Magora partner with big thinkers and ambitious existers. We are start-up consultants and offer digital transformation services. We are driven by the desire to create great products and have been developing mobile & web applications since 2010. Magora does the heavy tech lifting so that you don't have to. We understand both technology and digital so that you can focus on the growth of your business. From big picture goals to detailed user experience design & interaction, we got it all covered.
years of experience
qualified employees
Successfully finished projects
in London, Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, and Sydney
— Honesty and Openness
Your startup might not be solving a problem, or it might be answering the wrong question, which means it may not be adding value. Either way, we'll let you know, and provide the clarity to ensure your project moves in the right direction.
Our genuine & straightforward approach means that you'll only pay for what is vital, none of those unnecessary bells and whistles. Contemplating all ingredients for the 'perfect' product will often lead to substantial and unnecessary costs. Our principle belief is that the needs of your business are paramount.
After all, we want you to be able to offer value and market your idea as soon as possible. It's a win-win solution.
— Process Transparency
We're clear with how our process of cooperation is built, and give access to the internal systems that support the projects. Our internal tools make it possible for us to guide progress and respond accordingly.
Taking into account these challenging circumstances and a startup's need for growth, having unbiased feedback is a must. That's what Magora is there for.
You'll be kept up to speed at each stage of the project and always know of the costs involved. Our goal in being transparent is to include you in every step of the way.
Communication is critical and undoubtedly intertwined with success.
— Customer Immersion
We'll reach out to you throughout the project with many questions as we analyse your business to help solve the problem.
We immerse ourselves in your product to unravel each nuance and intricacy. To fully understand your needs and aspirations we emphasise the need for building a close working relationship.
Startups face uncertainty and limitations everyday. We've seen businesses flourish and also fail but we always move forward with valuable lessons that we use to impact new and upcoming projects.
By acting in your best interests we help you avoid the missteps others have taken. Our entire team is friendly, ready to help and want you to succeed!
— Your Collaborative Co-pilot
Think of Magora as your technology partner, not just any other contractor. Together, we can reach the best solution for your business.
We are committed to achieving the best results that your product or startup can bring. That is our secret to making our projects successful and our clients happy. We work best when we know we're doing something useful, something with purpose.
We design appealing and desirable products for our clients that bring them closer to their customers.
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