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We are an IT development company with a talented team of programmers, software engineers, architects, project managers and designers. Using the latest tools and resources, we deliver premium web-based apps, software, native apps, and websites to businesses of any sizes, including international corporations and small startups around the world.

What are Web Applications?

A web-based application uses a website as the interface or front-end. They are dynamic client-server programs, which users can easily access from any computer connected to the Internet using a standard browser.

Google Word in Google Docs is an example. It is a word-processing application, but users perform all the same functions using a web browser instead of using software installed on their computer. Other common examples are Google Drive, Webmail, online retail sales, instant messengers, etc.

The business advantages of web-based applications

Almost any desktop software can be developed as a web-based application. And they can be used for different purposes - you can build an app for social networking, online shopping, banking services, instant messaging, online reservations, auctions, games, education, surveys, blogs, forums, accounting, content management and so on. They all offer a wide functionality, including user interaction, browser result generation, and back-end database connection, etc. There are many advantages for your business when using web-based applications.

Unlike traditional applications, web systems are accessible anytime from your browser. You access it over a network connection and it doesn’t require the device’s memory as it is stored on a remote server. This gives the user much more freedom and boundless possibilities to do things, such as edit docs on the go, upload and store information, real-time collaboration, and to receive and interact with information in a way that suits them, at the tip of their fingers.

Although the application needs to be tested on different web browsers, it needs only to be developed for a single operating system. There is no need to test it on all possible operating system versions. This makes development and troubleshooting much easier and cost effective.

The user interface of web-based applications is easier to customise, to update the look and feel, than it is with desktop applications. Therefore, there is no longer any need for everyone to settle for using exactly the same interface at all times.

Besides, using the HTML5 technology we create an application that runs on any device from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets that support a browser.

It is easy to integrate a web-based shopping cart system with a web-based accounting package. Thus, web-based architecture makes it possible to rapidly integrate enterprise systems, improving work-flow and other business processes.

Updating and maintaining new software can be done easily on the server side. As the upgrades are only performed by an experienced professional to a single server the results are more reliable.

If an application requires more power to perform tasks, the capacity of web-based software can be increased by “clustering” or running the software on several servers simultaneously. If a server fails, for example, it can be replaced without affecting the overall performance of the application.

Web-based applications are typically deployed on dedicated servers, which are monitored and maintained by server administrators. In that way, any potential breaches can be noticed far more quickly.

How your business can benefit from creating an app?

  • With a well-designed application, you get constant and multi-category revenue from consumers, advertisers, and businesses;
  • They make it easier to reach and serve millions of consumers and other businesses;
  • Streamline the functionality and working processes internally and externally;
  • Flexibility and versatility;
  • Convenient online services and solutions help in gaining more loyal customers and improvement of the client experience.

Bespoke features

  • connecting to backend databases,
  • online reservations,
  • content management systems,
  • file management,
  • economic forecasts,
  • complicated online calculations,
  • and many other tasks, which significantly reduce the administrative workload.

We focus on a customized web based solution for your particular needs, which starts with sharing your ideas. Through constant communication we achieve great results. Whether you are a small representative or an established corporation, we prioritise your goals and efficiently deliver you a premium, cost-effective product.

Magora’s primary objective is to establish a long-term relationship with each of our clients and to supply them with high-quality products. The way to ensure this is by providing software based on a deep understanding of your business and a mutual involvement of the developer and the client in the creation process.

The web application our team builds is tailored to your business needs and requirements. We ensure better performance, and efficiency with a proper customisation and personalization to meet your business objectives. We do our best to add tangible value to your company, and to optimise everything for your business needs, by creating a unique software tool to boost your company’s performance.

There are two principal approaches to web app development:

  • Client-scripting programs are executed by the user’s web browser, i.e. client-side. The source code of such applications is visible to all users, who can access it by viewing the file that contains it.
  • Applications built with server-side scripting techniques are executed on a web server. The source code of server-side scripting apps is not visible to users.

There is a great variety of client-side scripting tools and technologies, including the following ones:

  • Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML
  • Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, or Ajax
  • jQuery
  • My Object-Oriented Tools, or MooTools, which is an object-oriented JavaScript framework
  • Dojo Toolkit

Applications built with server-side scripting techniques are executed on a web server. The source code of server-side scripting apps is not visible to users. The most modern techniques and tools for server-side scripting are:

  • Hypertext Preprocessor, or PHP - a general purpose programming language widely used in server-side scripting, which can be combined with various database servers, like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and more.
  • ASP.NET.
  • Active Server Pages.
  • Zend Framework, or ZF.
  • Adobe ColdFusion.
  • Perl - a free general-purpose dynamic programming language, which lost its popularity with the introduction of PHP.
  • Ruby on Rails.
  • Python - high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language distributed for free.

Web application frameworks, incorporate software libraries, templating, and other tools, organised in architectural patterns, to help developers program and support sophisticated web applications in an efficient manner.

These frameworks are aimed at facilitating programming and engineering. Many of them promote code reuse by providing examples of folder structure and organisation, tutorials on database connection, architectural patterns, managing entities, etc.

Why Build a Web-based App for Your Business?

In our thriving digital world web applications have become useful tools that have an impact on the way companies do business. High-quality applications, created by Magora developers with leading technologies, have many benefits:

  • New, easy, and innovative to interact with business partners and manage activities.
  • Information and resources are available at a click of a button.
  • Establish business reputation and gain recognition by customer base expansion.
  • An increase of brand awareness
  • Generate ROI

Web-based applications are:

  • easier to develop
  • more useful for your users
  • easier to install, maintain and keep secure

Ready made or out-of-the-box software is something you can buy, install and begin to use immediately, like MS Office, Photoshop or Adobe Acrobat Reader. Such programs are made for general use and can not be modified according to your wishes. Ready made products are targeted at a wide range of consumers and, as a consequence, have a unified design and a standard build.

Bespoke software is a program created by the development team specifically for you business, based on your company requirements. Additional functionality and modifications can be added at any stage of the product life in order to meet changing business demands.

This gives you an opportunity to customise your application according to your wishes in order to internalise your work process. Custom solutions are easy to use because they work exactly as you want them to. You are the only one in charge of all the changes to the software, which significantly reduces the number of errors that may appear and does not require too much supervision.

Bespoke software gives you a competitive advantage. Magora not only provides you with valuable information and advice, but also helps you to improve your company's performance and opens up new possibilities.

The tasks you can cover in your business with web based apps

Imagine you can have everything in one place, rather than use different tools all the time. Magora can make you one stop source for everything. Here are some of the many tasks you can easily cover in a simple, streamlined, web-based business application:

  • Manage all financial transactions, including credit cards, banking and investment accounts. Budget planning. Push notifications to keep you informed of balances.
  • Manage time and expenses online.
  • Invoicing and quotations. Easy to use system, which enables you to send quotations or invoices to customers directly from the online system, as well as track customer payments. Easy search functionality to find older invoices.
  • Document management, timesheeting, sales management, project management, billing, reporting and customer support tools.
  • Meetings and conferencing with up to many participants at a time.
  • Create, share and present stunning, media-rich presentations.
  • Create forms, collect and analyze data and even integrate third-party applications like CRM, email marketing and payment processing
  • Communicate with customers and clients, and manage contacts, all from one easily accessible source.

Ready to Get Started?

Do you feel that any of the above have an impact on your business? Then it is high time you made some changes. If you have ideas on how to optimise your business to the modern online environment or want to consult an expert in the latest IT business solutions, our web development team would be glad to hear from you and answer any of your questions.

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