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Magora is an international bespoke software consulting and development firm, with offices around the world, providing IT consultancy services for businesses, from ambitious startups to largest corporations. Our processes and expertise go beyond that of writing code, to sharing our years of expertise in consulting clients, spanning a vast array of industries, on different business processes.

Our Team

The Magora software consultant team is of the highest calibre; our engineers, architects, analysts, designers, all work together in close liaison with the project manager, who address all your concerns and questions. Technically advanced and skilled, the project manager will identify your business needs, and offer you the soundest advice of how to align the finest technology and innovation with your overall objectives.

We are constantly adapting to the evolving IT landscape and know the perfect strategy to implement that would work for the relative market, in order to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective product. We take into account budget, timeframes, industry, and maintain the highest level of transparency throughout the process.

Magora Software consultancy at a glance

Whether you looking to break into a new market, relift your business, or improve profitability, Magora can provide you with all the support, guidance, advice, and insight you need from our specialist consultants. We follow 3 core principles, which are as follows:

At Magora software consultancy is a thorough process hinged on a transparent communication. We believe that the best way to ensure success of any bespoke project is to establish a close correspondence with the client, no matter what time zone you are located in and what language you speak.

By means of in-depth discussions, we will be able to grasp the vision and strategy and understand your business fully. We welcome discovery and collaboration; we strive to learn more about your company, and aim to transform your vision into successful development.

Our consultant team has the skills to simplify complex concepts for non-technical clients, and to relate technological language in layman terms. As a result, the process is always vividly clear and simple.

After acquiring a deep understanding of your company and its goals, our software consultant team can offer you the best way to realise this vision based on the wealth of previous expertise spanning countless projects and industries.

Our consultants have not only the technical but also the relative business knowledge to yield the best results. We bring to every project years of cross-industry experience. With an excellent degree of business acumen, we can help you make well-informed decisions based on previous knowledge and success. Magora consultants provide advice, recommendations, assessments, feasibility studies, risk analysis, and more, so that we can determine priorities and achieve the best results with the least cost.

For every project we rigorously research, while taking a holistic view of the entire development process. Our software consultants delve deep into your market niche, estimate what your competitors have achieved online and offline, and understand the pros and cons of your business approach.

We are also prudent; we factor in trends, the current and future market, and identify the needs of potential users and prospective customers. So, based on this foundation, we can implement our knowledge and cross-industry expertise, which gives us greater scope for evaluating what can succeed best.

What to expect with Magora consultants?

To begin with, before providing you with thorough valuable advice, we spend time in acquiring in an in depth understanding of your business in relation to the market. We go extra lengths to understand the nature of your work, target audience, objectives and future goals. In addition to this, we would review your existing system and operations to identify areas for improvement and core issues to be addressed.

Based on such a background, Magora software consultants can then provide accurate and valuable advice and support. This will cover ways to streamline operations - for example, by implementing modern technologies and automation into the daily routine of your business; and equip personnel, clients, and partners with a powerful tool for communication, management and decision making.

The consultancy process and beyond: client approach

After we have discussed with your aims and requirements, and explained how you can benefit from a bespoke development solution, we will outline a general strategy for determining the best software.

The consultant team will define the following in the strategy:

  • Timelines and key milestones
  • Defining scope and potential structures
  • Assess long-term future goals and objectives. (Overview of where the organization wants to go in the next several years.)
  • Assess ideas and plans of execution that are required in the short term.
  • Software platform priority.
  • Conduct meetings with owners and participants
  • Establish an ERP structure to guide the evaluation process, team, scope, and deliverables
  • Establish a management site for information sharing and project management

We investigate the pre-requisites with the customer and we will offer several ways of using various technologies or processes to achieve the desired result. Thus due to the size and complexity of the project, and the level of the provided requirements, the volume of necessary researches will be determined.

For example, our software consultant may suggest to build an MVP (minimum valuable programme) version for you, instead of creating a complete project. With a ready MVP, we could quickly implement the real market test for your new software and ensure success for the whole future development.

If you are in need of mobile apps for both, iOS and Android, it might be advisable to fix on one platform, which will be best tailored to your needs, and that finally will bring you more ROI. Then later we will iterate and expand the software onto other platforms.

This phase covers the following activities:

  • Define the project scope, main features and risks;
  • Plan a clear system workflow;
  • Create the workflow for effective software;
  • Prepare design concepts.

The deliverables at this stage are:

  • Discovery documentation.
  • Agile software development quote.
  • Cost estimation and milestones planning based on selected functionality.

SRS is a comprehensive study of functional (i.e. features) and non-functional (i.e. how many users the solution should support) requirements. In short, it outlines what the software product is to do and what it is not expected to do. It is a rigorous assessment of these requirements before design begins. It highlights the user journey in the product, bottlenecks, integrations, risks, and areas of high complexity, which could bring unexpected development effort and so on.

Most importantly it helps you to receive a vision of your business inside the software. This helps you to plan and control the budget. It also helps both the client and Magora to have a comprehensive understanding of the project scope.

Based on the provided information and minimal requirements, Magora prepares a preliminary list of features, which should be included in in the first MVP version. This phase can take place only after the Analysis phase.

Why Magora?

Our consultants do not only analyze what is required from a technical standpoint, but also what is needed from a business perspective.

  1. You receive a clear insight into your online potential; how you stand apart from competitors, and what obstacles you need to overcome to succeed;
  2. We develop your app with in-depth understanding of your company to achieve results;
  3. Our creativity helps us build you a bespoke software that engages and retains potential customers;
  4. We are your partner who wants you to succeed;
  5. We consult you about the entire development process, including budget, timeframes, technical complexities, integration, etc;
  6. You can rely on our support team who won’t leave you in the dark.

Agile guarantees flexibility in the implementation of features, working according to agreed deadlines with clear work flow and planned results.

  • Close client-developer communication;
  • Flexible response to change at any stage of development;
  • Product responsive to market conditions;
  • Focus on functional perfection and impeccable design;
  • Fast delivery of high-quality products
  • Long-lasting support and constant optimisation according to changing requirements.

Development process will be seen as flowing steadily downwards (like a waterfall) through the following phases:

  • Elaboration (Requirements analysis);
  • Design (UI/UX, architecture);
  • Construction (development, QA);
  • Transition (Delivery, Acceptance, Warranty);
  • Maintenance.

The method is believed to be effective for projects where requirements are clearly defined there is a low probability that requirements will change.

In case of Waterfall, Magora can determine terms of software development accurately. Unlike the iterative methods, Waterfall is suitable for projects with a purpose of providing a final version of a product to users.

The agile process allows us to add new features through the whole process of development, and test each of them ensuring that the program is working well. This is how our design department develops user-friendly, functional and engaging software.

Step by step, the development team adds a new functionality and tests it. Then the QA team conducts quality assurance tests, cross-browser compatibility, UI/UX testing, proofreading, and mobile friendliness tests.

The launch doesn't have to mean the end of our collaboration. You can always rely on Magora’s consultant support and expert advice when you need it. Your business evolves, and your site or app evolves together with it. Whether you need upgrades or you wish to make minor changes we are ready to help you.

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