Mobile App for Business: Bring Innovation into Your Enterprise

Magora developers accelerate innovation in e-commerce, startups, and enterprises, by bringing advanced possibilities and a wide functionality into your workplace. Our mobile app development for business can help you to rapidly increase your efficiency, speed up projects, streamline processes, increase productivity, and promote your brand both locally and worldwide.

How Your Business can Incorporate Smartphones into your Workflow

Just as consumers can do more and more innovative and useful things on a smartphone, so your business can use this new wave of technology to optimise your objectives and to achieve goals without little effort. Mobile development provides you, whether it is a startup or an established corporation, with new opportunities to grow.

For B2B companies, mobile Apps allow users to achieve regular business operations more effortlessly, or showcase new product or information, without the need of a computer.

A Successful Business Mobile App

Whether it is to assist the sales team, streamline management processes, make sales, and engage customers, a successful mobile app should make things easier, more accessible and simplified whilst catering to the end user. Above all, it should be able to effortlessly solve a problem, and fulfill a purpose, on the move.

Develop and Run an Application

  • Plan - What type of application best fits your organization?
  • Research - study of pros and cons of competitor's products, market, trends etc.
  • Utilize - seek ways how your app can draw potential clients.
  • Manage - take control over client data base, staff, and daily processes and save time.
  • Create - Organise a visually appealing app, showcase products or portfolios.
  • Integration - Learn to integrate tools into your application to aid workflow, and increase transparency and efficiency.
  • Maintain - Used advanced strategies and take advantage of Magora developers to maintain business growth.

On the consumer side

  • Acquisition: Your app provides useful functionality in exchange for the user providing information.
  • Loyalty and Engagement: The activities and associated actions in your software drive the user to engage with the app and your brand.
  • Conversion: The activities and actions that they drive conversion and ROI.

Create Yourself or Hire Magora’s In-House Team

There are many app building tools available now to create your own app, with no programming knowledge required. These services take your online content and create an app in seconds.The most popular are:

  • This may appeal to someone without much technical knowledge, and could be really useful in checking some fresh ideas on a real market. But be carefull. First of all, what you see is what you get; you are limited to standard elements and template structure. This does not give you the freedom to incorporate a wide selection of functions.

    Secondly, you won't be able to create something unique, which stands out from competitors. Third, you will have limited cross-functionality. Overall, perhaps you will save expenses in the short run, but for the long term it is not ideal for ROI.

  • Expertise, experience.
  • Bespoke tailored services for a totally unique product.
  • Transparency in operations during the development process.
  • Total control over the development project.

The path every company takes in development is different, but our experience and consulting for vast projects, helps to guide you along a successful path.

  • What does your app do?
  • How will it benefit users?
  • What problem does it solve?
  • What is your development timeline?
  • How will you take your project to the market?
  • How much will you price your application?
  • How will you handle continued feedback and development of your app?

A successful mobile business app relies heavily on a well-balanced blend of planning, expertise, creativity, and experience. If your ultimate aim is to create a mobile app that will be popular and that your staff and customers will use daily, then get in touch with us to discuss what we can offer.

We have over 7 years of business app development experience, with a wide portfolio of projects. In addition to this, we have cross industry expertise, ranging, for example, from transport, logistics, to e-commerce and social nets.

Based on this background, we provide valuable support to streamline your company work, by implementing modern technologies and automation into the daily routine of your company. We equip the staff, clients and partners with a powerful tool for communication, management and decision making.

Beyond that of creating a versatile, attractive and engaging product, we go extra lengths to understand the nature of your business, your target audience, and your objectives and future goals. As a result, we create a mobile app solution tailored to the growth of your business, while keeping within your budget requirements.

We adopt the Agile software development approach, by which programming is made in small iterations by self-organised teams of experts in collaboration with the client. It enables developers to supply the customer with the fully operational software within the shortest periods of time, and allows them to effectively introduce changes to the product even at the final stages of development.

The Advantages of Mobile Apps for Business

A business is able to take advantage of this technological rise of digital tools, and use it for their significant advantage, staying ahead of the game, and achieving greater productivity and efficiency.

  • Reach target audience across the globe and expand consumer base.
  • Enhance traffic with the combination of search engine optimization, and social media to increase visibility and promote your brand.
  • Improve customer experience, providing a beautifully designed app with broad and easy functionality.
  • Increase customer retention and loyalty.
  • Establish business reputation and gain recognition by customer base expansion, an increase of brand awareness and innovative technologies.
  • Keep your brand prominent in the market place.
  • Showcase products and services in an innovative way, connect with clients, provide more in-depth information and give users an amazing experience.
  • Most Apps are easy to use: training your team to use them will take very little time and effort.
  • Simple and quick transactions.
  • You can glean valuable user generated data from your app that could help you create even more targeted lead generation marketing campaigns in the future.
  • Save out on unnecessary paper work.
  • Keep client retention rates high and minimize churn.

Mobile Solutions Across Various Industries

Enterprise bespoke applications can be productively used across many different industries. For instance, in logistics and transportation mobile apps allow to optimise routes, track parcels and ensure timely delivery of goods, save time and money. In other areas of business mobile apps serve as a way to get quick access to important information, collaborate with your team and arrange meetings on the go.

We have built a great amount of platforms for industries including travelling, clothing, healthcare, education, finance, transport, entertainment, food, delivery services and much more.

Whatever your industry you are in we will create something special for you. Magora brings years of cross-industry experience and expertise to each mobile app business project, creating an advanced, unique solution, which address your needs.

We work with the leading UK and European brands as well as startups. We know how to make your ideas come true with a bespoke digital solution that people love to use. Our expertise covers iPhone, iPad, Android and web development, and our developers are ready to meet your requirements with a multifunctional but still easy-to-use product.

However great your app may be, it is necessary to pay attention to marketing. We are happy to offer you services in marketing consultancy and social media management to help you promote your brand. We can give you professional advice on the best strategies to boost growth and get recognition.

So what online marketing strategies are the most effective?

We are flexible. Our developers will make your investment a cost-effective one, and your success is vital for us and our reputation. We are B2B company, and we know what is the most important to business, its ROI. When we build your web solution, we think of the ways to monetize it and deliver you a measurable return on investment.

Smaller companies that understand technologies, team up with experienced developers and know how to best incorporate mobile apps into their processes achieve success that may be even bigger in proportion. You do not have to possess a huge budget to take advantage of mobile solutions.

Let’s know each other

Whether you are a small representative or an established corporation, we prioritise your goals and efficiently deliver you a premium product in a cost-effective manner. Our development team is interested in achieving success no less than you are. Please, feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss any idea you think we can help you bring into reality. We would be glad to hear from you.

Still have questions? We are ready to help