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Magora is an international bespoke web app development firm, with offices around the world, providing website and application solutions for businesses, from ambitious startups to largest corporations. With a wealth of expertise, and over 7 years cross-industry experience, one of the hallmarks of our success is our specialisation in premium interface design for web applications.

Some facts about web apps

A web-based application uses a website as the interface or front-end. They are dynamic client-server programs, which users can easily access from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet using a standard browser.

For Web applications Google Word in Google Docs is a good example. It is a word-processing application, but users perform all the same functions using a web browser instead of using software installed on their computer.

Web design vs. Web Application Design

A website is generally a collection of pages consisting mostly of static content, images and video, with limited interactive functionality.

Web applications, on the other hand, are dynamic, interactive complicated systems, it’s functionality is not limited by the resources of visitors memory device or processor. The primary role of a Web application is to perform a function that serves the user’s tasks.

As everything is implemented on the remote server, there are plenty of ways to integrate complicated calculations, work with DB sampling, or provide the data access for thousands of users simultaneously.

DIY Interface design

You may be thinking whether to create your interface design by yourself without a bespoke service. However, there are many features, both subtle, and obvious, that may be overlooked when you embark on this audacious task.

DIY Interface design

You may be thinking whether to create your interface design by yourself without a bespoke service. However, there are many features, both subtle, and obvious, that may be overlooked when you embark on this audacious task.

Group related objects together, so users have easy access to controls or information. For example: logout, settings, profiles.

Help new users follow through tasks on the site, with simple suggestions such as next step? want to know more? Check out?

Limit the number of features and make your page clear, simple, uncluttered.

Keep the interface consistent, which has a smooth, more clean, and presentable appearance.

Loading time is essential and one of the reasons that will keep a guest on your page for longer. If the page takes too long to load, and then you are losing potential clients.

If you wish to learn more about DIY tips, follow this link.

DIY testing

You can perform remote user testing sessions, and record user interaction, with your own DIY testing tools. There are many tools for remote usability tests, capturing in-site feedback, sending out surveys and more.

Here are a few examples:

  • User testing - In less than an hour you can run an unmoderated user test in your website with a predefined user base. Useful for testing short tasks.
  • Verify App - Upload your design and quickly test where users would click. See and share clear and actionable reports after test.
  • Usabilla - Collect feedback from your users through a plugin that can be easily installed on your website.

You can find more examples here.

The benefits of web application interface design by Magora

UI design is more complex and critical than you might have thought, and goes beyond simple aesthetic pleasure and branding.

In fact, it is an essential component of the overall user experience in which browsing, workflow, information, and functionality serves to improve conversion rate, client loyalty, and business processes. We create interfaces, which not only engage but enhance satisfaction for your user, and generate ROI.

For example, we have designed plenty of stunning web app interfaces which have yielded the following results for our clients:

The perfect blend between interface and experience is proven to generate more returning users. When browsing your web app interface designed by Magora, the experience is of heightened simplicity, streamlined, smooth, pleasurable, and above all, not prone to error.

The process of development and design ensures maximum transparency and communication, rigorous planning, and prudent forecasting, which ensures the ultimate cost effective solution for your project.

The user interface of web-based applications is easier to customise, to update the look and feel, than it is with desktop applications. Therefore, there is no longer any need for everyone to settle for using exactly the same interface at all times.

A successful, cost effective, and efficient app, with powerful interface design, has lead to greater return on investment, as is proven in many of our former projects.

Our clients

Magora boasts an impressive and broad portfolio. Specialising in bespoke solutions, including premium web app interface design, we assisted a vast range of clients, all over the world, across innumerable industries, such as travelling, clothing, healthcare, education, finance, transport, entertainment, food, delivery services and much more.

The number of our subscribers on Dribbble moved us to fifth place among UK designers, that is exceptionally valued by Magora team. Dribble is one of the most expressive and inspirational designer platforms that you can imagine. The community follows the concept of show and tell, allowing to share screenshots of their creative content for projects they work on. Dribbble unites all kinds of design enthusiasts - web and graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, etc.

On we were recently ranked 7th in the UK top along with other leading mobile app developers. Clutch is a go-to platform, which collects data and compares agencies, to choose a partner for your development project. There you can be assured of quality competitors, read reviews and feedback from real clients.

Be rest assured that whatever your industry you are in we will create something special for you. Magora brings years of cross-industry experience to each web application project.

Our craft is inspired by the future of our technology. A successful web application for us is one that takes advantage of the advanced and rapidly evolving world of IT. We understand what a successful application should feel like, and how we can bring together groundbreaking tools to realise this vision.

Our interface designs are innovative, usable, impressive, functionality, efficient. In every project, we draw on our expertise and knowledge, coupled with intensive research, in creating for you an exceptional tailored product.

Our beliefs lie in the fact that your web application interface is a valuable representation of your business through which your clients perceive you. Thus we specialise in bespoke services, a tailor-made solution built by professional developers to meet the specific demands of your business, acquiring a deep understanding of your objectives. By means of our rigorous planning, comprehensive strategies, and thorough testing, we design and develop an exceptional product.

Your objectives are defined at the conceptual level. Preliminary planning identifies how these aims can be met, and intensive research will cast light on opportunities. All together, we can lay down a solid plan of how to exceed user expectations and streamline your business operations. Thereafter thorough testing ensures reliability and powerfully functional interface design for your application.

Research sets the foundation. Our team studies similar projects of competitors to find out what should be kept in mind to make the web application interface design better than its existing alternatives, taking into account competitors and target audience. According to this we understand the scalability of the features, agreeing on primary project elements, such as layout, framework, navigation, functionality, etc.

Our research is also analytical, in that we can provide insights into your user’s behaviour towards certain interactions within your application, as well us gaining a deeper understanding of their expectations and what makes them generally tick. This is an authentic tailored process, which addresses your business needs, the market environment, within an evolving technological landscape.

Wireframing is the best way to visualize data structures and represent UI features of an application. It gives our team a clear picture of what we are working towards, and allows for testing of navigation, structure, and visual presentation. As a result, we can ensure that everything is working efficiently at the right time.

A good web app should combine great usability and appealing interface. It should utilize a user’s interaction, visual elements that are easy to use, and provide an intuitive user experience. We create several drafts of UI designs and wireframe their interactions models and wait for your feedback to customize it according to your requirements.

We believe that creativity is a core component of web interface design and innovation, and it is what makes your application truly distinctive that stands out from the rest. Our Magora design agency utilises all resources and tools at their disposal, coupled with years of expertise, in pushing the boundaries of creativity and functionality in design and development.

Dimension, usability, and visual appeal make up a distinctive brand presence. There should be a blend of functionality and underlying emotional stimulation. The overall aesthetic, colour, warmth, play a role in delivering your brand message and engaging users. The result is professional, of high quality, and contemporarily beautiful.

We have specialists who make sure testing is scrupulous, and every line of the performed code is perfect, on platforms of your choice. We use our resources to gather as much feedback as possible from different user methods of testing, such as on-site and remote. The benefit of this process is that we can identify areas of improvement, and establish key performance indicators.

  • Code examination and bug testing
  • Performance - stress tests and load impact tests
  • Security control
  • Quality assurance
  • Usability checks.

We constantly adapt new technologies to implement them in your innovative web application interface. A good web application interface design, with engaging visuals, will catch attention, as long as it makes users navigate with ease.

Working closely with you, we are able to create this perfect result, which reflects your brand and enhances features and functionality. Bespoke software gives you a competitive advantage. Magora not only provides you with valuable information and advice, but also helps you to improve your company's performance and opens up new possibilities.

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