July 28, 2021
Case study: Eurekly
The importance of education cannot be overstated. As the saying goes, "learn and live." Fortunately, self-education is a modern and very positive trend. More and more individuals are signing up for various courses, tutorials, and workshops, and are attracted by talks on great painters, musicians, and artists. These days, personal growth appears to be in vogue. Demand has resulted in considerable growth.

Previously, high-quality online education seemed unattainable and was viewed as more of a trivial desire than a need. This whim has now become reality.

As a result of the pandemic, more businesses, institutions, and other organisations have gone online. The expansion of the online education industry is remarkable: having risen significantly in 2020-21 compared to previous years.

This area is believed to be the main hub for future investments.
We built Eurekly, a web platform that allows students to learn online with experienced professionals and connect with other students. It's a full-featured learning management system with video conferencing and a payment gateway built in.

Eurekly is a comprehensive learning platform that allows you to plan, book, and enjoy your lessons.

The problem

COVID-19 pandemic shook things up, forcing us to adapt to the new and switch gears entirely. The world changed, and therefore adapted and adjusted accordingly.

The software we designed can help you in resolving a variety of issues and taking a big step forward.

Offline education, unfortunately, was not always a priority prior to COVID-19 because it did not give a high level of flexibility: travelling to the educational venue was considered time-consuming, preventing a student from being completely focused on their studies.

Our Solution

With Eurekly, we give you the chance to study online with expert instructors while staying at home and connecting with a community of learners. You can choose from over 60 teachers and take full advantage of world-class 1-on-1 online courses.

You can also gain online access to a wide selection of courses as well as customised classes that are targeted to your specific requirements, interests, and availability.

Our large-scale objective was to make the educational process easier, result-oriented, and efficient. As you might imagine, the outcomes exceeded our expectations.


The Eurekly app has given users access to high-quality, personalised education. Most significantly, it has improved academic social networking, which in turn increased student interest and performance. It's impossible to overestimate the importance of communication.

Education is a fantastic way to invest in yourself. It's not just about investing in your education, career and personal development, or expanding your horizons.

By investing into yourself, you can convert your costs into a long-term investment and a life goal.