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White-label NFT Marketplace
We strongly believe that NFT is just an initial step towards the digital future and our motivation and desire to make it more available to the public resulted in the creation of the powerful yet very intuitive white-label Marketplace to mint and distribute NFTs
Our product is a white-label web application that provides the following features
Design customisation
Powerful analytics for platform performance monitoring
FIAT transactions
Blockchain choice provided (Polygon, Ethereum, Solana)
Flexible Smart contracts for royalty set up
NFT Drops
Several user types: buyer, creator, business owner
Straightforward NFT minting
Auctions and buy-now
Which NFT solution will you choose?
Trade and collect unique works in your own way
Run a white-label NFT marketplace where creators could transform their assets into NFTs, collect, or exchange these free of intermediaries and in absolute transparency.
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Accompanying Services
Design customisation
Tech support
Updates to the platform
Audience analysis and conversion modelling
Product positioning and development guidance specific to crypto and NFT markets
Product growth steering, content advice
Case studies
White-label NFT Market
A ready blockchain trading platform where creators can sell or exchange collectibles as NFTs
NFT for sports
A unique marketplace where sports amateurs can trade exclusive sports content
About Magora
Magora is an international IT consultancy firm based in London
We have over 10 years of experience working in various sectors and we always strive to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients. One of the core competencies lies in Blockchain and related technologies
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