Expert iPad Application Development

Order your iPad application to get your eye-catching and user-friendly interface and efficient code incorporated in one enhanced app that would be loved by users.

Your Best Team

Here at Magora, your idea combined with our strong expertise is an incredible boost to build a favorable, complex and enjoyable software with wide functionality and user-friendly design that perfectly matches the target audience wishes.

Whether you need to create an iPad application to enhance service or product, or to streamline work processes, or simply to collect profit from the number of application downloads, the professional iPad application development agency Magora is the best partner. Our ability to conceptualize application ideas and extend them to full-featured iPad and iPhone suites enables Magora to become the world's leading iOS software development company.

Talking to the iPad software developer will help you to:

  • Check the feasibility of your idea
  • Get a strong iPad programm with a stylish and friendly design
  • Increase corporate or branding identity
  • Implement unique digital tool to leverage customer feedback and satisfaction

We have incorporated iPad and iPhone application development in many industries, such as education, finance,real estate, e-commerce, entertainment. Our software development services for iPad can provide great user’s involvement, and quick response time. Strategists from Magora also help the customers to add to the regular functionality some features for future effective monetization the apps.

We also create business applications, especially for iOS. This solution is consistent with your workflow and makes multitasking possible by offering instant features such as viewing sales updates, document attendance, and holding meetings with remote teams through video collaboration. We create mobile applications on the iPad for a variety of vertical business areas, including production, medicine, health care, guidance, and logistics.

At London headquarters, we help customers outsource iPhone and iPad apps creation to development team of our in-house employees: talented iOS programmers, designers, consultants and user experience experts.

With the help of professional software, you can create new opportunities for your business and customers. Change the experience of an attractive mobile application, or strengthen your business through a complete solution, no matter how you work in the next industry.

  • Delivery and transportation
  • Loyalty applications and retail kits
  • Education and Human Resources
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Software and high technology programs
  • Health care and lifestyle
  • Travel & Hospitality

Bespoke iPad Software

Allow your business to grow faster.

By automating critical processes and upgrading legacy apps, move mission-critical business plans to the mobile world - we have a skilled IT knowledge that enables more complex projects to be realised.

With nearly ten years of iPhone and iPad development experience, our team helps companies develop high-performance apps that meet their aspirations and needs. From Warehouse Management and Logistics Suite to POS Software - Your creativity is the only limitation.

  • POS
  • Internet of Things
  • Smart Design
  • Big data analysis
  • Staff Training Software

We offer bespoke business plans to meet the daily enterprise needs and the most demanding specifications. The team from Magora has a wealth of performance in application growth that can improve content management, automated processes, electronic transactions and employee collaboration.

Day-to-day operations of large enterprises are generally supported by SaaS and internally-implemented third-party software packages. Magora offers a complete development of enterprise app integration through custom mobile user interface, API and micro service development, statistical integration and workspace, portal and mashups.

Older business apps, routinely, force people to spend extra time to work out boundaries. Our company has a team for your business that will provide a wide range of resources and technical evaluations of existing solutions and provide organizational software improvements to use modern gears and technology. Your staff will be happier and more effective, while the technical support team will sleep better.

Few organizations are fully expanded by natural growth. Standard M & A generally means the company has a wide range of systems. We can help you integrate these solutions, combine your strengths, reduce costs, increase IT operations, improve employee performance and optimise the user experience. The team of analysts and builders can assist in integrating, assembling and refactoring business processes in modern software stacks and hosting cloud sites.

Through the low-level mobile platform for attractive applications, to reach customers and strong access to your store. Please update your application at any time and use full review to understand more detailed user information, automated advertising and marketing, and attract customers with key push notifications.

  • Location and navigation
  • Content Management
  • Push notifications
  • Gameplay
  • Social network

Combine in-store and online shopping background with first-class features in one place - the customer's iPad and iPhone. The use of ultramodern technology to change the way customers change purchasing.

  • Highlight the reality
  • Geographical information
  • Shop navigation
  • Custom Function

Our Workflow

  • Discovery and Assessment - A qualified systems analyst and consulting team, looking at existing systems, finding key issues and developing possibilities and building roadmaps based on business needs.
  • Development and testing - Qualified developers with industry knowledge programs, testing and providing turnkey apps.
  • Implementation and support - experts will help the new products for daily operation and software for complete help and maintenance.


  • Web Development: Java, .Net, Hypertext Preprocessor,
  • Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQ. Server and so on
  • DevOps and the Cloud: Azure, Aws, Docker, Jenkins

Even the most efficient, complete and reliable solution can stand out without an intuitive design and a pleasant user experience. Although beautiful layout is a necessary condition for attracting users, the user's proper experience is to have the right effect to attract and retain customers. We offer perfection. The experienced designers and architects work hand in hand to bring you a complete product that is fascinating and seamless, creating a comprehensive virtual user experience.

Avoid future challenges and make sure you use fantastic software right from the start. Our qualified team of quality assurance and software testing allows the organisation to run smoothly.

  • Business, Mobile and Network Testing

As Magora is proud to develop excellent business solutions, we take quality assurance seriously. Everything we read has been tested several times to ensure ease of use, brilliant performance, and bulletproof security.

  • Focus on the team

Our digital company can fill key positions of the employees with quality assurance experts who have built a very thorough experience and have extensive expertise in attempting corporate plans, mobile applications and web packages.

Test phase

Each of our tasks goes through the following tests:

  • Function - we tested the app, to ensure that the execution speed of the front-end and back-end is high enough.
  • Compatibility - The specialist ensures that the product can run smoothly on the hardware used by employees and customers.
  • Overall Performance - Testers run the program to the limit and are confident that they can meet the needs of developing companies.
  • Security - We perform end-to-end security checks to ensure data security.
  • Usability - specialists check the UI / UX to guarantee it is intuitive and friendly.

The successful development of iPad applications will not be interrupted when delivered. Professional experts can provide a way to maintain, update and upgrade the product, quickly and effectively for the changing needs of market development.

Programs that do not need to be updated or upgraded do not exist. Consumers prefer to change too much, digital products often evolve, while meeting the growing needs of the users. However, the only factor that all users actually assume is the level of reliability and performance. That is why you may need a clear action plan to maintain a regular user experience - regardless of the technical challenge you face.

Magora provides consulting services to all customers, allowing them to advance their business and software products in the process of development and during the follow-up steps. Whether it is to either achieve central iteration of the planning app or to discover new and better ways to run the solution, the consulting service can be used on any volume.

We pay special attention to the iPad application and a comprehensive understanding of iOS for the emergence of revolutionary packages to provide the full-fledged services. The creation of iOS software requires a lot of effort, we are seeking to reach the Apple user base through the iPad, so the project team includes very professional developers and iPad programmers, they have a lot of experience in the Apple Store and iOS.

Why Choose our iOS Application Development Team

Magora iPad app developers create, modernise and update applications that can be distributed through the AppStore and Google Play. Depending on whether you want us to build an advanced app or the MVP solution for attracting investors, Magora’s skilled professionals will be happy to provide you with a specific set of features at a reasonable price, without affecting quality, and present your ideas as best as we can. Our motto is to help you bring your product to the largest virtual marketplace and to increase your overall business efficiency.

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