Designing an App properly

Being the leading software design organization, Magora adopts the highest standards, while integrating creativity and unlimited imagination, designing an app that catches the eye and makes a great impression. If you need to develop a powerful mobile app interface, the design principles are critical.

Professional Strategy

If you are considering to design a perfect app, then we will guide you through the process and help you create excellent projects.

When used in conjunction, the layout principle makes UI activities more professional. They eliminate a lot of guess work and make the interface more predictable and therefore easy to apply.

How We Create Great Products

The most common reasons for using mobile apps is to kill time. But that does not mean you should waste the user's time. When creating an app, the developer is always trying to determine the main task you want to perform and implement the necessary features in the interface.

Design kit

The design kit continues to evolve. We are using the most advanced technology, such as:

  • Zeplin
  • Sketch
  • InVision
  • PhraseApp
  • AfterEffects
  • Principle
  • Contentful
  • GatherContent

Basic Ideas

Before designing any software product, you must define and implement the most common UI ideas to keep your attention.

Design should organise the user interface in a meaningful way, based entirely on accurate, conventional models, clear and identifiable hints, putting things together, separating things that are not relevant, differentiating elements, and making them similar to each other. This involves a typical UI architecture.

It should make the overall operation smooth; talk with the user in the same language for simple and clear communication, and provide a meaningful concept which can be associated with longer notions.

The layout should make visible all the options and buttons indispensable for a given task, without dispersing the external or redundant information. A proper design does not include users overwhelmed with an option or confused with unwanted data.

The layout should allow users to familiarize themselves with each person in a clear, concise way and clear language to understand movement or interpretation, status or conditional changes, and errors or exceptions that may apply and be of interest.

The aesthetic should be curved and tolerant, reduce the cost of error and unduly use undo and redo support, while suppressing possible errors, tolerating all types of inputs and sequences, and decoding all reasonable operations.

Layout needs to reuse both internal and external additives and behaviors to maintain consistency with the motif, not just any consistency, thus reducing the need for customer reflection.

Use the Design Principles

Have you heard this phrase, "measure twice, cut once"? This concept also applies to app design. Keep in mind the main principles, and you will be able to compare the results of each aspect with what you are doing at any time.

When specialists are designing an app, they can verify that they are correct and avoid costly reconstructions by testing the prototype. Developers can resolve the kinks in the layout before the programmer writes any code, saving developers time and trouble. Also, in the early stages, you can see how customers review products before delivering to the app store.

How to Implement Beautiful App Design

The user interface and user experience are often misinterpreted as one. They obviously are not, but there is a dependency between them. Our builders understand this blurred line and realise how to get the right user experience. In the design of the app it is important to have a sturdy passion for perfection. With unparalleled ability, our builders are always doing their best, and the final product is purely brilliant.

You can easily enchante the user by the UI. Make sure that the mobile app user interface is not frustrating. Our developers are absolutely crazy about UX, and use a lot of tests to fashion stunning designs.

At London headquarters, we rely on the functional layout. There are several mobile app companies that can have attractive interfaces and fantastic animations; however, some can undoubtedly provide highly functional layouts, which are not just images but also purposeful tools.

We are aware of your business and customers. This section deals with the inspiration of the target audience, their behavior, the possibilities and how you plan to touch their souls.

This step requires a brainstorming session between yourself and our designers. Innovations, enhancements and technologies are considered and implemented to achieve a specific set of objectives that must be completed.

Once the target user base is completed, the designer will bring a UI layout to qualitatively meet the needs of the business and the audience. We make a point of making recommendations that complement your ideas. The first stage of the discussion is implemented in the layout.

It seems simple, but our employees are worthy of praise for every design. We treat each app as something special, and we create the UI for this only by the concept. Builders analyse ideas, investigate the concept, and do anything to create an excellent user interface.

Once the basic plan is built, the programmer will go to the prototype part. When all things are occupied by the UI, they start designing the prototype. Prototyping allows us to take advantage of the problem that may occur and to correct it in advance.

We run many prototype editions and check the audience reaction with the help of the user tests. This complete process ensures that the rendered layout is perfect and provides an excellent user experience. Even if the app is released, UX can be optimised and improved.

When the prototype is accepted, it is converted into the current layout with no obvious problems. Then we use the markup and JavaScript to encode it and finalize it.

Layout, organisation, and your brand image, has an excellent relationship. That's why we try to create a visual logo. We will consider the client's choice and conduct a market research to finalize the layout. It strengthens the brand, and keeps in sync with the expectations of potential customers.


Usability testing is critical - especially for mobile devices. Most of the experience is transferred between different devices, which complicates the layout potential. It is important to see how the user is responding to the visualisation of the gadget because it is impossible to guess.

Over the years, it has been important to simulate a mobile layout on a device. Firstly, you basically need to send a png or jpeg to a smartphone. This will work, but rather time consuming and inefficient. Viewing this product as Skala makes it possible to preview the work of Photoshop on a mobile device, but it is difficult to configure the tool and often does not work.

When creating a dfart in Sketch, we can put it in the correct place. You can download Sketch Mirror from the app store to make sure that your device and computer are on the same network and start Sketch Mirror on your device.

Each page and art plate in the sketch file can now be easily viewed on your smartphone and will be updated as part of the content in the sketch file.

App Development and Benefits

Our app design company has an in-house team of world-class experts that offers strategy, design and development services. The end result is an award-winning app for native mobile and Internet devices that separates our clients from others. We have gathered the team of specialised IT professionals and first-class web, mobile and IoT technologies.

Get recognition

Through the multi-screen app experience of outstanding products, take the opportunity to get ahead. See the portfolio and believe in our professionalism and creativity.

Add life to your thoughts

We follow the principle of layout: innovation and interaction. We not only consider your app ideas as wireframes, but we also try to visualize and create prototypes that turns them into real projects. Creators take note of the idea of ​​the app, designing them more intuitively and enhancing the UX they provide.

Our developers work tirelessly on the UI and make improvements to meet needs. The complete process involves creating prototypes and animations and other operations immediately after authorisation. We want to include the customer in the workflow, making the process very coordinated and inclusive.

Custom design

In our software development organisation, we are proud of bespoke solutions for all sizes. We provide strategic and design services to achieve your unique vision. Awareness is creating open turnkey data structures, marketing campaign controls and advertising tools to help customers become an important part of their daily lives. We will provide native mobile programs, back-end databases, IoT integration and even web-based portals, all mobile programs, IoT integrated together. No matter how complex and superior your concept, our best team of developers will help you to achieve success.

Let's Create Something Special

Start working with us to become part of a digital society, our creative team is ready to listen your ideas. We're here to help you create a unique software with exclusive design - just share your thoughts.

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