Simplify your Cloud Services Management
We dive deep into your Cloud Environment Optimisation while following industry best practices to help you gain cost efficiency and streamline IT performance
Our cloud experts don’t compromise on security and governance standards to optimize all aspects of your cloud ecosystem:
Manage resource consumption
Automate operations
Right-size environments
Improve system architecture to finally make the Cloud efficient
What approach are we following to reduce your Cloud costs and how optimization is achieved
Implement Optimization
• Optimize costs, network, storage, compute power, and operations
Assess architecture & identify bottlenecks
Our team of specialists assesses the gaps in your current cloud infrastructure to identify areas of improvement
Identify changes required and associated risks
Define architectural optimisations
We identify obsolete processes and idle resources in the cloud and analyze the reasons behind mis-optimization such as oversupply, storage issues, operational inefficiency
Figure out what type of right-sizing is needed
Define the right type of storage to ensure more efficient processes
Analyze potential threats that may hinder scaling initiatives
• Right-size your cloud environments taking into account business requirements, workload characteristics, dimensions of capacity planning
• Provide transparency in terms of the cost of your cloud infrastructure, security reports and usage statistic
• Automate everything and handle challenges with the help of rich analytics
The genuine values of Magora Cloud Optimization Services
Magora’s philosophy is to provide you with an efficient cloud ecosystem that empowers our clients to drive higher RoI. Our goal is to uncover the main reasons for overspend and structure a roadmap of optimisation opportunities to deliver significant cost savings
Speed up Cloud scaling
Scale your cloud environments along with business needs while switching off idle resources and considering usage insights
Adopt right-sizing initiatives
Ensure that over-investing is avoided and bring resource consumption to the perfect levels by determining the optimal size of the cloud depending on your business current operational level
Implement cost optimization
Cost efficiency is achieved through aligning your cloud infrastructure with business expectations. The overall operations automation allows to significantly lower the number of manual errors
Monitor resources
Rich analytics tools enable you to get detailed insights about resources usage
Why Magora?
Our commitment to technical excellence and a consulting-driven approach towards cloud optimization enable our clients to achieve tangible benefits. Magora’s cloud specialists provide our clients with top-class services to reveal measurable business value, create budget predictability and mitigate potential risks
Key achievements:
33% +
cost savings for our clients
reduction in disk space
reduction in infra costs
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