NFT Marketplace Development
Magora helps businesses launch NFT projects and bring their clients a unique feeling of digital product ownership. We develop and deploy custom NFT marketplaces that provide services for bidding and selling any asset that could be tokenised

Why NFT?
The non-fungible tokens have reinvented the way of creating and sharing digital assets. Any creator willing to prohibit unauthorised sharing of its works could use NFTs because they function as proof of digital asset ownership
Each NFT is unique and cannot be interchanged
A decentralised tamper-proof record system guarantees that non-fungible tokens are safe from counterfeits
As NFTs cannot be divided into smaller units like currencies
The third party is not required for verification as all transaction history is stored on
a blockchain
Our NFT Development Services
Our team is well-experienced in all aspects of the crypto sphere having a long track record of crypto projects; thus, we are ready to bring your NFT project to life and won't be puzzled by any technical challenge
NFT development
Almost any asset could be tokenised by our NFT development team and exclusively tailored to your purposes
NFT marketplace development
We design and develop custom NFT marketplaces where the end-users can publish their digital assets, mint and trade non-fungible tokens
Smart contract audit
Our team conducts an audit of smart contracts to ensure that your blockchain project is bug-free and doesn't have any breaches
NFT wallet development
We are building NFT wallets for those who need safe storage for non-fungible tokens
NFT Development Tech Stack
ERC-721 is free of charge publicly accessible medium, which is mainly used to explain how NFTs or unique tokens are built on the Ethereum blockchain
ERC-1155 is a novel token standard, due to its multi-token provisions, it can change the landscape of DApps within the blockchain
FA2 helps developers define and invent token types with complex token interactions. Moreover, it provides developers with maintaining a standard API for wallets and applications
dGoods is an entirely free of charge publicly accessible medium that is used for developing and managing the virtualization of items based on the EOS blockchain
TRC-721 is a set of standard interfaces, which provides developers with the ability to issue NFTs using TRON
BEP-20 is a token standard based on the Binance Smart Chain, that extends the functionality of ERC-20 and BEP-2 tokens. Furthermore, it provides the functionality of moving the tokens
Big Brands and Emerging Startups Trust Magora
For more than ten years, we are providing businesses with our expertise in crypto wallets, NFT marketplaces and digital assets tokenisation. We work both with startups and companies such as Toyota and Danone. Our team was responsible for 6 NFT projects with a total audience of more than 500.000 unique users per month. One of our NFT marketplaces has successfully raised $4 million
Our NFT Development Process
Discovery phase
Prototyping and MVP
Development and QA
Publishing and support
Gathering and evaluation of requirements
Revealing the business value and technical complexity that awaits the project
Establish a design concept
Building main contract functionality
Contract and test engineering
The back-end and front-end development
Testing: manual and automated
External audit
Market launch and deployment of the mainnet
Support after launching and the analysis of user acquisition
Updates based on feedbacks a blockchain
We provide a recognised NFT marketplace development service for your great idea
We are trusted by big brands and emerging businesses, thus you can always count on our expertise if you want to make it big in the industry
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