August 18, 2021
Case Study: Dayinsure
The era of CONVENIENCE is here. Everyone wants everything done right now, and everyone expects it by waving a magic wand. There are situations when there is no time to waste and you must move quickly.

Let’s say you wanted to visit the countryside to enjoy the beauty of nature one day, only to discover you didn’t have any driving insurance. Dilemma. Don’t worry, this app will come to your rescue!

We built a fantastic smartphone app called Dayinsure, which we are really pleased with.

Dayinsure is a mobile app for short-term motor insurance

Dayinsure is a short-term insurance policy that allows you to drive a vehicle registered in the United Kingdom.

Dayinsure temporary cover car insurance allows you to insure a vehicle for the exact amount of time you need it, whether it’s hourly car insurance, one-day insurance, a week coverage, or more. This is vehicle insurance at your fingertips — with just a click!

There are alternatives for insurance management, such as cancelling or extending your policy. There’s also connectivity to the Location service to make sure users never do anything suspicious.

The problem statement

Sometimes people are pressed for time and need to obtain car insurance urgently without waiting for a long time.

Unfortunately, currently, there is no such option on the market that allows you to get short-term insurance in a matter of minutes without having to go through a long, tedious, and monotonous process.

What we are offering

By using the Dayinsure app, you can get a short-term, instant insurance policy.

The app is also ideal for insuring learner drivers on the move, whether you want to learn to drive in your own car with your instructor or merely practise driving in a car that isn’t your instructor’s outside of your lesson time.

The easiest method to keep track of your novice driver insurance is to use the Dayinsure app.

The Results

According to the data, this app is in great demand and frequently utilised in the UK. The app offers high-quality services: this is a painless and bureaucracy-free operation. It received over 90% favourable feedback from people who were happy with it.

It’s time to give it a go!