March 17, 2021
Cutting edge or... cutting-edge
Progress is an inevitable thing. Everything keeps changing and changing, and there is some irreversibility about that. A positive one, of course. The progress itself is a part of a revolutionary road with many hindrances on the way, but anyway it leads to success, giving some sort of supremacy. It is not always seen with the naked eye as we tend to adapt to changes so quickly that it is not always tangible and visible for us. Even 10 years ago the iPhone was some sort of a luxury item, but now it is something no one is surprised with. Sentiments you may say. Probably. But there is a technological spurt these days. And the undeniable interest in cutting-edge technology which is even hard to appease. A true obsession with the new.
There are a lot of technology trends at the moment, but let’s have a closeup of 4 most popular technology trends from our point of view:

1. Augmented reality. They say, every company these days needs augmented reality strategy to be competitive, trendy and tech-savvy. Augmented reality, in a nutshell, is a set of technologies that do impose digital data and images on the physical world blurring the boundaries between the real world and the virtual one. AR is becoming a fast-growing tendency nowadays, it is an evolving technology amplifying the importance of advancement.
In the near future AR will become a new interface, a new binding component between humans and machines, bringing the digital and physical worlds together. For instance, HoloLens is a vivid example of AR progress. It is a Microsoft mixed reality device.
HoloLens devices are based on a visor composed of layers providing a stereoscopic 3D real time vision through technologies based on holography.

2. Machine learning (ML). Machine learning is gaining more and more popularity these days.
To keep it simple, the goal of machine learning technology is about building new and/or leveraging existing algorithms to learn from data as a result. Machine learning is a multifaceted field with lots of complexities. As ML analyzes and extracts insights from raw data to find solutions to complex business problems, for instance, it helps businesses in enhancing scalability thus significantly improving business operations and performance for companies across the globe. For instance, ML can help predict customer behavior, purchasing patterns based on their browsing history. A powerful tool indeed, a step for further major advancements.

3. Real-time supply chain visibility (SCV). It is a must have, isn’t it? It is indeed a pillar for every business. We should admit that the supply chain area is an intricate one which is often hard to manage. An improper supply chain management often leads to major company losses and.
So visibility, clarity and transparency are of great significance. Supply chain visibility (SCV) was once some sort of a luxury item, but now it is a real thing. Now, the industry can expect more than just visibility as it will be real-time satisfying consumer demands for real-time visibility of their orders. At the market there are real-time SCV software options at the moment. Let’s take FourKites, for instance. The #1 Global Supply Chain Visibility Platform trusted by the world’s most recognized brands including Coca-Cola, Walmart, Dow and more.
It is high time to be one of them.

4. 3D printing. This technology is undergoing positive transformations nowadays. It originated many years ago but went through major advancement stages and now has a lot to show off. There are some 3D printing trends nowadays. For example,Сo-creation and collaboration will be a major booster for future products integration. The proliferation of 3D printing in the manufacturing industry will eventually lead to better collaboration between hardware, software and service providers.
More positive advancements are on the way. The world has never been static, and is not static nowadays: It undergoes enormous changes daily, weekly, hourly. It will never be the same, and this is what makes it so appealing.

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