Creating an App with Dedication and Perfection

Regardless of the scope of your project - from startup to enterprise - Magora’s team will create an app to add value to your business.

Whether you are looking for the full-fledged development services - from strategy to deployment, or need augmentation of your current team, we can customise our features and capabilities to meet your needs.

Who Are We?

We are a world-renowned software development company, with workplaces in London, UK, creating applications for over eight years. Thanks to the impeccable improvement of professional design strategy, design thinking, user experience / search layout and iOS, Android, backend, network and built-in architecture expertise, we can provide you with a professionally created and widely functional bespoke app.

What Do We Do?

Our company is focused on creating digital products for the competitive markets. Over the past eight years, Magora developers have built hundreds of applications and polished ways to create superior digital products for partners worldwide.

As a company creating mobile applications, we got great results and demonstrated more than 100 programs in different software stores (App Store and Google Play).

We have a dedicated mobile development team who just need to breathe mobile technology, create advanced financial, medical and social network applications as well as many lively and functional mobile device tools.

Leading mobile developers focus on Android, iOS, Windows app development platforms.

Creating web utilities and websites from scratch is a the right task for us! Programmers will process their tasks from start to finish, including visual design, scheduling, and quality checks.

The scheduler has extensive client-side script records and server-side encoding. We can also extend your content management system to give you the ability to change content at any time and you do not have to be technically literal.

We are professional in a number of programming languages ​​like HTML, Ruby, asp.Net, Flex, CSS,angular.js, node.js, C #, java, javascript, jquery and so on. In addition, we have a lot of experience in many frameworks, including WordPress, Joomla, and many other frameworks.

In our software creation organisation, developers have a great experience in mobile B2B and B2B solutions, and we mature enough to create games. Do you need advanced RAD games?

Trust us, we are the right development team!

The specialists can implement all of the following:

  • Image: bright and dazzling images, no matter the platform.
  • Physics: Proficient in physics in simulated environments.
  • Script: ability to talk about complex stories with fantastic scripts that execute your vision.
  • Voice: use of healthy results and popular music, and seeks to improve excellence.
  • User interface: Creative UI design, that stands out of other games in the store.
  • Inbound processing: The game offers players an optimized, polished and interactive experience that they will never forget.
  • Tools: Developers can only use ultra-modern tools to create cutting-edge, engaging mobile games that enhance user experience and engagement.
  • Network Communications: We are professionals in building complex social networks, so that players and developers continue to stay in the loop.

As one of UK leading software companies, we understand that the graphics of all applications are very important. That's why we have a special and faithful team of creative designers!

Having a stunning single layout can greatly affect the functionality of the utility. The designer will be involved in the entire development process. Make your ideas a true hit and create first-class multifunctional programs with real professionals.

Due to the characteristics of the business, we have the opportunity to work in a wide range of technologies and in all spheres of life. We have a great experience in software projects of science, companies, investment stock, education, social, entertainment, sports, games, ecommerce, home management technology, dating, planning and reminder,monitoring, health, catering, geography and many other areas, every day becomings a better expert.

  • Transparent process. We are committed to collaborative systems, and are proud to create excellent products.
  • Understanding. We are mobile professionals who pay close attention to the products our clients made, your customer’s wishes, and worries.
  • Enthusiastic People. We are a vibrant and passionate team that continually strive for perfection in software development.

Our company has more than 150 IT professionals and offers a wide range of knowledge and expertise for your problem.

  • Mobile Systems and Technologies: eMbedded Visual C ++ 4.0, Visual C #, Objective C (iOS, Mac OS), MIDP, WAP, xHTML, J2ME, .NET Compact Framework,
  • Web Technologies:ADO.NET, DirectX, COM, .NET Framework, COM +, VoiceXML, OLE Automation, SALT, AJAX, OLE, ActiveX,
  • IDE: CoDeSys V2.3 and V3.4, Eclipse, NetBeans,
  • Database: Oracle,MySQL, PostGreSQL, MS Access,
  • Design: UML, RUP, MS Visio,
  • Library: Windows DDK,ComponentOne, OpenGL, WebRTC, WinSockets, MFC / ATL / WTL / STL, XNA, Telerik, QT, DirectX, DevExpress,
  • Operating system:Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Linux OS,
  • Server: MS, communication server MS Live, voice server Apache, Tomcat, MS Project, MS SharePoint Server, MS Exchange Server,
  • Platforms and Web Libraries: Zend Framework, Joomla, JQUERY, ExtJS, Batavi, Magento, Prototype

App Lifecycle

The first step in creating an app is to understand the lifecycle of the virtual product.

Each start product is a necessity to solve the problem. Our company has an experienced team of product strategists who work closely with customers in the early stages of development. Generally, we begin by defining the problem to determine this idea around an appropriate solution.

  • Sprint Design

Design sprint is relying on the thought strategy of one to several weeks of communication. Our strategists will work with their stakeholders to visualize and validate your product.

  • Discovery and Layout

Many of the participants started by defining a central issue, followed by ambitious and concrete implementation to illustrate the solution. Special discovery and participation in design will transform your issue from a problem to a prototype within 30 days. You'll learn about concepts, wireframes, user stories, visible design, and development estimates.

Once all the needs are collected, the next step is to create an accurate design. The team of designers is highly educated in UX and UI wireframe. We are creating apps that are not only a beautiful image but a very useful tool.

In addition, our agency provides services to help redesign existing applications as well as create new apps from the ground up using first-class layout practices.

  • Sprint brand

Two-week Sprint brand uses the sprint design method to explore its commitment to the target market and the success of the background pattern. We generate several concepts to complement your brand. These concepts are combined into deliverables that can be used to improve the end product.

Development expertise covers many functional areas. Front-end mobile team specialising in iOS and Android programs, while web team is superior to background architecture, front-end web architecture, React and JavaScript framework, the development of hybrid mobile devices and the systems integration. We also have professionals in IoT technology, VR / AR technology, firmware, virtual assistants and security.

The delivery team has a quality assurance analysts at every stage of the app lifecycle because we believe quality is one of the key components of a successful product. The company established the time of testing, polishing and refining for each app developed internally.

The team also provides code review and temporary design and development of products coming to our customers at the end of the product life cycle.

Even after the launch, customers can trust our team. We specialise in supporting your staff to ensure your app is secure and flawless. Each team member also understands the technical importance, the expert will help you to use the latest structure and progress of the platform so that the app was still up to date.

We also provide maintenance services for current products.

Create an App from Scratch

The journey from the app concept to the release date can be long. Our company guides customers from the beginning to the end of the process, combined with their passion with our experience to create compelling mobile applications that solve practical problems.

Attractive applications require quality, innovative inputs. Let us guide you from research to market to check the ideological process. Was this concept right? What makes this idea unique? How could he take him to the next stage?

Our team's expert developers will guide you through this challenge, answer those questions and present the idea of ​​submitting the app.

  • Define the scope

Each iPhone, iPad, and Android project requires a roadmap, either the starting line as a vague idea or a pre-existing app.

Experts work together to describe the various parts of the mobile app creating strategy. This means defining a set of features, selecting a structure, and ensuring that the app can be delivered within the desired time frame.

The UI designer picks up the collected information about the portrait of the target group, user’s behaviour and preferences and branding attributes, and corporate guidelines to implement the visualisation of the programme in user-friendly interfaces.

  • Development

At this stage, our team of app developers will gradually bring your imagination to life. Setting up a database, central logic, and dynamic screen behavior ensures a seamless, immersive experience for users.

By creating the best tools for your business, we will carefully test each app to ensure fast, error-free operation. The product is submitted to the store before general performance and general quality assurance capability.

Translating the software to iTunes or Google Play is no problem. Our experience allows us to do this perfectly and ensure smooth presentation. Experts work closely with your employees to ensure that marketing materials, app assets, and graphics are ready for listing.

Android applications uploaded to Google Play may generally be available to an audience within a few hours.

Delivery to an Apple store may take up to 10 business days to be approved for public access.

Going to the App Store is just the beginning. Once the app takes effect, we can choose to provide long-term management and growth hacking guidance. The first wave of targeted users brings invaluable data. According to the information received the developers constantly adjust the set of functions, to ensure that the program can adapt to the accelerated digital market, and continue to gain user traction. Turning initial download volume into long-term growth is the hardest thing in creating an app, and these years we have introduced scalable and profitable applications for startup companies that are now the fastest-growing businesses. We are proud of the products we create and ready to prove our abilities in practice.

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