May 7, 2021
Ambio-N project and its sustainability
We at Magora can truly boast of a number of standout projects (as has already been mentioned in the previous article).
This time, we'd like to provide you with additional detail and observations into this "impossible not to mention" product. It is critical to raise concern over sustainability and sustainable growth in an environment where they can seem like attainable objectives but are often difficult to achieve.

Today, we'd like to highlight Ambio-N, one of our biggest (in both senses) projects to date. Magora collaborated on a Discovery programme that assisted in identifying and evaluating the technological complexity and architecture.
The marketplace is built on the NopCommerce platform, an open-source eCommerce solution based on Microsoft's ASP.NET core framework and MS SQL Server 2012 backend database.
Ambio-N is a Circular Economy online network web platform that connects buyers and sellers of recycled or certified sustainably sourced materials for a more responsible supply chain.

How does it work?
Ambio-N helps in the alignment of the supply chain structure. Suppliers give details on the approved and reusable materials that they intend to market. At the same time, buyers search and purchase goods that contribute to the final product's life cycle appraisal, maximising its sustainability and circularity.

Suppliers and buyers can use the website to search for and discover business best practices examples that demonstrate high levels of sustainability.
It does help to accelerate the global circular economy by linking companies to services that help to transform and enhance supply chain sustainability. For both sides, it is a win-win scenario.

Ambio-N represents an ideal responsible supply chain, encouraging you to purchase goods and items that help you sustain the supply chain's "ecosystem" and close the loop.
Ambio-N also supports the exploration of alternate materials, allowing for easier search and comparison.
The platform assists in the formation of a close-knit network, a community that, in turn, helps in the fortification of companies by uniting them.

What is the aim of it?
Ambio-N's goal is to make resources last as long as possible. It further helps in the reduction of disposed residual waste and the extraction of maximum value from materials. It also contributes to sustainability by recovering and repurposing goods and services after they have served their purpose. A very sustainable process indeed.

This sustainable approach is a game-changer. A long-term strategy that transforms you and your organisation through social, environmental, economic, and ethical factors, making you more responsible and accountable.

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