needed. In addition, applications include a variety of revenue generating features, such as advertising and subscriptions. After three months of testing, the price will vary depending on the function.

One of the biggest advantages of the Mippin platform is its ease of use. It builds software on Android, iOS and Windows and provide design flexibility. You can even distribute Mippin to your product on the iTunes, GooglePlay and Amazon stores. The cost of a native app can reach $999 per year.

Are you a singer or a band? If so, MobBase is for you. This app builder applies RSS feeds to allow fans to update their channel information and events so they add tracks to fans while browsing the app to help you view upcoming listings, buy tickets, and get instructions.

Starting an iOS program requires a one-time payment of $ 250 ($ 99 for setting up a developer account). Android is enabled with $ 20. The costs of web hosting range from $ 15 to $70 per month. Additional charges for support services are not included.

Want to enter the e-commerce store in the mobile field? Then MobiCart may be what you are looking for. It links to PayPal to allow any email or consumer company to process and send and receive payments online in a secure, convenient, and cost-effective manner.

The simple price planned is $15 per month. The "professional" program costs $ 49 per month.

You can use RunRev LiveCode to build an app that is a language similar to English for the development of applications for Android and iPhone.

Using this cross-device platform, you can easily build real-time prototypes that use the full-fledged functionality of mobile devices and deploy to any platform customers need. The page also contains a series of tutorials to help developers.

The RunRev LiveCode’s package costs from $ 299 to $ 1,499.

ShoutEm offers another easy-to-use platform for bloggers, sports enthusiasts, students, local publishers and information portals. You do not need to write the experience to install your own products, and ShoutEm may also be inconsistent with the iTunes and Android market presentation.

ShoutEm offers simple, superior and experienced business applications for about $ 30 per month.

This is a simple and inexpensive way to build, track, and update native mobile programs. You get an opportunity to build applications for iPhone and / or Android online. With the iTunes Store or Android Marketplace, you may download content in real time via Swebapps.

The basic package includes a platform that requires a one-time development fee of $399. Web hosting costs $29 per month as an additional payment.

Establishing your own software offers great opportunities to effectively stand out among the competitors, open new revenue channels, deepen the relationship with customers. These tools provide applications that perform basic functions. But be not mislead by the idea, that such application can be among the leading software solution. Usually only tailor made apps are on the top on the highly competitive market of e-commerce apps. So, if you need really useful, reliable, and cost-effective tools, you should better consider your investment to be put in professional bespoke development.

Facilitating App Development with Professional Staff

In fact, the software development process is very challenging and lead to many problems: what kind of design should be selected, what features are indispensable, how to make everything work, how to promote products, and so on.

The online app builder does not always provide all the necessary functionality and enough custom usability. Most importantly, in the long run, the monthly payments seem to be very expensive. As a result, you can not properly turn the idea into reality, but you still have to pay for a tool that does not perform the required functionality. Companies that develop their own applications are now more willing to choose a development platform that offers all the creation of back-end server-side software and front-end mobile clients.

Magora has about eight years of experience, and we have a lot of satisfied customers and rated on the independent review sites, like and as the top UK mobile app developers. We believe that all companies should have their own custom app and take advantage of all its benefits.

These are the reasons for building an app with our professional team:

  • More conducive to customer visibility
  • Digital media fidelity plan
  • Provide direct advertising channels
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Allow the construction and promotion of brands
  • Stay ahead of competition

We will help you achieve all your business goals with a click of a button. We dedicate our time and ability to help clients through the creative process and help them get the value they deserve.

Thanks to the rich digital market experience, our team has many tips on how to do it. We are happy to assist you regardless of the scope of your business, and project. Regardless of the size and scope of the mission, our team is ready to set to work. The experts from Magora build software that is nothing but an innovative solution, able to influence your business ROI in the most beneficial way.

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