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Located in the heart of London, Magora is a digital mobile phone app development studio dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and businesses build the next big digital project.

Developer Team

In 2010, Magora was founded, at first as a software development company. Now, however, we are covering iOS, Android and Windows Phone coding. And in the last seven years, we have launched over 300 smartphone programs.

Our team consists of about 150 programmers and UI designers, testers and business analysts. To provide the best digital solution on the market, they are working hard, adding a lot of effort, imagination and enthusiasm to all of our projects.

We work with you to create a mature, thoughtful and goal-oriented identity via mobile app.

Proprietary technology

Industry experience and a high level of technical understanding allow us to provide complex information technology solutions and custom apps to a large number of international organizations. Our company provides mobile phone and tablet software development services to start-up companies and large enterprises.

  • iOS

Our company offers a full range of iOS solutions from Apple. Whether it's iPad or iPhone, our professional mobile phone application production team will make a masterpiece for your business needs, no doubt a positive impact on income. We attach importance to security and technology to deliver the most effective special mobile solutions.

  • Android

As a mobile phone app development organisation, Magora’s experts kept an eye on Google's fast-growing mobile platform. Our engineering team is pleased to develop Android apps that can improve business processes and have a significant impact on the strategic growth of the company. We tried to extend the Android app to reach a wide range of potential customers and phone users.

  • Windows Phone

This operating system is often overlooked, however, has seen a number of upgrades, more and more to enhance the function, making the platform very promising to develop. This means that you can have a significant number of users on Windows Phone. If you jump right in, you can create an important advantage for creating a native mobile phone app for Windows-based phones.

  • Web

Our development team unifies the most experienced web developers to provide a full range of unique software engineering products to the valued customers around the world.

Specialization in web and mobile phone software development:

  • PHP (Yii, Zend, (Codeigniter, CakePHP, Kohana)
  • Node.js, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular.js
  • Database: MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL

Explore your business areas, reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your business and solve the problems. Then we find the best solution and develop the most appropriate additional development strategy. Our strategic services include:

  • li Analysis and research
  • Information Architecture
  • Business strategy
  • User experience optimization
  • Formation

We create graphic designs in Photoshop or Illustrator according to the pixel proportions of each device. Concerning the latest trends, we ensure that the design follows the most brilliant practice of material and graphic design. We offer:

  • UI / UX
  • Creative Direction
  • Mobile site design
  • Adaptive/responsive layout
  • Virtual Branding

We use custom REST APIs to use Android development for iOS in Objective-C and Swift and Java. Our developers also work with cross-platform technologies such as Cordova, PhoneGap, etc., and get involved in:

  • Technical direction
  • E-commerce
  • Content management system
  • Back-end and front-end web development
  • Performance optimization
  • Quality assurance
  • Support and maintenance

We produce and maintain products from the initial idea to release and further. The experienced marketers can help you get the market and reach the target audience in the following ways:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Competitor search
  • Analytical
  • Advertising and marketing of content
  • Email marketing

Our IT organization is a web and mobile phone app engineering organisation. Our understanding and superior industry expertise allow us to provide sophisticated data technology solutions and customized programs to many international companies, in order to make them more advanced and prosperous. The team of architects and designers for each task uses innovative ways to prioritize their needs and maintain interest in all the best details that may be critical for business improvement.

On-time Delivery

Once our sales consultants have received a request for proposal, the first priority is to ensure a comprehensive understanding of customer desires and ultimately provide a strategy for building partnerships, ensuring mutual benefits, identifying strategies, work processes, mutual obligations, roles, programming specifications, coding standards, and phone software development. So, from the beginning, you are in the safe hands of experienced professionals.

Form a proposal

For some projects, it takes several hours for the proposal to be created, it can take several weeks for someone else. Why is it a big difference? The main reason is that each client has separate tasks and needs, in the integrity and complexity of the single stage. Here is the most common case:

When the customer stated the need for a remote team of IT experts, our first step was to provide the customer with a personal resume what we thought was most appropriate for the project. The next step is the interview between the client and our selected candidate. Once the candidates are determined to meet all needs, the team will immediately become a natural extension of the client's local workforce and will adopt their industry-specific business practices. In this case, the request / proposal cycle does not require much time in any way.

If the customer wants our company to develop the selected phone software package, we first need time to understand the app specifications. To this end, the sales manager reviews all relevant documents associated with the business analyst, they evaluate the mission from a business perspective. In doing so, they will contact the team leader whose job is to calculate all possible technical limits and develop a plan to overcome them. During the duration of this "discovery" process, the sales representative maintains contact with the customer to clarify all suspicious points and handle the requirements. In this case, creating a formal proposal through a documented query requires additional effort and time on each side. We may also need to configure a prototype of the proposed mobile app in the estimation phase.

We do the same with those who have only one ambiguous idea of ​​the desired product, but do not have concrete action plans. In this case, the sales manager involves a business analyst and a user interface designer. These experts have extensive experience in developing tangible interfaces, mobile apps working on tablets and mobile phones, and app logic based on customer needs. The result of their involvement is the introduction of a normative document to guide the entire production process, providing complete knowledge for potential wireframe products, assets and many other products that need to be created. Before the glory of this stage, the technical team leader analyses the customer's needs and ensures that the sales manager has all the content of his or her desire to come up with the proposal. This is a broad partnership due to the need for much explanation and formalisation to ensure that you get a proposal that not only meets your real needs but can also provide a comprehensive return on investment.

When the query reached and economic conditions are agreed upon, a working instruction will be issued for signature. SOW is a formal agreement between the parties, which describes the results provided and should protect interests and relationships.

We put together a team, including the project manager (PM), the sales manager, and the appropriate number of quality assurance specialists, developers, designers, and software architecture engineers. The PM immediately contacts the customer to discuss the idea in detail. To ensure the highest level of experience, PMs are assigned to projects that combine their background and interest - for example, if the task is associated with health care, we will provide it to a manager with medical knowledge.

Once the task is in progress, all team / customer interactions will be processed by the PM and the sales manager. Latter they track all versions of mobile phone apps, assigning the design, and responding to buyer feedback. Daily communication is supported by the team and the client, because the open communication channel is equal to the smooth process. "Initial project meeting" immediately after the start of the task improvement, all team members will meet with clients to discuss the project outline.

In the development process, the group according to the opinions of customers to provide presentations and changes. The work of each programmer is closely monitored by the team leader to ensure the highest quality and full compatibility.

On a scheduled date, the phone app enters the beta test phase. The quality assurance engineer performs a complete quality check to confirm that there is no problem. In addition, the unique toolkit, as well as all the latest ounce of quality assurance expertise, ensure that mobile apps are bug-free.

When the request is subsequently considered ready for publication, we will make all necessary arrangements.

After the last document was delivered, you provided a stamp of approval as a customer and our work is not over yet. On the contrary, we also helped launch the app. As an example, if it is a iPhone utility or portal site, our organisation provides recommendations on how to get the product approved by the AppStore or to be hosted on the website. In this way, we also provide support and post-release protection, which can usually be done as needed in subsequent versions and updates of the app.

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Magora aims to maximize efficiency, achieve exceptional results, and provide you with a firm strategy, while focusing on the definition of the core business processes and maintaining fruitful long-term cooperation.

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