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We are a web app programming company called Magora Systems, based in London, who create sites and software used by successful businesses for more than eight years.

A full range of digital services

We offer a full range of app programming services including everything you need to establish a solid network presence, impress your target audience and make your brand stand out.

  • Web app programming. Your web app puts your brand on display to customers all over the world, so be sure it looks great and has rich features and robust functionalityю
  • Consulting on marketing strategy and trademarking. Make sure your app appeals to consumers and create a brand customers will love so that you can take pride in itю
  • We have developed many effective strategies to help you reach customers and increase organic traffic. High-quality web app design is easy to recognize because it effectively communicates key aspects of the business to the consumer and captures the attention of the target audience.

Our performance-oriented approach ensures that the apps we designate for our team positively affect your customers' perceptions of your company. Program an app, reach online users with a click, and add appointments.

Web Programming Company

When programming a web app, we always seek to meet our customers' expectations and create long-term business value. From the design map to the tiny buttons at the bottom of the screen, we strive for perfection because it shows our experience and brings joy to our customers alongside a healthy ROI. We are passionate about our programming technology and are ready to face any challenge ahead, as there is nothing more exciting than pioneering new ideas and we are driving the programming of web products that are larger, safer and easier to use. We firmly believe that simplicity is the key to success and the quickest path to the heart of the user. If you need a friendly, feature-rich, secure and scalable web app with a visually appealing design, our experienced programming and design experts can help.

Is your site a bit dated, under-optimized, lacking security or suffering from any other issues? Our first-rate, industry-leading team of designers will help you revitalize your old site and give it new life. Take advantage of our strong background in web design and in-depth understanding of cutting-edge programming technologies to modernize your existing web app or to create a new website from scratch.

We can offer any web solution for e-commerce platforms and web-based apps.

Our business analysts will research your company to familiarize you with your strengths and weaknesses and learn about your target audience to understand their preferences and needs. This in-depth approach allows us to design a web product that exactly matches your brand and attracts customers. This means that the front end, back end, and connections in between them are built into a unique set of features and constraints that make it easy to build and maintain excellent applications.

And if you want to be more familiar with technologies, here is an overview of the main terms, which you need to know to realise your web application.

Front end

First, there is HTML, specifically, hypertext links such as GOTO-type glue. Content, structure, format, behavior and links are frozen in text files. This is Ted Nielsen's worst nightmare and should be avoided!

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is still accepted by most people. By basing tags and basic features on multiple master tags, people can create content that others can use in different environments, from basic pages to complex applications. HTML itself is not a programming language, but it can certainly encodes content and structure. HTML drawing apps are often easier than drawing by hand or using Photoshop. The text is easy to store and manipulate (although the “coding headache” certainly exists).

The Document Object Model (DOM), or one of the many packages that seeks to enhance the DOM experience, gives developers access to the tree.

Cascading style sheets (CSS) make it a real effort for people to write HTML and configure it exactly as it should be. Although people continue to have concerns about web browser layout challenges and are struggling to add more logic to the world that is turning more and more complex, CSS is a fantastic choice. Its declarative approach makes it easy for people to create content with it and browsers use it efficiently. Cascade, while sometimes mysterious in its details, is usually used in complex situations that require such a solution. What's amazing to me is that CSS also helps accelerate the hardware integration of animations and transformations, which becomes more difficult in a program environment.

High quality website design itself can be quite a challenge. Regardless of the industry in which your company operates, we can program an app that reflects your identity, connects with consumers, and seamlessly completes the tasks you need. Hire our creative designers and team of qualified programming professionals to ensure the success of your business in the future and to build an app of that you can be proud.

Attract the right kind of clients with a great design. We have talented designers to make your app stand out on the web. Branding is very important because it is what makes an impression on your customers and defines the perception of your brand. Your brand is the center of your operations, from web resources for business cards, app icons, advertising logos, graphics attached to emails and video ads, every aspect of your brand affects a user's perception of your business.

The logo is one of the main components of a brand's visual identity. Along with your web and mobile apps and online advertising or social networking accounts, it projects your organization to consumers while subtly touching on the nature of your business. Without brand building, companies cannot survive and clients will not be able to distinguish your brand from your competitors’.

Marketing Strategy

Expand your reach and user base, increase sales, and take your business to a whole new level. If your web resource is optimized for search engines, involved in PPC (pay-per-click advertising), well represented in the social networks and promoted on other off-site resources, then it’s visible to a vast range of potential clients everyday. Online advertising is an important aspect of any marketing strategy because it optimizes your web presence by using relevant keyword and ads, which help your customers find your product or service.

Did you know that most users only click one of the first few links at the top of Google search results when they are looking for something? We know how to optimize your web product and apply the best search engine optimization techniques to ensure your brand is ranked among the highest. And with our qualified marketing and content teams, you can be sure that your site is full of highly relevant, engaging and useful content. Make your business visible to both local and international users. Our SEO experts will help you achieve your marketing goals with proven SEO strategies optimized for your specific situation.

It can be very difficult to achieve your desired sales results because you need to be on top of the SERP (search engine results page) instead of stuck in the background to increase organic traffic and get the traffic you want for your website. The most recent user behavior reports show that only 20% of users bother looking past Google's top 5 ads, as the vast majority of users prefer higher links or using more details to start a new query.

When defining and polishing a strategy is the ideal time to choose the best tools to implement it.

Search Engine Optimization is a time-tested way of delivering services to your customers and maximizing the value of your web resources. The relationship is simple - the higher your position, the more organic traffic your site gets. There are a variety of programs and services available that claim they can take you to the top of the SERP, but their results are dubious at best. To get tangible results, you need an SEO strategy tailored to your specific needs. With a customized search engine optimization strategy built by qualified IT professionals, you'll see tangible results and an increase in revenue in just a few weeks.

With our experienced SEO specialists, you can be sure that your brand’s reputation is in the right hands because we do not use the black hat approach to search engine optimization but focus on high quality content and the in-depth optimization of a site. We use our vast programming experience and extensive expertise to bring your site to the top and advise you on best practices while providing you with high quality content that continues to strengthen your website.

We provide real SEO

Our SEO services cover a wide range of solutions such as keyword research and detailed integration, website features and code optimization, link building, useful and attractive content, user likes and shares with friends along with a whole series of other activities to improve your rankings. But before you optimize your website, you need to think about web design.

Another great benefit of creating a unique brand is that it distinguishes your business from hundreds of others that can offer the same product or service to the same target audience. If you think a brand logo is enough then you are mistaken. Any company wishing to be on par with established entrepreneurs must have strict design guidelines and a complete system of signature graphic assets that we can help you create.

To ensure that your brand truly reflects your business, we strive to get information about your business and invite you to actively participate in building the style for your company. You are the one who knows what information to pass on to consumers, and we are the ones who can find the right font, the most attractive colours, the best voice and the fantastic graphics that make up your message.

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Our services cover the full range of web app programming activities that companies need to build strong online businesses and our headquarters are in central London.

We program response sites, e-commerce solutions and custom apps. If you would like us to help you find the best digital solution for your specific needs or would like to ask us questions about app programming, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide free consulting services and guide you on the best digital strategies for business growth.

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