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Magora is a skilled and creative website development company in London, with 7 years of experience, who provides business-driven bespoke solutions to both UK and international companies.

What we specialise in

Our web development company in London provides professional bespoke web, and app, design and development services, on-demand software, and integrated programs. Over the years, our experts in London have immersed themselves in cutting-edge and innovative projects, working with a diversity of clients, from start ups to internationally recognised corporations.

Whether you want to attract more customers to your site with a new interactive and responsive design or create a powerful data processing web app, any of your ideas can be realised on time and within budget.

The future of web development?

With the rise of DIY sites, like SquareSpace, and Wix, by which you can build your own custom site in no time at all, you might have wondered what will happen to the future of development?

It is known that DIY offers limited functionalities and unified, one fits all, design, which does not offer much originality for the user, but perhaps, in the future, it may become more advanced and flexible?

The marginal difference in cost is also attractive. But just as it is like buying a suit from a shop, so it is like choosing a ready made solution. Bespoke suits, on the other hand, are still in demand, and will also have its place on the market. The technology world continues to evolve every day; the IT landscape is becoming more and more innovative, which means it is ultimately making life easier for us.

Everchanging market

Just as DIY solutions are evolving, so is bespoke development. New technologies are being created that gives developers the room to create masterful products that push boundaries.

Bespoke development is growing more and more clever, intuitive, and powerful. Technologies and frameworks are making the process quicker, smoother; and new methods of testing are giving websites more security and error free functionality.

Above all, the quality of the work, the expertise, the skills are what you should look out for, when entrusting someone to create your bespoke website.

Bespoke web development by Magora - the Savile Row of website creation

We create premium websites based on a deep understanding of your business and a mutual involvement of the developer and the client in the creation process. The website our team builds is tailored to your requirements. We ensure better performance, and efficiency with a proper customisation and personalization to meet objectives.

We do our best to add tangible value to your company, and to optimise everything according to your needs, by creating a unique software tool to boost performance. Moreover, additional functionality and modifications can be added at any stage of the product life in order to meet changing demands.

Over the years, Magora has created a lean strategy to ensure that all products meet high standards and deadlines.

To begin with, we discover the project’s objectives and requirements; then we build the internet site architecture; incorporate your branding; create visual design; generate content; program the site and, finally, release it.

Our lean development strategies guarantee you close communication, immediate response to questions and new requirements, allowing you to track deliverables, approve modifications, give feedback and take part in decision-making.

The tech world is always rapidly evolving, but Magora developers are always at the forefront of this exciting wave, with all the latest tools at their disposal.

We develop native and cross-platform solutions, bespoke CMS, and integrated systems of web software, as well as API. We can also integrate client’s hardware data into bespoke software.

  • For iOS: AFNetworking, PromiseKit, CocoaLumberjack, Typhoon,Mantle, MagicalRecord
  • For SWIFT: Alamofire
  • For Objective-C: Libextobjc
  • For JS: JQuery, JSON, Spin.JS.
  • For .Net: Elmah, Autofac, EntityFramework, ASP.NET MVC3

Our expertise of popular frameworks are broad in scope, aimed at an increase of software efficiency. Among the most often used are:

  • For iOS: Core Data, Home Kit, Core Spotlight.
  • For PHP: Laravel, Symphony, CodeIgniter, Yii 2, Phalcon, CakePHP, Zend Framework, Slim, Fuel PHP, PHPixie, Aura, Fat-Free.
  • For JavaScript: React Native, Angular.js, React.js, Backbone.js, Vue 2.0, Ember.js, Meteor.js, Underscore.js, Require.js, JQuery.
  • For Node.js: Hapi.js,, Express.js, Mojito, Meteor, Derby, Mean.js, sails.js, Koa.js, Total.js.

It is always wise to spend time planning a budget. It should include all possible costs, and expenses, so that nothing slips your mind. A ROI implementation strategy should be laid out in the plan, along with a detailed overview of project cost and timeframes.

If you are careful and thorough in the initial planning stage, you will be able to cut expenses in the long run, for there will be fewer reworks or amendments to be made. And if you are working with developers, the more precise the description of your idea, the better estimation.

Costs all vary depending on the required components and media content. The estimation depends on the website’s size, capabilities, functionalities, integration with databases etc. An E-commerce site, for example, require different functionalities from a social media site, and will vary, owing to features such as payment systems.

How to save?

In order to save money, we suggest to plan thoroughly and prioritise what is essential for your site. When hiring Magora to take on your website project, we conduct intensive research and offer cost-effective plans with valuable methods of achieving return on your investment.

Sometimes what people believe to be a quick or “basic” task is far more intricate than it seems, but a well-organised, experienced team is always able to commit to take any idea of any size or scope and take it from inception to a fully-functional, value-driven product that brings your business what it needs.Through constant transparency, and clear and constructive feedback, you will be able to cut expenses for the long haul.

Future technologies

Information is changing, technologies are evolving, and our Magora experts are always in the front seat, shaping the future of development.

The needs of people are advancing and changing. New alternatives are being introduced. And there is a greater demand for more effective, less complicated, and simple processes for users.

Our developers are always aware of these trends, and thrive on fresh knowledge, so that they can harness new tools to their competitive advantage. Their skills are always one step ahead, with a prudent vision of the future growth of the industry both for developers and for clients.

The new release of Rails came with some interesting additions: Turbolinks 5 allows developers to create Single Page like Applications directly from the Rails stack, by allowing links to fetch full HTML pages and replacing the body, without the need for client-side JavaScript frameworks.

Angular 2 came with a lot of changes - It now takes advantage of JavaScript ES6’s features, applications are written in TypeScript, and they now moved towards a more component driven architecture.

Package managers are incredibly popular tools, especially in the frontend JavaScript communities. They make it simple for developers to install, update, configure and uninstall code modules. Yarn aims to address issues Facebook have experienced with NPM, particularly in areas such as performance, security, and consistency.

Static website generators create websites from plain text, usually stored in files and not in databases. In certain situations, static websites built by generators such as Jekyll, allow for some advantages, such as increased speed, security, ease of deployment and their handling of traffic surges.

As Content Delivery Networks and APIs become more and more the way of life of the web and make it easier for content and templates to be deployed, static site generators may be an interesting tool in the coming few years.


Consumers are now using mobile apps and sites to shop more than ever before. As a result, companies are investing more time in creating the best online presence for their business.

We can help you create a profitable e-commerce store with an easy-to-use CMS, superior customer engagement, smart catalogue management, and SEO-friendly development. Whether you are a small and innovative startup or a huge company with outlets all around the world, our experience allows us to develop a customised e-commerce site for you with great functionality, ease of navigation, innovative design, branding, and a secure and simple purchasing system.

Our programmers support many open source CMS systems. But if you would like to have one that is tailored specifically for your project, our web development company can build a bespoke CMS with sophisticated functionality and easy to use admin panels.

As a leading London web development company, we also provide a full range of design services, and accompany you through the whole process of online branding, defining your logo, landing page, and overall aesthetic. Our in-house developers use the latest technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, and frameworks like PhalconPHP, Laravel, Symfony, YII.

We create attractive user interfaces, which enhance visitors’ satisfaction with improved usability. We make sure your site is not only impressive, but also engaging and functional. This is critical for users, and helps bring more satisfied clients to your business.

The fact that now people mostly browse the web from their smartphones and tablets rather than from their desktops has forced developers to shift focus to responsive design. This also has a positive impact on SEO, because it is based on a single code adjustable to any device and helps avoid duplicate content issues.

A mobile website reaches as many smartphone customers as possible. If you want to provide the best solution for mobile users, create a separate version of your site: a mobile site. It means that you are perfectly visible to all smartphone owners, which reaches almost 3 billion people worldwide. And it is common knowledge that Google gives preference in search results to sites with mobile-friendly designs over others that do not.

When hiring Magora to create a bespoke website, we will create a tight plan that will address all these concerns. It is our job not only to offer our technical expertise and insight, but to listen to you and familiarise ourselves with all of these aspects of the project.

We know that development of your web tool is a serious step that can require a lot of effort and finance. But our developers will make your investment a cost-effective one, and your success is vital for us and our reputation. We are B2B company, and we know what is the most important to business, its ROI. When we build your web solution, we think of the ways to monetize it and deliver you a measurable return on investment.

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