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Magora: we Know Everything about App Development

We are a team of app development experts who bring value using the latest technology to create bespoke enterprise solutions and become your reliable software consulting partner. Our app design company is the primary choice for businesses that wish to develop high quality solutions that produce tangible results.

Principles of Software Development

Over the years in the IT industry, our group has become one of the leading software development consultants in London, UK and the rest of the world. We are known for the close communication with customers and for the in-depth understanding of their business and the specifics of each industry, allowing us to provide software that fit perfectly into the customer's internal processes. Since the establishment of the London-based digital agency, the unique principles and the approach to development have been polished to perfection and with our developers, designers and analysts you are in the safe hands.

The Cornerstone of our Culture

Collaboration and ongoing attitudes are the cornerstones of our work, integrated into all members of our excellent software development team to ensure timely delivery of superior software products and seamless customer interaction. We are not afraid of challenges and our software consulting team can structure and develop the most difficult projects. Magora developers and consulting specialists are always working hard under the best conditions and providing efficient, convenient and attractive products.

Count on our software consulting expertise

Trust is a deciding factor in any partnership, especially when it comes to something important such as business success. If you need an expert consulting service to solve your questions via realisation of advanced bespoke software and deliver the products that your customers expect, our team of experts is ready to work for you. Project managers and software consultants often communicate with users, customers and potential buyers, to ensure we fully understand your needs. Developers and consultants need to receive regular feedback from our customers to continually improve the project development flow.

Every software development project is different, so we need time to understand your business. This helps us determine the best technology, the most effective platform and the application capabilities to ensure the best results for each particular situation. With years of experience in the application design business, the expert consultants can translate our extensive industry knowledge into your projects and create software that reflects the role and attractiveness of your business.

Regardless of the process you follow, what method you are using, whether you prefer agile methods or waterfall methods, whether you adopt a different strategy or deal with the company's processes in a unique way, we respect its principles and resolve them to principles. Magora IT consulting team creates custom applications and software for your company, like a sophisticated design suit.

Application Development Specialist in London

London is recognized as one of Europe's leading software consultancy capitals. The multicultural IT team that works in offices in major cities around the world allows our software consulting house to find common ground with companies from many countries and industries. Our highly qualified and ambitious developers uses state-of-the-art technology and tools to create top-notch software and maintain the highest level of technical expertise, that makes us the leading consultants and let us be among the most professional UK developers.

Technologies We Utilise

.NET 4.0+, ADO.NET, NHibernate, C#, Entity Framework 6+, Dapper.NET, Web Services, REST, JSON, ASP.NET WEB API, WCF, MVVM, MVP, MVC, Microsoft Enterprise Library WWF, IoC, CSS3/SASS/LESS, Mustache.JSDI, ASP.NET Web Forms 4+, ASP.NET MVC 4+,JavaScript, HTML 5/Canvas, Backbone.js, jQuery/jQuery UI, AngularJS/AngularUI, Handlebars.js, Redis, Bootstrap,Mongo DB, IIS 6+, Microsoft App Fabric, MS Visual Studio,NCache, Win Forms, WPF, MemCached,PRISM, Amazon AWS, MSTest, NUnit, Win Services, Microsoft AZURE, NSubstitute, NMock, Selenium/WebDriver, Moq, SpecFlow , SoapUI, Rhino, Sonar, Microsoft BizTalk, NServiceBus, MSMQ, Oracle,TFS, Cruise Control.NET, Maven, MSBuild, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL.

Java, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, Groovy, Dropwizard/Metrics, RESTEasy, Apache Axis 1-2, Glassfish Jersey 1-2, Apache CXF, Spring-WS, Apache Camel, Java EE 5+, Java SE 6+, Spring Platform/ Cloud/Security/LDAP/Integration, JMS/AMQP, JMX, Google Cloud, ApacheMQ/HornetQ/RabbitMQ, XML/XSLT/XSD/XPath, jQuery/jQuery UI, ESB, NodeJS/NPM, JSON/Jackson/Gson, Browserify, Backbone.js, Gulp/Grunt/Webpack, Bower, AngularJS/AngularUI, HTML 5/Canvas, Bootstrap,Mustache.JS, Handlebars.js, CSS3/SASS/LESS, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, Apache Axis 1-2, Apache CXF, Dropwizard/Metrics, Glassfish Jersey 1-2, Play Framework 1-2, RESTEasy, Ratpack.IO, GWT, Spring MVC/Boot, Spring-WS,, Servlets/JSP/JSTL, Grizzly, Thymeleaf, Liferay, Mockito/JMock/EasyMock/PowerMock, Grails 2-3, JSF (PrimeFaces, RichFaces, IceFaces), Apache Struts, TestNG/Junit,, WireMock, Selenium/WebDriver, Cucumber/JBehave/Geb/Spock, PMD, FindBugs, Cobertura, CheckStyle SoapUI, JMeter, Sonar, etc.

php-5, OOP, LASP (Linux + Apache + SQL + PHP ), WASP, phpunit, Standard PHP Library, IIS, html5, css3, Nginx+fastCGI+PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, JQuery-ui, GeoIP, Google maps API, OPCache, Memcache, APC, mapserver, mapscript, TWIG, Symfony, Docuwiki, mediaWiki, Smarty, CakePHP, Zend framework, MySQL, MsSQL, dBase, Paradox, PostgreSQL, SQLite, DB++, Mongo, Ingres, Oracle, Sybase, Joomla, Kerberis 5, Zend framework, Radius server, Drupal,Magento, Doctrine, CakePHP, LDAP Cryptography & security: OpenSSL, Mhash, Mcrypt, GnuPG, OggVorbis, ssh2, (ID3v1 and ID3v2), OpenAL, ID3 tags, SNMP(v1 & v2), etc.

Quality assurance management and assistance of the leading consultants throughout the creation process, consultancy of test strategies to ensure the most efficient testing of specific product and company needs, continuous QA control, automated testing, QA consulting on automated testing practices, and introduction of automated testing on existing structures in performance testing;Web Applications, API, Java, C#; Services, Desktop applications;Junit/TestNG/NUnit, Cucumber/JBehave, Sikuli, Selenium/WebDriver, Watir, SoapUI,TestComplete, JMeter, MS UI Automation Framework, Specflow,Jetty Servlet Container, Coded UI; Tomcat, IIS 6+, JBoss 4+;PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, DB2, Mongo DB, etc.

Oracle,C#, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services; Microsoft SQL Server; VB, Cognos, Microsoft SQL Server; Microsoft SQL Server, Tableau, Spotfire, Sharepoint, Cognos.

Innovation through advanced technology

To stand out in the rapidly changing business environment, companies must keep moving forward. Stay on top of the market and stay abreast of the latest trends and cutting edge technologies or your business will be forgotten. The software exciting that consumers are eager to deliver amazing new experiences, and if you can not provide them, they will abandon it.

Software Development Methodology

As a web and mobile software consulting company, we provide a solid foundation for creating custom software - our IT specialists provide hundreds of business with high quality B2B and B2C apps. Magora digital experts have extensive experience in the use of agile approaches, and we mature in waterfalls as well. Magora consulting group carefully selects the best strategy for each specific project and combine the best practices of those approaches to maximize efficiency. Our in-depth understanding of different approaches gives us great flexibility to quickly adapt to any particular method you use within your company and to become your best consultant and partner.

Programming Outsourcing

Most application development projects prove that it is not possible to identify all requirements during the initial planning phase. And the requirements you have set are more likely to change all the way. You will always find new features, things that need to be modified, and things to add that make it impossible to stay within the budget and time frame stipulated. Does this look familiar?

When to outsource

Most companies that need new apps first discuss the design with internal consultants to determine the company's needs, set goals, and identify requirements. If companies do not have full-time developers or have the time and human resources to start projects, they need to find an app development company - consultant to outsource. Unfortunately, if you have not had experience in outsourcing your application design projects yet, you're not sure that the developers of your choice can provide high-quality products that match your expectations.

Benefits of working with the London consulting team

Here at our London office, our goal is to work mutually beneficial with our customers, which is why you can count on us to work hard to deliver a product that offers real value. The main goal is to prove our reputation of the leading consultants and developers for building high quality apps that will speed up your company's innovation. You can be sure that you will have the experience of working with us and great applications to meet your needs, improving your business productivity and reaching new customers. If you want to build a strong online presence, increase efficiency, automate company processes and promote sales with the latest technology, contact our consultants and get a free estimation of your IT business solutions and project costs. Our consulting team can develop software from scratch, work with your team to carry out an ongoing project, or revise your existing solution and optimize it to meet your new requirements. Magora consulting experts ensure that outsourcing application development collaboration will be carefully managed and peer reviewed to ensure cost and time efficiency.

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