Magora Web Agency in London

Magora is a skilled and creative web agency in London, with 7 years of experience, providing business-driven bespoke solutions to both UK and international companies. The hallmark of our success is a goal driven approach driven by creativity, innovation and compatibility.

What we specialise in

Magora is a UK creative web agency of skilled designers, developers, consultants, engineers, who work together to create a bespoke solution for our clients all around the world. Our services range from professional web and app development, design, SEO, CMS, mobile, integrated programs and more.

Professional expertise

Over the years, our experts in London have immersed themselves in cutting-edge and innovative projects, working with a diversity of clients, from start ups to internationally recognised corporations. Whether you want to attract more customers to your site with a new interactive and responsive design or create a powerful data processing web app, any of your ideas can be realised within deadlines, at a reasonable price.

Our Agency’s Core Principles

Based in London, our agency is result-driven in creating visually engaging and original web solutions.

Our web agency discovers what makes your business special; its ethos and its purpose. By this we devise a superior strategy, from look and feel, to brand objective, which will lift everything to the next level, and allow for future growth and ROI.

With a close communication, we will help you to identify the core features of your product depending on its main purpose, come up with a design layout based on brand identity, develop a project idea, and determine time frames and budget limitations.

We believe that creativity is a core component of development and innovation, and it is what makes your brand truly distinctive that stands out from the rest.

Magora design agency utilises all resources and tools at their disposal, coupled with years of expertise, in pushing the boundaries of creativity and functionality in development.

Dimension, usability, and visual appeal make up a distinctive brand presence. There should be a blend of functionality and underlying emotional stimulation. It's the unique way it's done that makes a critical impact. The overall aesthetic, colour, warmth, play a role in delivering brand message, and engaging users. The result should be professional, of high quality, and contemporarily beautiful.

Whether you require a website, ecommerce, or mobile design, or you are worried that your current site is old-fashioned, or you simply wish to improve its functionality, experts at Magora’s agency in London is ready to turn your vision into a high quality product, while improving user experience (UX), and user interface (UI).

Along with visuals, there should be a core message that is related distinctly and clearly. Your brand ethos should be reflected within moments of using the site. In creating this premium experience, we consider simplicity, clarity, relevance, and ultimate functionality.

The tech world is always rapidly evolving, but Magora London web agency is always at the forefront of this exciting wave, with all the latest tools at their disposal.

We have proficiency in a wide range of languages: Swift, Objective-C, Java, JS, Python, PHP, etc. and database management systems, like MS SQL, MySQL.

We develop native and cross-platform solutions, bespoke CMS, and integrated systems of web & mobile software, as well as API. We can also integrate client’s hardware data into bespoke software.


Here is a list of some of our services;

  • Web app and website development
  • Content management system creation
  • CRM / customer database programming
  • IT Integration
  • Software Security
  • Program maintenance and support
  • Site design and code review
  • e-commerce website creation

How can we help?

Starting from scratch? Launching a sparkling new product? In need of a brand overhaul? Our multi-talented web agency in London can help you to rethink, develop, design and define your brand. With expertise in both web and offline media, our insightful team will work with you to build a strong personality for your business. Magora’s process involves collaboration, creativity and research. We work closely with you to shape every aspect of your identity; from naming and logo design to defining your key brand messages.

Putting you first is always important. You are always kept in the front seat during the process. We don’t hide behind technical programming terms, at Magora’s agency IT experts make the whole process of development clear and transparent to you. When you come to us with your idea, your project manager will meet you to discuss your business objectives and the results that you want to achieve.

The project manager and the chief software engineer add their expert input, and translate your ideas to the team. The project manager is the one who accompanies you through the whole process of development, letting you know about our progress and achievements in your project development. He asks for your feedback in every stage, and transfers it to developers in the London office to put into execution.

We know that development of your web tool is a serious step that can require a lot of efforts and expenses. Magora developers will make your investment a cost-effective one, and your success is vital for us and our reputation. We are B2B company, and we know what is the most important to business, its ROI. When we build your application, we think of the ways to monetize it and deliver you a measurable return on investment.

A mobile website reaches as many smartphone customers as possible. If you want to provide the best experience for mobile users, create a separate version of your site: a mobile site.

It means that you are perfectly visible to all smartphone owners, which reaches almost 3 billion people worldwide. And it is common knowledge that Google gives preference in search results to sites with mobile-friendly designs over others that do not.

Our process

Everything Magora London agency develops is built according to in-depth research and analysis of your market, users, opportunities and competition. This helps us layout a rigorous plan, which we can be easily implemented within efficient time frames. The process will be revealed to you with perfect clarity and transparency, from wireframes, designs, to code and testing.

Our web agency in London specialises in bespoke services, a tailor-made software built by professional developers to meet the specific demands of your business, acquiring a deep understanding of objectives, in order to create a flawless product.

Beyond that of creating a versatile, attractive and engaging website or app, we go extra lengths to understand the nature of your business, target audience, objectives, and future goals. As a result, we create a program tailored to the growth of your business, while keeping within budget requirements.

  • Evaluate existing website;
  • Research the current market;
  • Set requirements;
  • Formalize specifications;
  • Review branding;
  • Define timeframes;
  • Create a site map;
  • Build a wireframe.

Our design process involves thorough extensive research, market analysis, testing, personal identity, brand symbolisation, which all together works towards avoiding the high bounce rate.

At our web agency in London, designers are very focused on user centered design, UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface), which is aimed at creating software centered the target user. Browsing should be intuitive and streamlined, smooth, simple, and enjoyable, which serves to improve conversion rate and client loyalty.

We also create a user interface that preserves your business identity and reflects the ethos of your brand. With this goal in mind, we create attractive user interfaces, which enhance visitors’ satisfaction.

Unfortunately, attractive design, without usability, and intuitivity doesn’t work. A combination of UI and UX is what makes a site successful. Thus we make sure your site is not only impressive, but also engaging and functional. From experience, this is critical for users, and helps bring more satisfied clients, to improve visitor retention, customer engagement, and returns. To achieve this, we implement various UI/UX tests, until we reach perfection.

Responsive design is what makes websites look good on any device. A responsive site adapts the layout to the size of the screen or browser one is viewing. For example, in a smartphone, images become smaller, content boxes are stacked one below the other in one column, and the site navigation is achieved via a single menu button to make it easy to read the text and use the functionality of the site on a tiny, vertically-oriented screen.

The fact that now people mostly browse the web from their smartphones and tablets rather than from their desktops has forced developers to shift focus to responsive design.This also has a positive impact on SEO, because it is based on a single code adjustable to any device and helps avoid duplicate content issues.

Reimagine and re lift your brand identity and make a strong and memorable impression.

Our talented team at our london web agency helps to build identity and personality both online and offline, giving another dimension to your brand. Designers achieve this through understanding the business, who you are, what you do best, how you are perceived in the market, what makes your users tick. We create a personal connection with your users, and understand what can stimulate and engage them.

Over the years, Magora’s web agency has created a lean strategy to ensure that all products meet high standards and deadlines. To begin with, we discover the project’s objectives and requirements; then we build the internet site architecture; incorporate your branding; create visual design; generate content; program the site and, finally, release it.

Our lean development strategies guarantee close communication, immediate response to questions and new requirements, allowing you to track deliverables, approve modifications, give feedback and take part in decision-making.

Let’s get in touch!

Let’s talk, and we will answer any of your questions about development. You have an innovative idea, and we know how to realise it. Magora web agency in London has a perfect choice for you, so let us talk and see. Perhaps, we will have a productive partnership that brings us mutual success.

Still have questions? We are ready to help