June 9, 2021
Supply chain management systems: A key to success for Pharmas
The supply chain is a complex network that oversees the movement of goods, information, and funds from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler. A supply chain management system is a tool that helps a company define and structure its processes.

Even though some see it as just a vehicle by which prescribed pharmaceuticals are created and supplied to patients for Pharmas. The supply chain is a complicated system with an abundance of intricacies. Without a question, a well-organised supply chain is critical for every business.

To guarantee that medicine is available and accessible to patients, many actions must be performed. The pharma and healthcare sectors are being driven in new directions by a number of triggers and pressures. As a result, supply chain management is evolving as well.

Despite attempts to discover, produce, and sell drugs in a more effective manner, little has been done to restructure distribution and manufacturing processes, resulting in inefficiency, lack of transparency, and financial loss.

Supply chain management has become a top priority for public health. So, how can the supply chain be improved to ensure that all operations function smoothly? Simply put in place an effective supply chain management system!

Pharma supply networks can be digitally transformed with the aid of the Tracelink Pharma supply chain. It allows you to investigate the skills required to achieve optimum responsiveness in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

The implementation of this system can result in over $ 100 million in yearly cost savings and cost reduction, as well as fewer supply chain interruptions.

It facilitates the transformation of business value through the use of a digital supply chain whilst still ensuring worldwide regulatory compliance. With our flexible customer-centric design, this is a traceability platform that adapts to your demands and provides the best solution.

You may streamline your implementation process and receive documented release notes, risk assessments, and thorough test results with a fully service-implemented and vetted solution. In 20-30 days, a completely verified product solution may be deployed.

Locus (smarter supply chain decisions) is a platform that automates supply chain choices and is future-ready. It adds intelligence to operations and makes the best decision for the customer's satisfaction. Locus improves operational efficiency by improving the customer experience by providing end-to-end insight.

Guaranteeing impeccable and efficient procedures and operations requires a well-chosen and implemented supply chain management system. Magora is incredibly proud of its technical knowledge and experience within this field.

We recently collaborated on the development of a supply chain management product for a multinational Hungarian pharmaceutical company. They had previously experienced supply chain issues due to distribution routes causing medical supplies to expire (this due to a restricted storage life period=shelf life).
With the help of Magora, the multinational company's procedures have greatly improved after our system was implemented, ensuring smooth processes hence forth.

At Magora, we'd also like to mention that we provide a variety of IT solutions for the Medtech and Pharma sectors, and can truly boast of a diverse portfolio within this field, as well as a fantastic development staff with exceptional abilities.

Please visit our website to learn more about our portfolio and experience:https://magora-systems.com/healthcare-app-development/

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