Professional IT Services in the UK: International Development Agency

Magora Systems is an international development agency with head offices in London, we create custom software that incorporates state-of-the-art technology to improve the efficiency of the business process. Working with our team of experienced backend and frontend UK developers, your will get a digital solution, which will help you to expand your customer base, increase productivity and boost sales. We offer a wide range of consulting services for online business development, such as marketing strategy, search engine optimization and content creation.

How to develop a perfect website for your brand

First class development. Seamless content management systems. Stunning design. Brand recognition to showcase your products. Integration of third-party services.

We go beyond coding to bring value to your agency

Our creative and forward thinking abilities allow us to design innovative, highly engaging software for startups, mature entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

Services We Offer to the UK and International Agencies

Today, any international agency that wants to reach consumers must have online visibility. An effective online marketing strategy can bring real value to your business. To start, we develop first-class applications or sites. Then, we promote it on the web to ensure that it brings high traffic and conversion rates.

  • UX and UI Project
  • Site design
  • Web Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • Support and maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • Social Networking Integration
  • Content Generation

Without a doubt, you want as many people as possible to connect to your agency. We will help you reach that goal. Our dedicated international agency incorporates professional marketers, business analysts and content creators who work hard to write compelling text, engaging ads and impressive marketing materials to make your brand stand out.

  • Branding and Online Marketing
  • Creativity
  • Flat design
  • Trademark
  • Content production

Another central aspect of any website is the content management system, which allows you to edit the contents of your site. A good CMS allows you to change the look of your site, refresh the content and organize the pages in a way that best suits you and your customers. If you do not need unique features, our development experts can design a fully customized content management system to meet your specific needs or integrate off-the-shelf solutions.

If you are technically minded, then you may be interested in the tools, frameworks, services and programming languages ​​we use, they are: CSS, .NET, HTML, JavaScript, C # and jQuery. Additionally, we can develop WordPress sites hosted on different international servers. We use HTML, MySQL, PHP, CSS, jQuery, etc. to build sites.

  • Products look equally amazing on every device
  • Applications work perfectly on all international browsers·
  • Safe and secure usage
  • Products that exceed your expectations
  • An easy-to-use content management system
  • Rigorous testing and post-launch support
  • Custom development of the back-end and front-end of your site
  • Integration of third-party international services
  • Device Testing
  • Testing in browsers
  • Continuous customer support and problem solving
  • Training your employees to teach them how to use content management systems


Our ongoing application development methodology and passionate development team ensure the high quality, interactivity and connectivity of our applications and sites.

Network and application development

We design and program world-class international websites, cutting-edge mobile applications and customized software to enhance any workflow, attract customers or generate revenue.

Business consulting

Our developers can help you develop online strategies, develop international brand names and validate other great ideas that may be relevant to the brand and success on the market.

Technical expertise

Our in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, tools and international development environments allows us to create custom products unique to our customers.


Technology is one of the main drivers of innovation. In software development, after nearly a decade in the industry, we have created dozens of cutting-edge applications that use state-of-the-art technologies to accelerate innovation. Our developers leverage the latest technology combined with proven tools to deliver customized digital products to meet the specific needs of your agency. To add even more value, we provide ongoing support and maintenance for each product, updating them to align with business growth and the changing business environment.

The Professional approach

Versatile developers from our international agency in the UK have created great back-end and excellent front-end smart sites. The sites we create bring commercial and consumer benefits. How do we do it? By writing high-quality, powerful code and designing a user-friendly interface, of course! To build the perfect website, you need an experienced development team that knows your access to the ecosystem. At our UK-based application developer agency, expert developers work with qualified specialists to ensure that every element they create is not only aesthetically pleasing but also able to work seamlessly across all platforms and devices.

  • Discovery and development
  • Plan and deploy
  • Test and launch
  • Sit back and enjoy

Colour Sets the Tone for Any Design

Consumer behavior research shows that color affects people's perception of a brand. A summer rainforest after it rains, a dazzling dark yellow beach or a bright orange work vest - you cannot ignore human visual perception. What we see everywhere is coloured, without it, life would be boring and meaningless. Colours affect our perception of things and define our emotions. This means that they affect us indirectly so that we are not aware of the impact they have. That is why it is so important to find the right palette to represent your brand because that is what defines your logo or the subliminal messages that you send to your customers with colour.

If you think of McDonald's fast food restaurants, what are the two things that come to mind? Probably their carefully designed logo and branding strategy, whereby their signature "M" logo and red and yellow packaging palette have become permanently associated with their company in your mind.

Not long ago, McDonald's came up with a new interior design, made of bright colours. In the eyes of the designers of the new layout, the bright colours excited customers and made them eat a bit faster, clearing space for the next customers and increasing profitability. However, this colorful brand is a low profile skill for fast food chains - influential media are beginning to attack McDonald's on the pretext of being at the root of many unhealthy lifestyles. In response, McDonald's followed a new path by completely changing the color of its brand. Their new yellow and green palettes say they care about the environment and are compassionate. This is just one example of a company using colour to invoke a certain response from their customers

Make an Impression with your UK Development Agency

Colour may not be the most important aspect of your company's identity, but you cannot deny that it is among the most important aspects, and you should think carefully about how it will affect consumer decisions and behaviors. The right tones combined with the design and the perfect logo fonts are the key to branding success. Clients make decisions about your brand within the first second of clicking to your site or viewing your logo, so make those important moments count by choosing the right design strategies.

If you are thinking of attracting new customers to your agency, please contact us and we will do our best to find the colours that best suit you.

We have developed an adaptable plan that allows you to build a fully automated manufacturing process and restore all modern defect detection systems to evaluate time and material usage. In addition to that, we can provide you with the correct metering system and the first-class equipment control system.

Our modern software systems can be used in budget planning, corporate auditing and potential budget risk calculations. In addition, we have produced a variety of custom procedures in the area of ​​enterprise application development in the UK, such as a consolidated cash accounting system or fund allocation reports.

High-tech solutions are useful in all areas related to the automation of potential standard transactions. As a result, a number of highly specialized program tools and systems that streamline document flow leverage many applications in the management arena. We provide applications that can be used for document traffic accounting and control systems, advanced access and liability systems, and integrated record-keeping systems. We also have extensive experience in producing classification and packaging solutions for commercial documents.

Achieve Success With a Professional Development Agency

We are waiting for the details of your project to make them a reality. Our international customer service will designate a team of UK developers to meet your requirements and standards. We get right to work after submitting our experts' answers to your questions and approximate cost estimates. Our quality service is affordable on any budget. We offer collaboration for international and UK-based agencies to make a seamless transition to our systems, prepare customers and employees, and we look forward to helping a business create new things and we have the experience to provide excellent results.

We are here to help

Our UK international development agency is one of the most advanced international IT agencies, and have served our community as a professional developer of a variety of business apps in the UK.

We have a vision to create the most innovative technological solutions for your specific needs. Do not hesitate to contact us, let's turn it into reality!

Still have questions? We are ready to help