Find out, how to become an advanced app developer

Hello, everyone, we are Magora, a team of professional app developers and designers who create first-class digital products for businesses and individual entrepreneurs. Although, we have not always been so tech-savvy and knowledgeable in IT - we all had to learn to become what we are.

Our Growth

How we have become a successful digital agency? We are going to talk about the steps that every young software developers needs to go through and advise you in the best practices to become an outstanding IT professional.

Who Are We?

In brief, we are a talented and enthusiastic team of people who are in love with IT and committed to building apps that bring value. We develop apps for iOS and Android, design websites, create bespoke enterprise software and provide a full range of digital business professional development services including search engine optimisation, professional mobile strategy development, software marketing and IT support.

Getting Started As a Developer

Do you wish to developes apps but do not where to start, how to find necessary sources and people who will help you navigate through the world of IT? Do you want to try out programming or probably you even have some experience already? Have you always loved everything related to the latest technologies, innovation and technical progress? So how do you go from meaningless pieces of code to creating software that people love and spend hours using? What is the first step you should take? Today we will be speaking of the most popular platform in the world. Yes, let us speak of Google’s operating system.

Be prepared to work hard, because getting started is not easy, especially for those who do not know much about IT and programming. WIthout a doubt, you will have to learn a lot of new things. How to code in Java? How to pass instances of classes between Activitys? Could you repeat the last word - you have probably misspelled it?! We have already mentioned it, but to learn your way around the Android ecosystem, you need to learn the basics of Java.

But if you already know a programming language or two, it is not going to be too hard for you. However, if you start learning IT from scratch, do not ignore this step - it is the basis for al the future knowledge you will accumulate through time and practice. We will not tell you about cross-platform development , because we believe that hybrids apps are not as functional and secure as native solutions. Today our topic is native apps and how to start creating them if you have no experience.

If you have a friend who knows a thing or two about programming, it is definitely worth inviting him or her for a cup of tea and help you out a bit. Such acquaintance are very useful as these people can advise you on the best blogs, websites and tutorials, share their experience and help you with valuable advice. When you learn the basic, you will be able to tell the bad sources of information from the good ones.

Making Your First Steps As Professional Android Developer

Making the first steps is hard, but it is so rewarding when you finally realise that you can build a product that makes a difference. But meanwhile, you need to get an understanding of the Android fundamentals such as SDK, Services, XML layouts and other exciting (or maybe not so) things. Then you will be able to proceed to more complex aspects. You are going to learn the latest techniques, frameworks and services, get familiar with Material Design, responsiveness and tons of other new things. Sometimes it will be unbearably boring, but most of the time very exciting.

Sources We Recommend

You are professional app developers, can you recommend some sources that are worthwhile? Of course we can, get ready for a lot of information. Well, not really, we will only tell you about sources that are a must for any professional Android developer, everything else you need to figure out on your own.

Android Studio vs Eclipse

Wait a little bit. Almost forgot - before you proceed to coding, you need to find the integrated development environment, or IDE, you will be working in as a developer. Google’s OS is not Apple, which means you have options to choose from. The two most popular professional Android development environments and Android Studio and Eclipse. We recommend you to use the official one, which is Android Studio powered by Google. We always create all our project in this environment because it is easy-to-use, feature-rich and efficient. So if you value the opinion of our developers, go for Android Studio - you will not regret.

That is a great source to learn the fundamentals to become a professional Android developer. It is an official websites that provides you with the most relevant information about everything related to the Google’s mobile platform. We strongly advise you to read through all the guidelines posted on the site and memorise as much as you can - later you will be able to test your knowledge building your first program. In a few weeks, you will be able to create a simple Android app with basic functionality. You are going to achieve this result if you will practice at least a few hours every day besides reading the tutorials and guidelines. Some aspects will take a full day to get around, others just a few seconds - but this is how learning is, and you need to go through it.

Stack Overflow is definitely a must. This is not only the website to visit when you want to learn more about a certain aspect of Android developer activities, but a live forum sawrming with professional app developers who are going to help you with an issue you have problems with and adie on the best strategy to solve it. This website is full of answer on any possible question professional Android developer has ever asked.

I Have Learned the Basics, What Should I Do Next?

Well, now the most exciting part begins. Do you have an idea of an app you want to bring to life as a developer? It could be something you have long wished to make a reality or something entirely new, it does not really matter. You even can copy an already existing application instead of creating something unique. Plenty of choice. But make sure that whatever you decide on appeals to you. Now, stop watching videos and reading blogs. You already know the basics, so let us get started with some real hardcore coding.

Build an App of Your Own

Just one more time - stop watching tutorials and reading posts (well, this one does not count). The foundation is already there, and you can put your newly acquired knowledge into practice, starting to creating a real app. And do not waste your time on building rinky-dink apps following the step-by-step tutorials - they will not do you any good. Its is always better to start with the idea of your own. When you have come at a place where you are not sure what to do, just Google it or go to Stack Overflow and ask developers with more experience. You see, this is very lucrative - not only will you get new knowledge, but also valuable connections.

First of all, this approach is helpful because you will not be following a ready-made code. When you write the lines of code from scratch, you have a better understanding of what you do. It helps you memorise the techniques you have applies and the tools you have utilised. When you come across certain barriers, you start to see into the life of things - how are certain things done?

Have Any Questions?

Ask us anything! It does not need to be related to becoming a professional developer - you can approach us with a request to evaluate the cost of your app or chat about the best marketing strategy for your digital products. If you need to discuss the best technologies to streamline your business process or conduct an audit of your website to spot any weaknesses, our UK-based professional app developer experts will help you. Our versatile specialists have an in-depth understanding of the mobile market and the IT industry and are ready to contribute their developers expertise into your project, advising you on the best strategies and delivering outstanding mobile and desktop solutions that bring long-term value.

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