Custom iPhone App Development Creation

Dream of starting a custom iPhone app development project? Your dream finally has the chance to become a reality!

The Internet is full of success stories about ambitious iPhone app development experts who have created millions of applications and games and made them available on the App Store and nowadays it’s not even necessary to be a tech geek to develop an app. For example, one such story tells about a girl who loved her iPhone and liked to measure how quick she was. She put the two together and created an iOS solution to track the peak of many user installations. This is a real success story, so if a 12 year old girl can develop a successful product, you will have no difficulty. Just follow the steps that we'll outline for you

What is the idea behind the application?

Imagine how much money and fame can be earned by another Half-Life for smartphones and tablets. But if your company is not Valve, and has never been involved in any kind of game development for the iPhone, then mobile games are unlikely to be your niche. Remember the girl we mentioned earlier? Think of something that fascinates you, something you love and something you want to share with others - this may be the perfect jumping off point for your custom program.

Use your imagination

Imagine that you are fascinated by flowers. When walking in parks and gardens, there are often new plants whose name you don't know, but you are wondering if it is possible to plant it in your bedroom or backyard. But where can you find this information if no one around you knows about this beautiful flower? Will you go to the library, browse a large number of encyclopedia or put a plant branch in the garden center? If you take a photo on an iPhone, run it through an application and use a database that matches the image and provides detailed information, why would you need to?

Market research

Before developing a horticultural application, your dream may be the best program humans have ever seen or it may already be overproduced and redundant, look to the market to ensure that this idea has not been used by hundreds of people. Go to the App Store and browse categories. For your custom app, enter "Plants" and "Horticulture" as search keywords or any other similar terms to see the search results. Was your idea used by others already? Is there another similar app? If the answer is yes, what makes your custom product special?

Can other similar applications be used on the iPhone already? Can it work with both iPhone and iPad, or is it better for one device? Of course, we can create a custom application that is similar to an existing app on the market. But any professional development specialist will say that if you want your custom software to be sold and find its unique path to success, add creative new features and offer great design to stand out amongst the competition. All of this is about being the the best or the first.

Usability and functionality are of course very important, but what seems to make the program functional from the top down? The easiest path to custom page development is to create a rough sketch on paper and determine how all the elements will look, how will they be positioned and how they will interact with each other? When you set the appearance of the page on your device screen, you can choose from a wide variety of applications that create reusable templates and see everything on the current device. You can even make it look like an actual app with clickable buttons and working links. This is a great opportunity to try out the software before encoding. If everything is working how you expect, move onto the next step.

If you have previous programming experience or have enough time to learn the basics of custom app development, you can do it yourself after studying Apple's development guides or other mobile design tutorials. Another option is to hire a professional who will spare no effort in learning how to code the application you want. But how do you find a reputable and reasonably priced developer?

First, try asking - has anyone developed a mobile app? If your budget is limited, look for independent developers because their prices are usually low, but if money is no object then it may be better for you to hire a large digital agency. You can also search for custom application programming incidents or internet tutorials and then contact the authors because they are most likely to be professional programmers familiar with your craft. In reality, you have a lot options.

When your company finally finds a developer who looks good, organize an interview and ask questions about your custom development process, pricing, and design. For referrals from search sites and customer reviews, there are many specialized portals such as that can provide such information. Remember, you cannot always use a fixed development price, so ask your developer for an estimated cost or bid. The cost largely depends on the complexity of the project and the amount of time needed to complete it. If you need a lower price, give the development team a ready-made image you want to use to save time. On the other hand, the budget could increase if there is only a vague idea of ​​the project or if you want to coordinate with the site in progress so the more you know in advance often means the lower the cost you incur will be.

You are probably creating a custom program that is not only for fun but for-profit also. If so, it's time to think about monetisation strategies. Apple retains a third of the price paid in the App Store, which means that if your app costs $3, each download will bring in $2. It's easy to find out how many downloads your program needs, for example, if you paid $10,000 as an initial development investment you will break even after the 5000th app is sold.

How do you determine the price of an app?

Note that supply and demand in the mobile industry do not always apply like in the real world. For example, a developer who posted a fairly common game made a mistake by pricing it at $3. Developers raise the price, but keep the functionality as-is and guess what happened? The app sees a download rate increase. This example shows just how illogical the world of mobile applications can be and why the expertise of those in the know is so important when launching a new product.

Let us remind you: there are already over 2 million applications in the App Store. Reaching the top of the pile will be very difficult. Creating a great product is the first step, but if you do not see it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and other social networks, blogs and websites, then nobody knows about your amazing product. If you are sure that your product is really great, contact your friends and ask them to share your reviews. Another option is to contract a writer to create an article that describes your software's key benefits and send it to blogs and forums.

Proceeding to design the App

Once you have a clear idea about ​​your custom applications of the future, it's time to turn to development, which is one of the most exciting things to do because you can see how your ideas come to life. One of the most important decisions you need to make at this stage is to select a team to guide you through the iPhone app development process and bring valuable professional advice to your team. You should do an in-depth study of the different development companies that provide design services and choose the firm that best suits your project. Our custom software development company would be glad to speak if you chose us out of the hundreds of other digital agencies.

Hire a professional iOS developer

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Custom iPhone app development with professional developers

At our custom iPhone application development company, we believe that successful projects are based on trust, respect, and communication between developers and customers, and we aim to build long-term partnerships. If you want them to help you evaluate your ideas and design and implement them, please contact our experts. We would be happy to guide you through the process. You will receive a superior iPhone apps that attracts customers and becomes a steady source of revenue for your business.

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