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We design and develop smart mobile apps to reshape your business.

Full Range of Services to Build your Mobile Success

Magora is the UK IT company with a professional in-house team of dedicated multidisciplinary pros who will guide you through creating a successful mobile product.

Mission and Philosophy

The mission of our company is to embark on the road to success for your business.

  • Effective mobile strategy, exquisite design, and world-class development process.
  • Your software is more than just a piece of code. The product development approach has a framework to unlock the triumph of the mobile application.
  • The UK team focuses on the dreams of the company, deep understanding of the patterns of user behavior. There is no doubt, just the most effective and sharp layout decisions and perfect features - this is the way to success.

Key values

The four bases of our UK IT company are all about the believes that:

  • The application has a soul. We can prove our expertise in the development of excellent products with our wide portfolio.
  • Combined with a dazzling interface, the user experience, and the mobile strategy are the secret of success.
  • The success of the apps our IT firm creates depend on the overall performance of designers, developers, testers, and managers. Magora sincerely does the best to help you reach a higher level in a digital world.
  • Whether the client understands the technology or not, our specialists make the process 100% comprehensible and transparent.

An IT Family

Imagine you opened the door at a nearby bakery. They may also have hundreds of clients, but

Our UK company has already described a unique design approach. The experts create strategies and developments making the brand visible and aesthetically "tangible." They use design as the language to describe how things look and work.

To provide the right solution, the IT specialists in the UK should carefully study your user roles and stories. We validate the mobile strategy before conducting consumer testing and move straight to the development stage.

Mobile researchers will help you understand and recognize potential mobile users and create a user-centric experience to remedy your specific desires.

  • User Role. Our team focuses on business orientations, needs of the target user, outlines the role of the character.
  • Behavioral research. Review customers in a natural environment to validate assumptions, create a travel map, and look for unregistered behaviors.
  • Usability tests. As design evolves, real users are involved in testing to check assumptions and product availability at each step.

Design differentiates success and failure. As one of the leading IT companies, Magora combines user experience strategy and aesthetic interface design, involving the target market.

Product strategic design saves development time and money for the clients.

  • Design. We prioritize and organize valuable resources to make the IT products fast, prosperous, useful and fun.
  • User experience. We view the report through listening, understanding and iteration. This allows us to clear the way for the project objectives.
  • User interface (UI). Magora IT company focuses on web pages and mobile interface, allowing users to feel more comfortable from point A to point B.
  • Gaming features. Animations, Transitions, Slides, Gestures - We add magic that makes programming intuitive, dynamic and refined.
  • Interaction design. Our UI designers take a comprehensive methodology of user research to understand how they interact with the business contact form.
  • Visible style. Bright color, fonts and images bring your design to life. This is where your product shapes your imagination.

From back-end integration to Android, iOS or hybrid apps, the full-stack mobile development strategy covers all aspects of building superior apps.

Our company covers all mobile technologies, platforms and IT structures.

  • IOS. The team uses Objective-C and Swift to build iPhone, iPad and TVos programs. World-class coding practices and creativity - this is what makes us special.
  • Android. Our company develops applications for smartphones, tablets, minicomputers and Android handheld devices.
  • Hybrid apps. Developers build mixed iOS and Android apps using popular frameworks, including React Native, Ionic, and Adobe PhoneGap.
  • Wearable device software, Apple, Android and Samsung Smartwatch software, custom firmware development and related apps.
  • Back-end programming. Our company's architects use advanced technologies: PHP, Ruby, Python, NodeJS to plan and create scalable backends for mobile and web solutions.
  • Project management. Experienced PM will lead the software development process. The quality assurance team will ensure your product is stable and works well.

Smart and Fast Application Development

We've created wonderful, useful and beautiful software, but we're not just a developer. Our IT agency has all the capabilities to create a perfect mobile strategy, improve concepts and provide critical knowledge to enable you to make high quality business choices.

We have created tailor-made programs for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

  • Native apps built in Swift and Objective-C
  • The highest quality is ensured by code testing and QA evaluation
  • Eight years of experience and numerous iOS apps
  • Advanced knowledge of Apple recommendations and guidelines

Our company ensures that iOS development services in the UK are done in the most satisfactory way possible. Our IT specialists use the most popular, reliable and powerful technologies: Objective-C and Swift; create custom apps for your business so you can meet the expectations of founders and customers. To do this, developers take advantage of the best techs on the market, but we also create new solutions without hesitation. If you are looking for an experienced iOS builder for your company in the UK, we are the right choice.

Enjoy custom apps based on Android.

  • Native Java-encoded application
  • Development experience for all screen sizes and resolutions
  • Multi-device testing practice
  • Easy-to-use interface, regardless of mobile device

We have a strong team that offers application development for Android devices to companies of all industries and sizes. We build the product to meet the most challenging requirements, and become the first to launch an efficient business tool. Developers prefer to use simple code, which is why Magora has based its Java technology development on the most powerful libraries including GSON, Android Wear, Butter Knife, Ormlite, and more. Speaking of experienced Android developers - we are the best of the UK IT companies.

Windows Phone

We've created popular apps for Microsoft devices.

  • Native apps developed with C #
  • More opportunities for the Windows platform
  • New audience
  • Competitive advantage

Even though Android and iOS apps dominate the market, companies can gain a competitive edge with Windows Phone solutions. In this case, we have specially trained developers who are familiar with C # technology and can write software for Windows portable devices. This means that you can develop complex apps for all popular operating systems.

  • The best decision for startups

An MVP is basically an initial model of your product and has enough power to show if it is feasible in the market. Remove all meaningless features and take the core product - this is your minimum viable product.

  • Save time

It has been proven that building an MVP can make your product look 60% faster. Completely quickly, you get the key features of the software, you can provide it to the user and determine what to do next.

  • Reduce costs

How does MVP save about 70% of the budget? This is very simple. You only develop and pay for some important features. When you start monetizing, you can upload other features you need.

  • Quick results

Nobody likes to wait. The MVP offers the opportunity to examine the concept and get the product to the market quickly.

When you provide apps quickly to customers, you can see what they like and need. This is a true proof of the idea and a good opportunity to improve your new and effective approach.

  • Technology - Here in the UK, our company creates native apps in C, C ++, C ++, Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Shell, Ruby, Objective-C. Our employees have extensive experience in developing software for all well-known devices and integrating them with portable and IoT devices.
  • System - Our service includes building all the fundamental levels of an application, starting with an in-depth evaluation, creating programs and completing support and maintenance. Each experienced tester performs code overview and quality assurance checks to maintain superior quality.
  • People - it's all about them. Our IT company creates a secure and attractive operating environment for developers to focus on writing meaningful code.
  • The eight years of software development experience on the iOS, Android and Windows platforms has made us an elaborate professional that meets the expectations of large industrial companies and the beginning local firms.
  • Programmers have written more than 20,000 codes and our applications have been downloaded about 2 million times!
  • As one of the best-known IT companies in the UK, we are also members of the most prestigious application developer community.

Strong Positioning Purpose

Defining smart desires and choosing milestones are an important part of every project. We are driven by achieving our goals and key performance indicators, as each team member understands what is important in the IT industry. We can not only bring this concept to life, but also make it stand out in the fierce competition.

Advantages of Innovation

We are interested in new technologies and love to use them to connect IT reality with the world. Smartphones, tablets, Apple Watch, any portable devices and sensitive systems - at Magora IT we have collected a lot of experience, programming for all of these gadgets and look forward to new and harsh challenges. If you have one, let us know!

Still have questions? We are ready to help