Product Stages


There are infinite directions we can take when just starting out, which is why we establish our priorities first. This is arguably the most critical aspect of our Discovery Phase, as it helps avoid scope creep, missed deadlines and overspending.

Our backlog identifies the fundamental problems that exist and reveals the business value and technical complexity that awaits the project. We essentially validate your business early on to ensure your concept has a market value.

We utilise our research expertise to investigate and determine, for you, the most efficient methodology and technology for cost efficiency and scalability.

Similar to building a house, you need to see the architectural blueprints first, but our concepts are not just a pretty sight, they house the foundation by which your project is built.
Prioritised Product Backlog

Product Release Plan

High-level Process Diagram
2-4 weeks
We establish a Design Concept to provide an early stage look and feel of your product, thus setting in motion a tangible product vision.

We create an Interactive Design to be used for demonstrations and as a communication tool, before the actual development.

Our team of designers work in tandem with our product owners to implement an interactive design that resembles a working system - a combination of a beautiful layout with a functional interface.
Design of all application screens

Interactive Prototype

2 weeks – 2 months
Stage 1. Prototyping & Design
Our developers translate the product tech specs into functional software, and our teams start conducting rigorous testing. We're continually instilling an Agile approach that champions flexibility and visibility for the best outcome.

We work in 2-week sprints, where at the end of each sprint you'll have demo versions to play around with while at the same time we're finalising the MVP. You're always kept in the loop and provided with regular updates, during the staging process.

Your valued feedback gets us one step closer to having your vision realised. Our simple process allows you to reach your businesses potential and go to market quickly.
MVP — first version of the product
2-6 months
Stage 2. Building & Testing
We prepare your product for publishing to all required hosting platforms and servers, Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Our ongoing operational support post-publication is an additional service option that ensures your product runs smoothly day after day.

We offer technical support to safeguard from any common issues that may affect user experience, and ongoing management to your team to ensure your product is maintained and updated.
Mobile apps: published apps to google play and app store under client's name

Web app: web app deployed and published for the public access

Source code and IP
2 weeks
Our warranty period is 6 months after the project completion.

Warranty covers critical bugs fixing. Warranty is only valid if the source code remained unchanged.
For the app to be stable and work correctly it needs to be constantly supported and updated.

We offer support right after the product launch and could even offer further consultancy services for product development on a long-term basis.
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