Design an App with the Creative Team of London Developers

Our London team offers bespoke solutions to companies around the world.

We help entrepreneurs to design an app they are looking for: we bring innovate and forward-looking ideas to turn their vision into next generation visualisation with extensive technology potential. Our creative team comprise professional developers and designers, UI/UX testers, experienced project managers and other specialists who are happy to use their skills and abilities in full to help you succeed.


The creators strive to do something unique and useful. We are proud of every product we build, and spend a lot of time studying the latest trends and applying them to our work.

  • We have a wealth of experience in designing and developing native and web applications. We strive to maintain the latest technology to build the best software for customers.

We follow three simple rules:

  • We begin with an understanding of the user’s needs and business goals. Based on this knowledge, we form the programming concept, putting the most important features as the basement for the software.
  • We create programs that users adore. This principle helps to stand out from the crowd, building all kinds of bespoke software on the market.
  • We provide an opportunity to generate revenue through the software. It should be the perfect combination of powerful features and convincing, user-friendly design

The team of designers has a great experience in:

  • Web/mobile design - iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android: designers create an incredible view of your software program on any device.
  • Layout: The visual elements in the organization of the page, draw up the future interface.
  • Graphic design: A process of visual communication through graphics, images and words containing ideas of planning and projection.
  • UI Project: Preview introduces the user interface and interactivity.
  • User Experience: Optimize a tool to take advantage of and use intuitively.
  • Icon/template: Graphic design and computer systems in software products.
  • UI / UX Testing: Evaluate the product by user testing to see if it is user friendly.
  • Logo design: Immediate stunning recognition.

On the internet, the word "design" gets a controversial word and becomes a polysemic word. For some of us, it is associated with the appearance of the graphic design and the object, including the layout and color of the user interface.

So here at Magora, we have introduced a complete development process, including UI / UX design.

  • Customer Interview - To determine the company's business objectives and customer requirements.
  • Identify project priorities - Get the best results for the lowest cost.
  • Research - We study similar competitor projects to find out what we should pay attention to, make software products better than existing alternatives.
  • Our target audience - According to the logic and scalability of the project we build.
  • Simulation Creation - A clickable draft of a program is not yet running, but shows how the program works.
  • UI / UX Design - Graphic designers have created various interface layouts to select the most attractive and easy-to-use specific features.
  • MVP - Programmers write an app.
  • Testing and enhancements - The QA team conducts multiple tests, identifies and eliminates errors, implements new code changes, retests to meet the corporate quality standards.
  • Release - We deliver the product to the customer and send it to Apple Store / Google Play.

Design an App for Business

The emergence of smartphones on the market and Wi-Fi accessibility tools allow homeowners to understand new ways to increase productivity and improve the customer experience. From small businesses to established businesses, forward-thinking entrepreneurs strive to design an app for their business, whether enterprise software solutions to streamline workflows, improve internal collaboration or small business applications to help:

  • Tap the audience around the world, expand the customer base
  • Maintain loyal customers with availability 24/7 and reward them with exclusive promotions
  • Enhance customer experience, provide exquisite design of large-capacity applications

Software development gives businesses new opportunities to enable customers to get the features they need with touch.

Design of Android and iOS applications

Applications can be simple and only provide rich functionality, or they can have complex functionalities and become an additional market channel, such as retail applications. If you want to create a retail app, the iOS platform will be more suitable for you. Compared to Android users, iOS users are more likely to make in-app purchases and are more likely to have 15% more chances of accessing online retail sites.

For the cost, it is relatively similar, but sometimes the types of devices and Android brands may be the flaws of this platform. This means that mobile designers should spend more time building a seemingly good application which can withstand the extra cost on all screen sizes and resolutions.

Building your own software can be a cost-effective investment that helps improve employee productivity and accelerate business processes so users can complete their time-consuming business operations by clicking the buttons on their smartphones. However, if you just start a platform, then you'll face the important decisions between iOS and the Android platform. Both have more than 90% of the market share of smartphones. Although Android accounted for more than 80% market share, but Apple iOS for the software manufacturers to create 85% of revenue. In addition, Apple users tend to stay on the iPhone, and Android users are more inclined to switch to another operating system. Before making the final selection, you should answer the following three main questions:

United States, Europe, Asia or other countries?

Europe and North America, higher income customers such as the high-end smart phone market. By choosing Android, you can take advantage of emerging markets such as Asia, Africa and South America.

If you want to implement in-app purchases or charges for your app, keep in mind that iOS users have an average of 45% more users than Android users because iOS users spend almost five times.

What kind of program do you need?

Where to find the right developers in London: freelancers and companies

The process of bespoke development is complex and requires code writing skills as well as special tools and devices. Here are two main options for business companies, who are looking for professional designers.

Hire a freelancer

Today you have many opportunities to hire a freelance designer and it is a good idea for some specific tasks since the people who render services in specific areas are usually highly qualified. However, you have a certain risk of entrusting your amazing project to an independent specialist. You will have to make a lot of effort to control all the steps of development, and your own knowledge may not be enough to verify the end result. You can not guarantee that you get the final result. In addition, a software developer in three months produced the work, a team of developers and designers can complete within a week. Hiring an independent designer is not a bad idea, but you should consider all the risks of choosing this option.

Hiring professional team may be the best choice:

  • The team of development experts who work faster together
  • Professionals have all the necessary equipment and inventory as well as access to many software libraries
  • Experienced professional development agencies, with development process optimization and personnel management program
  • Top UK developers keep in touch with customers and ask them to provide advice

All mentioned above, you can get from our app development company in London.

We work with well-known companies, mid-sized companies and creative small businesses to help them master the digital marketplace. The team is comprised of qualified engineers and designers who create applications and web applications on different mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry. We focus on innovative technology and world-class design to provide users with the powerful and incredible applications they love.

The project manager, along with the entire production app, has the skills and qualifications to work with the architect to help you identify the basic functionality to meet your company's goals and requirements.

Our developers use Java, Android, Web, Java, PHP, HTML5, ASP.NET, and many other platforms, programming languages ​​and tools to create a powerful and reusable code to share with the industry.

Our mobile and web designers will create an awesome visualisation for your app, embodying your brand icons and logos, and UI / UX digital creators ensure your app has an intuitive interface, appropriate to any device, whether it's a small screen or a large monitor.

The Quality Inspection department is comprised of software experts who have enough experience to test their applications throughout the app design process, to detect errors and defects, and to inform developers and designers of their app of O errors

We can help you launch your app in the app store and navigate through all the restrictions fairly. Once launched, we'll help you provide the best recommendation method on the market. You can always count on our help and continue working together to keep your app or update.

We are a London based app agent working with various industries, and now we have experience in software development

  • Finance
  • Logistics
  • Health care
  • Travel
  • Education
  • Restaurants and many other areas

As the forefront of app designers and developers, we work with leading UK and European brands as well as new companies. We know how to implement your ideas with custom digital solutions and design applications that people like to use. Our business consultants can help you determine the best mobile strategy and publish high-quality applications. Our experience covers iPhone, iPad, Android and web development to help bring your business to a new level. The app developers build multifunction applications, but still easy to use to meet your needs. Our work was not done in the startup phase, and we use user reviews and comments for further improvements.

Let's talk about it!

Share your thoughts and visions with our ITconsultant, and our team will do its best to make you the best design app.

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