Advanced business app development solution provider for your company

Magora app development delivers native applications for smartphones and tablets,as well as web apps, bringing wide functionality and new, advanced possibilities for your business.

Our services can help you not only to move your company to the next level by increasing your efficiency, but also to enhance your relationships with customers, and promote your brand both locally and worldwide.

How to start your own app

Our mission is to deliver a bespoke software solution, addressing all your needs. Nobody knows your business better than you. You know the challenges you face every day. You might be certain about what you need, or have doubts about a possible software solution.

In both cases, Magora team will help you to identify the core features of your application depending on its main purpose, come up with a design layout based on your brand identity, develop a brief project idea, and determine time frames and budget limitations.

Tailored IT Solution

A powerful and scalable mobile application, secure custom database, interactive web application, intranet/extranet - all these software tools can make a change in the way you run you business.

Web development

We have a expertise in web development for businesses, and it allows us to add some ideas to yours.

  • Streamline and automate internal process;
  • Improve interaction and engagement with your employees, vendors, and customers;
  • Protect, store, automatically analyze processes, and provide company data, etc.
  • Access to the workplace from any device, due to adaptive design and web technologies.

Its functionality depends on the goals you set.

Mobile application

We offer iOS, Android and Windows app development for smartphones and tablets. Mobile application development can help businesses to evolve, streamline its processes, achieve greater accessibility and availability, advertise and more.

Industry insight: what kind of business can benefit from a bespoke app?

Our business app development company has worked with many corporations and industry niches. Here we can give you a brief overview of the industries we worked with, and in which areas they have benefited.

Whether you need a clinical management app, monitoring app, hospital admin app or other, our team has a wealth of expertise in developing healthcare solutions. We can help you to extend patient care beyond the walls of healthcare facilities.

A bespoke enterprise application can establish many of business processes within a big corporation. Your own Intranet can improve and streamline internal communication, management, and task setting; an effective app can automate routine and time-consuming processes; while a single corporate database will allow you store, access, and process important data in a secure and safe way.

Bespoke financial application will simplify data analysis by rich and vivid visualisation, automated grouping, sampling, and reporting. It can empower you and your employees with necessary functionality, and can eliminate useless and complicated features.

A planning system that makes it easy for all parties to collaborate while you are in the field; to look at latest version of the construction schemes, highlight the necessary changes and share information in a real time mode. A flexible systematic approach to managing data, including planning of the row material flow and optimisation of the workload and labor demands.

Today’s technology and innovative ideas lead to exciting prospects. A smart software solution can become the beginning of a new business, with extensive distribution channels, and developed monetization strategies. With our competitive services costs and on-time development, you can create an impressive future for your company.

An advanced bespoke business application can significantly improve field productivity, shipments, delivery, and intake operations, help to optimise vehicle routes, resources; achieve better mobility, and do away with extra paperwork.

Our approach to the bespoke business app creation

We work both on agile and waterfall methodologies. The exact approach depends on the concrete task. To better understand, we’ll describe the main figures of the advanced agile method of app development. It is a consensus among experts that this method is the most appropriate for flexible business development projects.

Agile methods of software development ensure an iterative and flexible process, and imply a regular interaction between you and your development team. Our company dedicates a separate project manager to the development case who accompanies you throughout the process of software creation. The project manager is your personal assistant, and IT expert. He will connect you with the development team, relate your requirements, inform you about any changes, results, and will give you the opportunity to tweak features, and make adjustments. Agile development methodology gives us room to steer the direction of your project.

App designers carefully elaborate your app design layout creating a unique user experience that will associate only with your product.

Coding conventions are a set of guidelines that lay down the rules for programming various aspects of a web application. These rules and standards encompass programming style, principles, folder structure, programming practices, indentation, formatting, classes, architecture and much more. These guidelines also ensure that the comment and the documentation are uniform in order to improve the readability of the source code and make it uniform throughout various applications and their constituents.

Having determined your app functionality and agreed on the design, our developers create an MVP, minimum viable product, which is a working program with its main features. We let you test the program, and if it works well we implement additional features and make improvements according to your feedback. All the process is accompanied by constant testing. Every time having integrated a new function we test the program to make sure it is bug-free.

Testing is an essential stage of development. Magora’s developers conduct numerous UI/UX and QA runs tests to ensure that your app meets your requirements and corresponds to international standards. We have specialists who make sure testing is scrupulous, and every line of the performed code is perfect. It is then verified by a quality assurance team, and passed on to the next stage.

We are happy to offer you services in marketing consultancy and social media management to help you promote your business. Magora experts can give you professional advice on the best strategies to boost growth and get recognition.

  • Search engine optimisation and marketing enable your brand to rank high among search results and therefore, be visible to customers;
  • Affiliate and associate programs that allow people to share information about your company on a commission-based platform;
  • Email marketing. Keep in mind, that just sending emails is not enough - you should develop a comprehensive email marketing strategy, customer analytics and purchasing habits;
  • Opt-in email lists enable customers to sign up for your correspondence and email marketing campaigns;
  • Articles and news stories;
  • Google Analytics and other tools help in grasping a broader perspective of your business’s dynamics;
  • Establish in-app purchasing costs;
  • Consider and analyse the target audience;
  • Develop inviting offers for your loyal customers and implement a particular pricing strategy;
  • Mobile app features integration.

We are ready to give our professional opinion - what platform is better for your objectives. Our company has a fully fledged team of mobile developers as well as the web programmers who can realise your ideas on any platform you wish, but as IT experts we suggest you consider two major operating mobile: iOS and Android and web - Windows or Mac.

  • First of all, you should find out what type of devices your target audience uses: your employees or customers.
  • Take into consideration what are your main goals. If your primary goal is to generate revenue, then you probably should prefer iOS, as it is believed that iOS users are more willing to pay. While advertising and promoting goals will lead you to Android app development, as it has the largest market share, and hence a larger number of users worldwide.
  • Google Play is less strict than Apple App Store and allows a higher level of customization.
  • Finally, if you are looking for an application that works with your business data, and provides you access to mission-critical information, then you should keep in mind that Apple offers a secure and stable platform.

Both OSs have their advantages and disadvantages, and you as an app owner have your reasons to prefer one to the other. But we can assure you, that whatever operating system you select for your first app, our iOS and Android developers can benefit from all systems capabilities, and deliver you a high-quality application, navigating all restrictions and customising it to your requirements.

Choosing business web application development you will get an application that runs on any device from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets that support a browser. These are dynamic websites, with a powerful functionality due to server side programming. You access it over a network connection and it doesn’t require the device’s memory, as it is stored on a remote server.

App developers for hire

Our software company offers exclusive business application development tailored to your specific needs and goals. Hiring our company you entrust your ideas to:

  • Passionate IT enthusiasts;
  • Professional and experienced software experts;
  • Tech gurus who are up to date with the latest technologies.
  • Programmers who use proven methods of successful development;
  • Creative and talented designers;
  • Reliable business partners who guarantee only high-quality products and strategies.

There are many other ways to describe our development team, but you can find the most suitable definition only if you talk to us.

Let us help you to bring your business to the next level.

Still have questions? We are ready to help