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Mobile Expertise

Our software development company has a wealth of experience in software creation, and we always ready to provide products that meet the needs of your company, be it a large business or a startup. Our qualified smartphone app developers work with customers to create superior mobile software, bringing value to users and increasing returns. Our deep understanding of the web and mobile technology allows us to build high quality products that stand out.

IOS app development. The creation of an iOS-based smartphone app is a complex job for IT professionals raising the cost of the solvent public of the App Store service. Our customers' smartphone applications are very popular with iPhone and iPad users. Android app. Software development for Android is the process of competitor analysis in Google Play, prototyping, mobile design and code writing, test and launch products. Web app development. Professional smartphone web development services of any level of complexity for business optimization. Online payment for mobile sites, online stores, electronic galleries and other useful information resources on the Internet.

Why Is It Important to Have a Smartphone App?

The ultimate target of development is to create a positive image and increase the business profits brought about by the popularity of Internet software and the following advantages:

  • Increased loyalty
  • Increased efficiency
  • Work Optimization
  • Automation of business processes
  • Involving new customers
  • Management System Update

Developing Smartphone Apps: Understand the Process

As a long time proven expert in the digital field who provided hundreds of tablet and smartphone solutions, we'd like to share some of the most important information you should be aware of before launching smartphone development products. It all starts with the simple idea. But thinking of this idea, you must go through many problems.

Get Ready

Every development process begins with a brilliant idea. But once Eureka is over, it's time to think and make the right decision. You should be ready to create a digital product which is a real problem solution, intuitive and attractive to the user. In addition, it should provide a wide range of positive experience for smartphone users. To choose, your program must be able to provide versatile, efficient and high quality programs available on the digital marketplace, but at the same time provide unique functionalities.

Is it Easy to Develop an App?

The software development process covers many stages of planning for screen design and user interface optimisation. You can request a simple development of a week icon, but if you do this qualitative work, your efforts and investments will be rewarded. So if you still want to get into the incredible world of software development, here are some points you should know.

Your team must have at least one qualified person in the IT field. Software development is a complicated process that requires many different programming languages, design tools, structures, and other technical skills and knowledge. Of course, you can study the basics of coding, but it takes time. Smartphone applications are a combination of many elements and compounds - you must ensure that each component runs seamlessly and connects to each other. Graphics are another important aspect, so you also need your team of artistic and intuitive designers who can create a set of sounds and music themes, if you want to build a game. Remember also that it is important not only to understand technology, but also to be unique and creative. If you want your product to become popular, both qualities are vital.

When you start designing innovative mobile software, the first problem that can arise is the choice of platform. As a collective of highly experienced professional programmers and developers, we recommend you start with iOS development, because the smartphone's operating system is more stable and secure. It only supports two iPhone and iPad devices - not hundreds of devices like Android. Create your iOS program, you can check everything with the help of a single device and then continue to do Android development when you stop launching iOS applications.

It depends exactly on the type of program you want to build: user login, push notifications, games, e-commerce tools, payment service integration, media and productivity tools. Most applications now integrate social media channels, share information, and send it to friends, so be sure to include that feature in the software specification.

Our IT bots answered this question; they think the problem lies in the hands of a novice developer, who has a lack of UI projects and the QA procedures. Recently, at Magora, we redesigned several programs for Android and iOS, and realised that the number of users, and the time spent in the application began to grow.

You must be ready to enter the market. Now it's time to see what users like, and use the analysis tools to improve the functionality of the app, correct errors that may occur unexpectedly. We recommend that you regularly check the software store to see its category, and the most popular app from your competitor. Trends have changed, for example, when Apple launched iOS for the first time, the trend of original graphics appeared. Now minimalism is in the charts. So be ready to keep up with the pace.

App Testing

Testing is one of the most important phases of smartphone app development and should not be overlooked. Before you can start your product and test with the real user, you must use the simulator for rigorous testing, which allows you to check the software on different smartphone devices without any physical access. The following are the most common simulators for various mobile OS that you can use to verify your app:

  • Android SDK Simulator - the emulator for the Android platform, reflecting all the native features and hardware of the device (except the phone).
  • Google Android emulator - setup this emulator as an ordinary desktop application, without having to load the full Android SDK, which takes a long download time and memory space. The simulator is for Android apps.
  • TestiPhone - TestiPhone is a web browser emulator for iPhone smartphone web applications. Tools can be used with Firefox, IE, and Safari browsers.

MobiOne is an integrated web design environment for Windows smartphones that allows you to code, test, deploy and install applications on devices that work on different platforms including Android, iOS, and so on.

Simulator that uses the simulator of the Safari web browser environment. If you develop a website and need to verify the appearance of the iPhone, it is useful. It's not the iPhone simulator, but it's still a useful tool for professional web development enthusiasts who want to check websites on smartphones. It supports the latest version of iOS.

If you need to test an app that uses Microsoft UI automation technology, make sure there is Windows Automation API 3.0 installed on the computer. It is preinstalled on Windows 7 and later systems. If you use other systems, you may download it from the official Microsoft website.

Mistakes to Avoid

Many business owners often make a common mistake because of the lack of expertise in app development, they invest a lot of money in a first-class solution, these solutions have a great deal of autonomous resources. It's always best practice starting with MVP (minimum viable product) and extending functionality based on changing needs of your enterprise and business environment. With MVP, you can see if your product can respond to its use and whether your customers are willing to pay for it or receive feedback and determine the direction to go.

Undoubtedly, the app makes life easier, allowing us to create shopping lists, add events to calendars, watch movies while traveling by bus or talking with friends. However, there are still many things about the smartphone program that will irritate us and sometimes force us to remove certain applications. Our experts consider the list of the most popular smartphone software mistakes defined by the user:

  • Too many emails
  • Notice of stressful persuasion
  • When the software is not upgraded, the error is still not fixed
  • Often, request an estimate
  • Required Facebook authorization when it does not have to work
  • Full screen ad
  • Non-optimized content, especially text

For about 8 years, our digital agency has provided hundreds of successful projects to well-known brands and start-up companies around the world. As cutting-edge developers, we are not afraid of any challenge.

Our experts believe that iOS is an excellent choice for amateur developers. It has a simple interface, which for professional designers is not difficult to understand. In fact, iOS only controls two Apple devices - iPhone and iPad - is another advantage of this operating system. Apple provides developers and programmers with an intuitive integration environment that enables them to implement the necessary elements. The usability of the iOS development tools is the core reason why almost all applications are started on iOS, and then after for Android and other platforms.

Rely on our Specialists in Smartphone App Development

Our mobile specialists always take the time to study your business to ensure the product perfectly meets your goals, ensuring that all aspects of the program are working right. Our team of enthusiastic and skilled experts persevere in the pursuit of our high efficiency, convenience and high technology solutions to your success.

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