March 19, 2021
The apps heyday
At the moment the market is abundant in so many apps that keep emerging and emerging. The market is literally flooded (positively connotated, for sure) with so many apps to every taste which sometimes makes it difficult to choose from a bright assortment. There is such a rich variety, it is indeed so, with so many people tending to use apps mainly for fun, but there are still those who use it to grow and thrive in their businesses.

This app took the world by storm. Literally. Clubhouse is the most discussed app these days which became an overnight sensation, causing global obsession, so now more and more people are really into that, and the addiction can be easily diagnosed. This social audio app has topped 10 million downloads globally, even being just in a “prelaunch”, invite-only mode. It even saw 221% growth in February mainly because of its huge popularity among famous tech personalities. That is truly insane. Agree?
Clubhouse is not just a fun app for entertainment, this is a big platform which also helps harness your business, raise brand awareness. The unique thing about that app is that Clubhouse is an invitation-only audio chat IPhone app. As Clubhouse links directly to your Twitter and Instagram there are no DM functions, comments, likes. The one and the only way to communicate is via voice. In the world where communication is replaced with constant texting, emojis exchange, etc, this app is indeed precious with a brighter future beckoning to it. It’s just a stone’s throw from getting recognized as the most famous and influential social media platform.

A special shoutout to TikTok social media platform. Its popularity skyrocketed in 2020 making it the most popular and downloaded app. Now it can boast of more than 1,1 billion active users. This is indeed astonishing. This is just an abyss of fun content making you feel glued to your screen watching TikTok videos non-stop. It is unofficially considered the most fun spot on the Internet. By adding the algorithm you can make your videos perfectly tailored to your interests.

Another app which definitely needs to be mentioned is Zoom of course. You may say that it is not that brand-new anymore. But you will be mistaken. After the COVID-19 crisis, a series of quarantines, remote work, etc., Zoom popularity skyrocketed reaching its fever pitch. There was a significant increase in using this app for video conferencing. For example, in April 2020, shortly after the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic Zoom announced the milestone of 300 million daily meeting participants. The convenience of this app can be proved thousand times as Zoom provides a video chatting service allowing up to 100 participants to join the meeting. Plus, there is an option for subscription upgrade to the paid plan that would give you even more significant benefits.

And finally. The one and the only. Instagram. It is still at its highest, blooming beautifully everyday. This social media platform is definitely not new but the pace still remains high.
Can you just imagine that more than 1 billion people use Instagram every month? And most importantly, it is the powerful platform for marketing purposes. The statistics shows that 50 % of people have visited a website to make a purchase after seeing a product or service.

Additionally, there have recently been a series of updates. For example, Reels update made it possible to bring clip length to 30 seconds; more commercial and marketing tools are added to the pipeline making it a very promising social media platform.
The changes are an irreversible thing but we become so adjusted, so easily adapted to anything new that we feel no discomfort, feel no tension like we just go with the flow with the world uncontrollably changing around us. And we can’t surrender, we tend to be satisfied with the best, and now you can hardly imagine yourself being deprived of these prizes of modern life.
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