June 23, 2021
Anova: the Future of Clinical Trials
It's a great deal to be alive in an era of tremendous technological advancements. Every day, something new and fresh emerges, there's continuous and unstoppable growth. It never ends because we need new blood on a daily basis.

The 21st century has been dubbed the "Age of Major Advancements in Medical Technology", another significant aspect is clinical development. At the time, clinical trials are undergoing continual beneficial developments.
It requires a unique strategy, distinctive thinking, or a new concept idea to manage it and assure long-term growth.

We built a web platform for Anova to coordinate the clinical trial process and bring all participants together, such as doctors, research organisations, and sponsors. Anova is a technological company with the goal of speeding up clinical development.
Please visit the Anova website to learn more about the company.

The platform is a one-of-a-kind central hub that automates clinical trials by bringing clinical development participants together, allowing potential new therapies to reach the market faster and at a lower cost for a larger number of people. Through standardisation and automation, it also jumpstarts the development of new treatments.

Current Problem Statement?
Finding sponsorship without an unified platform could be time-consuming and costly, making the overall clinical trial approach considerably more complex and resulting in much slower and inefficient research procedures.

Sponsors' lack of access to package regulations, as well as a simplified filing and approval procedure, might slow down growth.

The lack of an uniform platform might make gathering appropriate sites and people profiles more time consuming. As a result, patients are not properly enrolled in research studies on time.

What is the solution we offered?
We created a platform that allows us to track all sponsors and ongoing research throughout the world.
Our platform allows for the organisation of protocols and the codification of eligibility criteria to fit the clinical features of patients.
Direct access to sponsor programme leads is also available, allowing for quick activation and registration.

Qualified sites and personnel profiles can be captured with all research interests, regulatory credentials and operational capabilities.

And what are the results?
The web platform lived up to expectations and showed truly amazing results. The actual stats are amazing:
More than 30,000 active studies conducted.
More than 15,000 sponsors attracted
More than 40,000 research carried out.

As you can see, this acted as a catalyst, accelerating and improving the clinical trial process. "Health is better than wealth", as the saying goes, something we saw as an invaluable guide that shaped our approach whilst working on the Anova project.

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