Development of Native Mobile Apps Adapted to the Needs of Your Company

The experts at Magora develop and design bespoke native mobile apps tailored to your business and targeted to your audience. Take your business to the new heights with our innovative IT solutions!

Professional Designers and Developers

Save yourself from stress and frustration by working with an experienced IT support team to increase your earnings and get unique results. We are a company of programmers, designers, testers, engineers, consultants and specialized managers that excel in the field of native mobile app design. Magora professionals can design for any mobile platform, such as iOS and Android, to create high-quality native products. After studying a specific business market, our app developers can outline an approximate plan for creating native apps, defining details and characteristics of future trends, costs, development phases, and launching applications to build products that people will talk about.

Native iOS and Android Development Company

Native mobile apps are programs installed directly onto a device through an app store (such as Google Play for Android or the Apple App Store for iOS platforms). This means that the application can interact with and utilise device functionality while having the ability to access certain hardware and software. Take advantage of the latest technologies available on mobile devices and put them to use working for you in a mobile application environment.

Key benefits of a native solution:

  • Accessible without an internet connection;
  • Takes advantage of all the features of the device;
  • Flexible data synchronization;
  • The ability to push notifications right to the user.

Magora offers professional services for developing powerful native software and apps that will be the most efficient and handy tool, not only in business but in everyday life as well.

Whether you need a program built for iPhones, Windows Phone or Android-based devices, it’s not a problem for us as we have created many applications for a variety of platforms and operating systems over the years. Our native apps generate positive reviews and bring in a wide range of revenue to our customers. These projects have a solid reputation and maintain a good position in the market. If you need o create native applications for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch or other devices, contact us. Users are choosing their phones and handheld devices over their desktop more and more. Take advantage of this shift in the marketplace by launching your own native mobile application.

Putting a fixed pricing on the development process is impossible. This process is complex and unique for each mobile solution, and depends on many different factors, our native app developers will find a way to outline an appropriate and effective solution that exactly matches the budget set by the customer. The professional approach is to use the latest technology and a careful analysis of the mobile market to create an impeccable app to promote the growth of entrepreneurs.

Professional Approach

Throughout the entire process, the Magora team applies different marketing strategies to accelerate the growth of the business in each area of ​​mobile advertising.

Even if you are completely confused by the work of those in the IT industry, Magora experts are here to help you choose the strategy that best suits your goals. We’ll find a solution that fits your business budget and is in line with the current trends of the market. Even if you are proficient and experienced in native mobile app development, we can share our professional wisdom and offer you insider insights on how to optimise the deployment of your new mobile app.

As a verified native mobile application development specialist, we ask that you first share any requirements and ideas for your project. From careful analysis of documents and market research to app implementation - our fully committed specialists take care of all the stages of the product’s lifecycle. This is where you can expect to work with a professional IT organization and present ideas to the appropriate certification team. Whether the business is a large well-known industry leader or small entrepreneurial venture, we seek to establish long-term relationships with every business that turns to us for support. Rest assured, our reliability and intelligent IT support can help you turn you mobile application idea, into a fully functioning reality.

Working with a Qualified Professional

Our mobile app development company is especially proud of the diverse team we have formed through our creative career and strategically-focused work. The members of this company are not only experienced, but also know the functions of the business market and the expectations of their clients’ work. Our team is comprised of award-winning developers and certified experts who have demonstrated that they can carry out any project efficiently and achieve the highest levels of innovation which appeal to a broad audience. If you are looking for a way to increase traffic to a mobile app, then you’ve come to right place.

We understand the current atmosphere of technology needs and answer in kind with our developers, who produce world class results among a competitive and saturated mobile app development market. We ensure this by enlisting only the team members we certify under the supervision of experienced project leaders.Using our unique approach, content creators understand their target market inside and out, and determine how to achieve the most effective end product results. We invest strategic knowledge and training from in-company experts to provide the perfect product and discover sustainable solutions that are guaranteed to improve your company.

Our company offers our clients an evaluation period to consider our qualified services and form an opinion. This unfaltering obsession with perfection has allowed us to ensure that our business processes are not just efficient, but effective. Our experts value the relationship between the customer and the developer, and feedback has always been one of the hallmarks of Magora's professional services.

We ensure that during the development process, the company's leading experts maintain close communication with you and keep you in the know about changes and updates as they are happening. Through dialogue, we achieve the results that you imagine because you are never in the dark about the direction of the project.

Unparalleled customer service

Considering the increasingly technological state of the modern world, content needs to be available to users on any of the growing number of platforms currently on the market. Mobile applications have grown enormously popular in recent years and more and more companies are responding to that by deploying their own native mobile app to increase their visibility. This ability to connect directly to customers through a native mobile app has drastically changed the way the world does business. The Internet in general has become one of the most agile business platforms in the history of man and establishing an effective online business will ensure that your company keeps developing right alongside the markets. We ensure quality and always produce significant results.

Creating mobile applications has proven to be very beneficial to entrepreneurs. Working with our company means obtaining guaranteed results. Do you have an urgent question or the need to make a change on the fly? You’ll find that it’s not hard to contact us, and our developers and consultants are always available. Unlike other firms who shut you out until handover, we let you decide how much you want to participate in this process and we work with you to achieve the key outcomes necessary for an ideal product. Whether you want to be an active participant in the development or let us take care of it for you, Magora makes sure you play the exact part that you want in the development of any new app we build together.

Customizing mobile applications for your business

Our app development team is ready to face challenges and help business thrive. If you have not found a solution yet, contact us and we will talk about the essential steps needed to bring a project to fruition. Whether we are working with large corporations or individual customers, members of our mobile development company provide our clients with specialized expertise that match their market cap and we don’t stop working until you’re satisfied with your product.

Through a rigorous development and update process, many of the applications we’ve launched have received impressive results and strong reviews from major digital media. With incredible download counts on Google Play Market and the App Store, business owners are paying close attention and generating huge profits by deploying new products in the mobile application world. So if you are a small agency, come talk to us, we will help you draw the public's attention to any product and make it stand out. Our professional team members can significantly improve the usability of a mobile app and provide all the necessary capabilities to present ideas to you in the easiest way possible.

Anything is possible when a specialist is leading a project, guiding and directing the workflow and solving seemingly impossible tasks. Our mobile development professionals have many years of experience on the IT market and Magora provides custom IT solutions for companies and startups in a wide range of industries. So if you're ready to put your ambitions into practice then now is the right time to sit down with our consultants and develop an application for iOS or Android.

Speak another language? That’s no problem for us! Many Magora team members are multilingual and we pride ourselves on being an international enterprise that fosters talent from all over the world. We’ve learned to adapt and have so much international experience that the development teams we build often work with clients in different time zones so much that it’s second nature. Flexibility is crucial to international IT operations and bolsters Magora’s ability to provide positive results.

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Magora will provide the highest quality products to meet all your requirements, even in the smallest detail. Magora’s services include native app programming, web design, UX and UI design, ecommerce, app testing and consulting, PHP, CSS, OpenCart, HTML, Unity, AutoCAD and more. Contact us and we’ll deploy state-of-the-art strategies and approaches to ensure the most effective results for your company.

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