Expert PHP Developers Deliver Outstanding Applications

Since 2010, Magora has been a full-cycle app development company. We provide software development services to assure the delivery of your project on time, under budget, and above your expectations. Our web PHP developers ensure the quality of our work with structured programming, best development practices, as well as the integration of the most rigid coding guidelines and standards. Our team is happy to work with third party APIs and focuses on building top notch bespoke applications.

If it is important for you to hire a professional PHP developer with a successful background, our team works with all the advanced frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Zend, Symfony2, Phalcon and program according to international standards while meeting your local syntax demands.


Custom PHP programming, PHP Web PHP / MySQL, commercial sites, PHP based CMS, social portal development solutions, ecommerce, maintenance and project support.


Laravel Custom Web Development, Laravel Enterprise Solutions, Laravel Web Template Design, Laravel Module Development, Laravel Project Maintenance and Support.

REST app creation


Custom CodeIgniter programming, Enterprise Portal Building, Rich Internet Applications (RIA), CodeIgniter Web Development, Maintenance and Support.


Portal work, e-learning, e-government, mobile restaurant applications, health software, automotive e-commerce, social networking apps, real estate applications.


HTML5 programming and consulting, Data Migration and Maintenance, Website building, Cross Platform Development, HTML5 Web/Mobile app programming, Mobile Web Development.


Ecommerce shopping carts, mobile commerce, websites, plugin development services and modules, payment gateway integration and transport services, maintenance and support.

PHP Development

Whether it's a simple portal or a complex business solution, Magora developers are here to harness the power and maturity of PHP to meet your unique business needs.

  • Simple web applications and websites

As a professional development team, we offer affordable packages that take advantage of the freemium features of PHP tools to help you market your business online in an attractive way.

  • Advanced domain-specific solutions

We provide specially developed, stable, sustainable, and flexible PHP-based solutions that integrate and connect with your existing third party web services and resources.

  • Custom Development

Magora developers leverage PHP as the best option for rich web programming to give your company a highly customised and flexible system that sets you apart from the competition. The extensive technical expertise of our developers provides strategic planning and execution for your systems and seamless data integration for REST-based and SOAP-based solutions.

  • Third Party Services

We take full advantage of the power of third party resources like CodeIgniter, Symfony, Zend, Yii, and others to save energy and reduce the time it takes to get your product to market.

  • Maintain and optimize

Our team of developers can maintain or troubleshoot your applications after handover by clearing code, reducing disk I/O overhead and performing analysis on the most appropriate caching procedures to increase load balancing and processing capacity.


Based on your needs and goals, Magora developers can provide. Joomla/Drupal/Wordpress-based document and content management systems from a basic publishing site to an enterprise-wide system to help you integrate and automate business processes centered on documentation:

  • Content Management and Creation
  • Editing Tools
  • News Feed Management
  • Media distribution

With the power of Magento Commerce, osCommerce, and UberCart, Magora developers have created a robust eCommerce platform designed to build trust, generate conversions, and help you properly track the complete pipeline in your CMS:

  • Ecommerce systems
  • Secure payment and collection
  • B2C & B2B market
  • Electronic Buying

We offer social networking apps based on SocialEngines: Elgg, PHPFox, Zend, Ning, Drupal, Symfony, and other third-party platforms that attract and entertain people in order to facilitate online collaboration and positive interactions, including:

  • Social networks and business
  • Social Networking Integration
  • Online collaboration
  • Social Context Tools

Our resources evolved from a simple wiki to a versatile Moodle and Totara-based curriculum that helps reevaluate contemporary education and knowledge management. Our e-learning experience includes:

  • Learning management system
  • Evaluation and evaluation tools
  • Learning portal
  • Wiki and collaboration tools

Based on industry-leading PHP products such as SugarCRM and XRMS, Magora can simulate customer relationship management systems or provide custom products to meet specific customer retention and loyalty needs:

  • Management of incentives
  • Business Intelligence
  • Marketing
  • Data Analysis Suite

We have built a series of PHP-based online platforms ranging from simple sites to complex business applications that offer the flexibility and power provided by a first class framework.

  • Customer Portal
  • Business portal
  • Business and promotion site
  • Intranet

Our Advantage

Full cycle service - We provide comprehensive execution of full scale projects and standalone products, while providing comprehensive and affordable engagement standards to meet the needs of your business.

Agile - As all PHP team engineers are certified with Scrum, we ensure the best communication, personnel, task, and report configuration.

Field Specialization - Our business analysts take a panoramic view of your all of your business needs, both obvious and subtle, in order to develop a structured strategy for your project so you can get the most out of your investment.

Strong Forces - Certified Zend Developers, our PHP developers are responsible for maintaining the most demanding and complex projects while considering all the important aspects of security, performance and scalability.

Custom PHP API development - Whether internal or external, private or public, the API is the heart of your application and must be fast, reliable, and secure enough to send data back and forth across the entire system. Iflexion offers a wide range of custom API delivery knowledge that will keep your system operational every step of the way.

Middleware - We have developed a stack of custom multi-tier middleware that manages authentication, caching, and routing during request processing so your applications enjoy secure, fast, and reliable I/O communications.

Backend - We can either optimize your existing backend layers or configure a data source from the ground up to ensure efficient data processing with low response times and server loads regardless of the database source your app is using to communicate.

Why PHP?

More than 250 million web applications and websites have taken advantage of PHP:

  • Encryption support
  • Built-in defense mechanisms
  • Third-party support and third-party frameworks that are readily available
  • Ability to integrate via SOAP and REST
  • Load Balancing and Session Failover Support

Join a team of allstars who use PHP and work with Magora.

Our dedicated PHP developer services enable rapid deployment of large IT projects and efficient and reliable support for ongoing projects. Magora has a large group of talented and professional developers who can easily be integrated into your local team or work alongside you as an independent extension of your business. When you work with us, our team ensures a successful relationship using:

  • Pre-selection of every team member
  • Giving you full control of the entire team structure (participation / replacement / withdrawal)
  • Adjusting our working time to your timezone
  • Your IT infrastructure
  • Rapid expansion / engagement of the team of developers on specific subjects
  • Your internal processes and methods as needed

Enjoy the innovations and performance enhancements introduced in PHP7! Enjoy up to twice the level of app performance and a 70% reduction in CPU execution and improved consistency!

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We combine creativity and imagination to deliver 100% user-friendly interactive web applications and solutions. We have a team of more than 250 highly skilled developers who can handle programming and development services to meet the needs of any global customer. Our programmers use open scripting languages to create pages with dynamic interfaces where the code is not only legible, but functional.

To learn more, check out our experts or check out our product portfolio.

Our talented developers are up to meeting the challenges posed by all your web development need including corporate website building and more.

We use open source scripting languages to create an animated and lively web page.

Our experts follow proper documentation procedures for all code and make sure that what we write stays simple without sacrificing quality.

Why choose us?

Our developers are familiar with PHP (LAMP), Apache, MySQL, and Linux. This allows us to provide the best solutions and ensure that our customers are served to the fullest.

We take advantage of the Model View Controller (MVC). This powerful architecture has been meticulously deployed to create expressive, efficient, and reusable Web applications.

We provide the best PHP website development services at an affordable price. Our digital products offer performance guarantees that meet the exact needs of every customers.

We enable customers to take advantage of the full range of PHP functionality. Our developers create flawless websites that ensure unmatched data processing speeds and seamless integration with different operating systems.

The best PHP developers, at your service

If you are looking to hire a PHP developer with many years of experience and expertise, you can count on Magora. We have a development team with extraordinary technical capabilities and the ability to leverage app development skills in order to enhance your business capabilities. Our team is dedicated to providing only the highest quality web development services.

With the best technology structures and proven ideas for their implementation, we offer PHP products that are scalable, flexible and facilitate improved collaboration. Based on the latest procedural standards and technology frameworks, our PHP-based networking solutions deliver the highest return on investment while reducing overall development costs and enhancing the entire workflow system. Our first-class team of experts is committed to the model of excellence and flexible delivery, helping many of the world's leading companies minimize app management costs and increase their profits.

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