Native App Development for Success

Benefit from our innovative thinking in a top-notch native application!

With more than 100 experienced mobile app developers, our company offers enterprise-level native application development for a wide range of businesses. We are one of the leading software companies in the UK. Our coders create programs that combine functionality with an easy-to-use design, to enable enterprises and entrepreneurs to streamline their management and provide the best services or products to their customers via internet.

Enterprise Mobility

Our team has been working with small agencies and large business owners for over eight years and since then we have learned a lot in different industries and about iOS, Windows and Android native software development. We have a deep understanding of the needs of companies and entrepreneurs and provide innovative solutions that cover:

  • Recruitment training;
  • Optimization and automation of internal processes;
  • Communication with partners and suppliers;
  • Customer management or any other task.

The developers have devised procedures to change the way people do business and adjust all workflows according to their own requirements and preferences. Tailor-made bespoke software can meet all your needs and provide the functionality needed for you and your employees to enjoy the way you adjust all workflows. Development of such a flexible environment can not only promote your brand for potential customers, but also benefit the business. Our team's expertise enables us to build a secure and efficient workplace gateway through mobile devices, so employees will have access to company information and treat it anytime, anywhere without compromising security.

The app development on iOS is one of our main focuses. Since the establishment in 2010, we have created software for this platform, and in recent years have mastered all advantages of the security and stability of this operating system. Whether you need the attractive iPhone app, or the highly efficient iPad tools, the team has gained a great deal of experience by providing iOS software development services for various industries.

iOS experience

Our programmers are proficient in Apple's native programming languages: Objective-C and Swift. We run them in Xcode (IDE) and benefit from all of the Apple's tools and iOS frameworks. The unique skills and experience allow us to build iOS programs to entertain and inform your customers, communicate with business partners and suppliers, simplify the internal management processes or solve any problem you have.

Our IT specialists also include the ability of Android development to build programs for the most used operating system. If your customers own Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG and many other brands of smart phones or tablets, you can contact them through our help and provide a great user experience with native app development. Our Android developers provide native Android apps as one of the core services to help customers achieve their goals with innovative technology.

Android experience

Our team has enough experience in the Android SDK (such as the Java coding language and Android Studio or the Eclipse IDE) to take advantage of native development kits to deliver impressive features, and ensure the best look of the program. For any programmer, the main and most difficult thing is to ensure that the program supports all the devices and variants of the screen size. The expert testers check your software throughout the authoring process to eliminate visual errors and performance issues.

Other Alternatives: Web vs. Native vs. Hybrid

In addition to native iOS and Android apps, you can also choose to build responsive and adaptive Web apps. Web development has many advantages, including that they do not require storage space because they are downloaded through browsers such as Safari or Chrome. They are designed using Web technology, and the developers can be as close as possible to their look. Often a web app is designed to provide content and functionality of the site on a mobile device, giving users the ability to access the functionality of the site anytime, anywhere, which is critical for the staff to be always online. But the set of Web functions is extremely limited, it is hard to find and generally needs to connect to the Internet.

The native app is mobile-friendly, giving users the fastest, most reliable and intuitive experience and richest functionality. As an example, the IT team can help your project benefit from device features such as cameras, microphones, bars, audio, accelerometers, and other devices. The user will have the program's main screen icon and can receive push notifications, so the software offers a more convincing user experience. Although the design features of each platform guarantee a greater intuition. The downside of creating native software is the need to write code for each operating system, so it takes longer and higher costs.

Cross-platform or hybrid apps are between native apps and web apps. They require both native and Web coding because the core is written in Web technology and some features are implemented using native encodings and tools. Cross-platform solutions should require less time and money, but if you want to ensure that the local user experience for all devices, the cost of native and cross-platform apps will become relatively close to the design features of the platform and changes in size the Equipment screen. In addition, a multi-platform solution has an inevitable error that does not guarantee that all users have the same experience.

Native software is the best solution for mobile devices, and web and hybrid software can reduce functionality or reduce quality, and sometimes even those two flaws. As a professional in the IT industry, our developers can provide any solution, but as an IT specialist, we would recommend developing bespoke apps for mobile devices.

Native app development process

Our developers provide a flexible, customer-focused approach that strives to ensure our customers feel good in this new work environment. The software creation process tends to favor the two main methods of "waterfall" and "agile". The first means to record and stabilize the process, with an agreed time and budget. The second provides an iterative and flexible development model for the client to see the work process early in the development process and to make changes in cooperation with the mobile app developer as requested by the client. When we serve the clients, we choose the model that fits the project, based on the budget and the clarity of the client's vision of the project.

Give us the idea of ​​your application, the expert developers will make it not only as a functional program, but also as a profitable idea to bring results and achieve the desired goal. We start working with the development of mobile strategy to help you turn your investment into economic implementation. The business analysts will apply thorough validation of a business project, carefully study the target audience, help determine the most appropriate implementation of the project budget and timeframe, and create a monetization strategy. As your business partner, we have the mission to help you maximize returns on investment and achieve the goals.

Our designers provide a variety of intuitive layout designs and navigation maps, and developers create MVP workflows that can display program execution. In collaborative work, based on your feedback, we've created an application that reflects your vision and provides the necessary functionality and easy-to-use design. For mobile devices and screen sizes, we test UI and UX designs to ensure the product looks and works well on any device your audience uses.

Our development company provides quality assurance because we understand how important the quality of your mobile solution is. Developers write the code before beginning to analyze their software project. This thorough analysis allows us to eliminate serious errors and navigate the challenges that may occur during the development process. But here our quality control is not over yet, the quality assurance expert tests mobile apps at the development and design stage to ensure your intuitive and smooth performance, interactivity, security and other aspects in the success of your project. Once the program is written, we also support you during the submission to the stores.

How much does it cost to build a mobile app?

Before you understand the specifications of your project, the costs of developing mobile apps are almost unrecognizable. The problem is that the developer will tailor the software to your needs and requirements, such as custom clothing, and you can take action to find the special fabrics you need and we will ask the project goals, platforms and features to determine which professionals from the internal team will work for your project and all this takes a lot of time. Each project is unique and the cost should be calculated, based on the agreed program feature specification. However, the average MVP building costs are about £ 30,000 to £ 40,000. For more information, please contact us and share your design ideas.

Hire professionals!

Software development requires some skill and experience. Considering the importance of this investment, it's best to delegate the idea of ​​your mobile app to a proven professional with hundreds of apps delivered. Our app developers and designers have great experience in various industries and know how to achieve success. Please contact our software company so we can bring your ideas to life.

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