August 13, 2021
IoT solutions in our domain
There’s without a doubt an existing era of IoT technology, albeit self-proclaimed. Regardless, the emergence of IoT technology was driven by both gradual development and global trends. Today, IoT technologies are facilitating rapid digital transformation.

According to statistics, 75 billion IoT devices will be connected by 2026, with a potential market worth of $1.6 trillion or more. The figures are awe-inspiring.
IoT solutions beckon a brighter future to us since they enable businesses to move forward and solve various business opportunities and issues much faster.
From connection and security to administration, IoT technologies greatly simplify corporate operations. To put it differently, they streamline and accelerate the digital transformation process.

IoT is a network of web-connected smart devices that use embedded systems like processors, sensors, and communication hardware to gather, send, and act on data collected from the environment.

In our domain, we run several IoT initiatives.


This software is incredible, a true treasure that allows you to send data from your smart ball to your phone through Bluetooth.

An IoT project that tracks cricket ball movement and improves player performance. Smartball is a mobile app that connects to Smartball hardware and displays statistics about performance in sports (force of the hit, speed, spin). The software is currently being developed for the iOS platform.

You may link the ball to the SmartBall app to obtain ball-by-ball data and charge your ball with the charging dock to play a complete season of cricket with only one ball!

Another IoT gem in our domain is BarTrack

BarTrack is an IoT solution, a web-based, sensor-enabled inventory management system that tracks beverage quality, compares pours to sales, and gives bar owners real-time keg levels and warnings. It aims to boost business earnings by keeping track of inventory whilst improving product quality.

The collaboration between BarTrack and Magora began with a web app for displaying menu items on displays at bars in real time. Magora developed integrations between the BarTrack and many POS systems shortly after its initial release.

Another project involved creating a drink pouring data analytics dashboard for bar operators. Something, we feel they can’t really live without.

Many individuals have a tendency to go with the flow, without giving much thought to what is going on around them. They simply do not notice major changes in the environment, such as how everything evolves, transforms, and takes on new forms.

Do you agree that the era of IoT technologies is an indication of the imminent evolution?

Is it a genuine advancement? What can we anticipate next? Please let us know what you think.