London App Development: Bespoke Desktop and Mobile Software

We work to get an in-depth understanding of your business, analyse the market environment, conduct a thorough research of your audience and deliver a digital product that brings you towards your business goals. London developers center on user experience, retention and conversion - and you can achieve this buiding a single mobile app with our talented team.

The Process of Working On Your Projects

At the beginning of every app development project, we create a list of objectives we want to achieve. London developers help individuals, small businesses, large companies and ambitious startups achieve their business goals and bring their creative ideas to life by means of the latest digital technologies. You will be gurarnteed a seamless communication between your stakeholders and our experts. Talented business analysts, gifted designers, skilled developers and business-savvy marketers will work together to bring your company to the next level and establish a strong mobile presence for your brand.

  • iOS app development. Reach your business objectives. Our experienced software development team will apply their broad expertise in iPhone and iPad design to deliver a first-class app that look good on small and bigger screens.
  • Android app development. Android is the leading platform on the market, which offers you great opportunities to reach out to your target audience. Utilising their outstanding skills, our native Android developers and designers create Android programs that fit into the specifics of your business, keep in line with your brand identity and appeal to users.
  • Web-based app development. We can bring your concept to life - let us create you a perfect custom software that will fit your business like a tailor-made suit. The apps created by this team are flexible, scalable, feature-rich and intuitive, providing for an awesome user experience and increased efficiency.
  • UX/UI design. Creating the logic behind the user interactions with your app, well-versed designers craft breathtaking user journeys and user-friendly interfaces that your customers will adore.
  • Web design and website creation. Experienced, enthusiastic and passionate programmers form Magora are proficient in designing and developing outstanding website powered by user-friendly content management systems (CMS) and optimised for mobile traffic through responsive design.
  • Search Engine Optimisation. Our industry-leading marketers and content producers generate keywords, optimise key analytics and create content that is engaging and efficient at the same time.
  • Software built by industry-leading experts
  • Full-fledged business strategy and software implementation
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Native Android development
  • Native iOS development
  • User experience and user interface design
  • Post-launch support and maintenance
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Mobile social networks
  • Performance monitoring, analytics and optimisation
  • Planning, prototyping and programming
  • Bespoke solutions tailored specifically for your business
  • Cloud technologies and hosting services
  • Most advanced technologies and software development methodologies

Without a doubt, design is extremely important when it comes to mobile apps, because this is what makes the first and the strongest impression on users. This is the reason why tihs company has a dedicated team of specialists who boast a solid background in building apps that users like. We have enough skills to optimise your existing website not simply reinventing its design, but getting to the very core of the matter by changing the entire user experience. A website that loads fast, looks good and provides valuable information or useful functionality is the key to success. But to be able to craft such a website, you need to have an extensive knowledge of mobile technologies, programming languages and development environments, which the experts know in and out.

Bespoke Software for Thriving Businesses

Magora is a London app development company that offers bespoke software creation services to organisations of all size across various industries. Our experts are well-versed in the latest technologies and know how to code in almost any programing language. They are very communicable and always keep the client informed about every step they take.

What the Development Process Looks Like

  • Stage 1: Interview with the client
    • Initial idea
    • Proposal by app developers
  • Stage 2: Analysis
    • Consulting
    • Software requirements specification
    • Prototyping
  • Stage 3: Development
    • Codign
    • Testing
    • Evaluation
    • Support

All in all, we know our way around in everything related to IT, web design, app development, APIs, SDKs, and other innovative solutions.

Developers Who Can Tackle Any Challenge

The developers create all kinds of digital products, but developing native apps is our favourite activity. You share your awesome idea, and we apply this wide expertise to craft a solution that meets the requirements, keeps within the budget and brings sustainable value. Our dream team of best specialists in software design and app programming strive to build products that deliver tangible results, increase productivity and connect to consumers.

Benefit from our outstanding software products that boast rich functionality and include native mobile apps, enterprise systems. E-commerce solutions, responsive websites and other business-oriented apps. You can be sure that our apps are easy to learn and a pleasure to use, and the individual approach we practice far exceeds any out-of-the-box digital products. Developing apps, designers and programmers aim at making the experience as comfortable as possible. Designs that our experts create are not only optimised for the convenience of users, bit also for search engines, placing your app at the top of search results.

Magora experts are proficient in a wide range of desktop, mobile and web technologies. Our expertise covers iOS, Android, hybrid solutions, .NET, Windows, HTML and much more. Our culture is based on knowledge sharing, exploration of new horizons and constant improvement, which enables us to conceptualise, design and maintain digital solutions for well-known brands, young startups and local small businesses.

  • iOS app development (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)
  • Android smartphone and tablet app development
  • Windows app development
  • Cross-platform mobile app creation
  • Blackberry app design
  • .NET mobile app development
  • HTML5 web apps
  • TItanium smartphone app design
  • Hybrid applications

Native iOS App Development

We develop first-class apps that meet your expectations and requirements. When building iOS software,our developers stick to the high standards set by Apple and ensure that the program will have no problems with App Store approval process, will work flawlessly and boast a high level of security. iPhones and iPad powered by iOS are the higher end of the mobile market. With their sleek designs and great features they have become the most popular devices for business use. iOS is one of the best platforms with a great choice of software for any purpose - productivity tools, games, educational apps, etc. App Store is swarming with messengers, media players, social networks, fitness programs, calendars and to-do-lists of all kind.

iPhone is not only a great device for everyday use, but a useful business tool that can help you with a lot of routine tasks and more complex activities. One of the best opportunities that businesses are to seize is a possibility to reach out to a wide audience of iPhone owners who have great financial capabilities. There are so many features you can pack into a single iPhone app that will either make it the next hit or entirely miss with the audience: all kinds of widgets, geopositioning services, video streaming, content publishing, finance analytics, budget evaluation, online payments, shopping carts, social networking, integration of third-party services, connection to hardware devices, 3D graphics and stunning media content, and so on and so forth.

Moreover, businesses choose iOS development over other options such as Android, desktop and web, because it offers them a rich functionality, an outreach to a higher end consumers and a great variety of experienced developers to choose from. At Magora, our experts know how to get around in the iOS integrated development environment Xcode, and how to take the best out of various advanced tools and approaches such as web, Java, and more. Magora IT team always strives to polish our products until they are flawless, because that is what proves our excellent reputation. Our service cover all types and all generations of iOS devices - no limits, it is all up to you to choose which audience you want to connect to. Our wide portfolio is full of successful project delivered across many industries including retail, healthcare, education, hospitality, travel and banking.

Contact Our London App Creators

We are a super team of enthusiastic experts in design and programming based in London, UK, with offices in other cities around the world. If you have any question to us, want to discuss your project, evaluate the cost of development or just have a cup of tea with IT professionals, give us a call, pop in at our office or send us an email. Designers will deliver an outstanding app that your employees will love and customers adore. And London app creators are ready to start working on your project right away! Do not hesitate to get in touch.

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