Magora among Advanced Bespoke Software Companies Worldwide

Magora designs native mobile apps, responsive sites, and custom software for companies worldwide and provides development consulting based on an in-depth understanding of IT and the client's needs.

The Full Range of Services for Business Growth

We have the ability to translate your ideas into the best IT project and successful online business strategies. Our services cover all phases of the digital product lifecycle and give companies the opportunity to reach new levels of customer retention and business expansion. We navigate the world of developing your software and we help you every step of the way: Do you need professionals to help you refine your ideas? We have enough experience to formulate and finalise your ideas with you and then outline a project plan to unlock your company’s potential. Are you looking for a company to build a product from scratch? We will assign the perfect team, with talented programmers, designers, business analysts and quality assurance specialists. Want to get in touch with your customer base through effective marketing? Our experts will research your company, analyze your target audience, and recommend a strategy that makes it easier for you to acquire and retain customers.

At this stage, our team defines a product strategy and design plan with the stakeholders of your company. Good software starts with a comprehensive plan and a workable idea. Our experienced business analysts and marketers gather information about the target company and conduct research on its competitors to validate the project and develop effective strategies at the early stages to ensure success at the later ones.

  • Original design ideas
  • Brainstorming and concept validation
  • Design approval at each phase of production.
  • Competition analysis
  • End-User Help Documentation
  • User behavior and risk analysis
  • Wireframe
  • Flow chart
  • Design UX / UI
  • Quality assurance
  • App Prototype design
  • Development of MVP

So, it's the product development phase. We've assigned a dedicated team of programmers who will focus on your project without being distracted by other tasks. As our company prefers agile methods, designers and developers will complete their work in a short time and deliver their results at the end of each phase.

  • Native mobile apps and hybrid solutions
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Web applications and Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • A User-Oriented Approach
  • An excellent user experience
  • Experience with the latest technologies
  • Custom Software Development
  • App Design
  • App architecture
  • Integration of third-party services and APIs (app Programming Interfaces)
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Agile delivery and proactive communication

At Magora, we work hard to make sure our projects bring you value. We develop effective marketing strategies and carefully analyze their results to understand what works and what doesn't for your product. We continually review comments to make sure your program attracts flawless, unobtrusive users who help promote your product with their positive experiences.

  • Effective marketing strategy
  • New customers are obtained and existing customers are retained
  • Increased conversion rate for casual users
  • Advanced Business Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Competition research and analysis
  • User Scenarios and User Behavior Analysis
  • A / B Testing

Create your best business strategy with our software company

You just need the idea. Our company will provide you with the means to achieve it. In just a few weeks, our business analysts and marketing strategists will get information about your business area, validate all your ideas and help you prioritize your products in a digital-minded, comprehensive and strategic way. Whether you are developing a B2C app or a new e-commerce platform, we help you reach the top.

Benefit from our deep understanding of the market

We firmly believe that the key to success is knowing your company inside and out, and that's why we spend the time needed to familiarise ourselves with every aspect of your company's operations. Combining our extensive experience in building successful marketing campaigns and the solid background of working with consumers, we'll find the best way to connect with our customers and expand the user base of your applications.

Custom enterprise software accelerates innovation

We fully understand that in a constantly changing modern environment, you cannot wait the better part of a year for your product to launch. During our time in the IT industry, we have developed a software development methodology that allows us to deliver complete operational products in a matter of weeks, continually improving and adding new capabilities as the product's lifecycle grows.

Create an MVP

Each successful project starts with a common denominator, what we call an MVP - we create a basic app within three months to confirm the feasibility of the product or service. After deployment, we polish the app based on user reactions until everyone involved is satisfied with the results. By building custom solutions such as MVP, B2B software, B2C portals, e-commerce sites, we follow Agile principles of software development to ensure the efficiency of the development process. You'll be at the head of the development team, involved in making decisions and building your products with IT professionals to ensure the end product exceeds your expectations.

Our mobile software development company can handle all kinds of projects, from simple applications to complicated systems for clients of all sizes, whether you are a small local firm or a big international business. Our in-house experts conduct a well-planned investigation of your Company market to determine all your needs and help your to prioritise the requirements. If you are not familiar with Internet technology and do not know what features the app needs, we are always there to help you make the right decisions and explain every step we take in the process.

Our mobile development company has extensive experience in creating simple and highly sophisticated mobile apps and we are well versed in all aspects of software development including:

  • User interface and user experience design
  • Mobile software development
  • Software implementation
  • Data security
  • App integration
  • After launch support

Our mobile development experts can integrate your software with any existing legacy software used by ERP, CRM, BI and ERP services, and the enterprise content management platform. We never cancel the delivery of the final program - we ensure ongoing support and maintenance, we regularly update and optimize our products to keep up with changes in business conditions.

  • Talented IT team

Our development company works on the principles of continuous collaboration, shared knowledge and mutual support. Additionally, our dedicated experts keep you informed of our progress by inviting you to share your feedback and make important decisions about the capabilities of the app, providing full process transparency.

  • Fast delivery

It's not worth waiting a whole year before a product is completed in the ever-changing modern business world. That's why we always recommend that you start with a simple MVP that you can release to the market in a few weeks and then scale it as needed. Within months, you will get a lot of feedback from users and a website or app that works to help you achieve your business goals.

  • The latest technology

We use state-of-the-art mobile technology to get applications going and keep them relevant to customers. When we create software, we focus on the specific needs of your company, the principles of responsiveness and user-friendliness, and ensure that our products offer a superior user experience.

Rely on Our High-Tech Innovations

In the development of custom applications we are among the most reliable and mature companies. Magora experts create fully customized applications that liberate your company from the burden of using readymade solutions right out of the box.

We have a wide range of expertise across all modern platforms, advanced technologies and software development frameworks to deliver everything you expect and more.

We make visually appealing, resource-rich applications that work seamlessly across platforms and devices. We create digital solutions that solve the most complex problems in order to streamline your business processes and increase productivity.

With mobile applications, you get access to the widest audience of smartphone users. The applications we create provide a seamless experience that is easy to use, connects you to your audience, and compliments the success of your company.

We are not afraid of challenges and we are prepared to tackle any complex task, from handmade sites to well-designed software and hardware integration systems. We ensure that the applications we offer integrate seamlessly into your legacy system and your team does not require special training because of the intuitive interface of our products, created by talented designers with years of experience.


Our proven software development methodology allows us to deliver products on time and within budget.

  • Web
  • PHP
  • Backend
  • PHP
  • .NET (WebAPI, MVC)
  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • Android: Java
  • iOS: C-Objective
  • Xamarin (.NET)
  • Database
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Do you have an incredible idea to take your company to a new level? Do you want to target a specific audience? Are there too many people waiting for your app to be released? Contact us we'd be happy to hear from you. All the digital solutions created by our teams have the following features:

  • Social features like chat, phone, video transmission and messenger
  • Integrated hardware functionality
  • Positioning and long battery life
  • Integration with Skype, social networks, email and other services
  • New user attraction and current user retention
  • Unbeatable data security
  • Source Code Permissions
  • Effective development methodology

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