Make your business thrive with Magora Discovery Program
We evaluate and ensure the market viability of your business

Make your business thrive with Magora Discovery Program
We evaluate and ensure the market viability of your business

We help to transform businesses through our Discovery Program.

DISCOVERY PROGRAM identifies the existing fundamental problems and reveals the business value and technical complexity that awaits the project. The approach to the discovery phase is to focus only on the top-priority functionality and provide it with the necessary extent of detail to begin the development.

  • Brookhaven National Laboratory
    I did product discovery for a mobile app. Magora was very professional, thorough and detailed in their approach. I spent over a month doing product discovery and the product manager took time to understand my app and came up with his own ideas. They were very prompt in their updates and answered my questions promptly. I am happy with how Magora has elaborated on my app idea and have come up with a prioritized list of requirements with clear estimates. I would definitely recommend Magora for app development.
    “The guys from Magora were amazing. They were very professional and customer-oriented and showed their excellent skills throughout the discovery phase. It was very easy to communicate with them at every stage of the project. I would definitely recommend them.”
What you'll get
Prioritized product backlog for MVP to define the required solution
Description: User stories are used to define functional needs in a way that is understandable to both business and technical stakeholders. Each user narrative is assessed in terms of both commercial value and technological difficulty.

Value: A MVP's scope of work is specified and outlined. We guarantee that the intended scope of work only covers the most business-critical functionality and is budget-friendly.
Product release plan
Description: At this stage, the product backlog is divided into development sprints, each of which lasts one to four weeks.

Value: Knowledge of the product delivery timeline.
The planning and development of system architecture
Description: In the form of a high-level process diagram, we denote and display the main business processes, roles, and their interactions.

Value: An easy-to-understand product functional ecosystem that emphasises MVP interactions. The ecosystem is capable of supporting future features and optimum system architecture design and development.
R&D Report
Description: A research of technical product specifications and capabilities, incorporating third-party software analysis.

Value: Knowledge of how to integrate the solution to the required software.
UI/UX design
Description: Wireframes that visualise the UI of the system

Value: Offers a visual grasp of the fundamental product functionality, with easy-to-use UI and logical UX that is aligned within the budget.
The goal is to have a ready-to-use prototype for stakeholders.
£ 3000 exc. VAT
1. Prioritized product backlog
2. Product release plan
3. High-level process diagram
Timeframe - 3 weeks
1. Prioritized product backlog
2. Product release plan
3. High-level process diagram
4. Research report
£4500 exc. VAT
Timeframe - 3-4 weeks
1. Prioritized product backlog
2. Product release plan
3. High-level process diagram
4. Research report
5. Design prototype
£ 8000 exc. VAT
Timeframe - 4 weeks
The genuine benefits of Magora Discovery Program
Scaling and expansion of your business.
We will investigate your company's capabilities and give information on functional and non-functional restrictions.

Improving your business processes
The Program will assist you in improving business processes flow by identifying pros and cons, increasing capacity, and increasing overall productivity.

Turn your idea into reality
If you don't have a clear concept idea, our solution will give you a better knowledge of your product development processes and enhance your chances of getting the product that business owners want.

Save money & time
The Program lowers the risks of spending resources & money on features that aren't useful and guarantees that product functionality is in line with the budget.

Analyse your business
The Program will give you comprehensive and in-depth business analysis to help you boost your company's performance.
Animas is a leading provider of сoaches trainings in the UK.
The client approached us with the request to help optimize their courses management approach.
We conducted our Discovery Program to identify the core business pains such as courses hours (length) management, transitioning students between courses, enrollment process management as well as find the right solution for them.
With our Discovery Program, we managed to define a clear scope of work and found the right solution that would meet the client's needs and requirements.
As a result, we've managed to bring to life a new custom solution that saves hundreds of thousands pounds in license fees for the previously used bulky software.
Project description
Case studies: Animas
There are no flexible course structures used in training management.
The studying process is very slow: there is no a simple and robust way to onboard students and track student attendance
There is no a communication toolkit that would allow to reach out to specific narrow groups of students with custom messages as well as automate the process of sending reminders and follow-ups.
The studying progress can't be tracked.
The results:
The solution helped boost company efficiency.
The company managed to avoid extra expenses (70000€ yearly) on software licensing.
Why Magora?
A passion for exploration and an adventurous spirit are at the core of our philosophy. Our goal is to make your business function and flow as smooth as possible.

We are focused not only on creating documentation to fulfill your needs, but also on conducting a thorough and exhaustive evaluation of your concept to better understand how it should function. Our program will increase your company's profitability and efficiency, as well as it's market competitiveness.
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